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Motorola’s Moto 360 commercial is all about design

The Moto 360 advertising campaign has begun. Motorola has uploaded a minute-long commercial for its Android Wear smartwatch to YouTube. It’s all pretty on the nose, which is almost refreshing in an era of constant trash talk between tech companies. Instead of bashing the competition, Motorola uses this spot to showcase the 360’s main strength: design. With one long, continuous sequence, the video highlights the stainless steel, genuine leather, and scratch-resistant glass that go into Motorola’s watch. (No, there’s no mention of battery performance.) Moto 360 still ranks as the best Android Wear smartwatch available, but plenty of competition is on the way. And all of these devices are part of a relatively young market, a notion…

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Motorola’s Moto X Should Be Your Next Android Phone

IMG_4642 As we enter the era of the ubiquitous Big Phone, it’s refreshing to hold something like the slim and light second-generation Moto X. Priced at $ 500 unlocked and about $ 99 with a contract, this 5.2-inch phone with 1080p OLED screen and Gorilla Glass front is a step beyond the latest from LG and, while not as feature-rich as the Samsung Galaxy S5, well worth a look as an upgrade to your… Read More

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Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch pops up at Best Buy two weeks early

You don’t have to wait until Motorola’s September 4th event to get more details regarding the Moto 360 smartwatch, it seems — Best Buy appears to have the scoop over two weeks early. The big-box retailer has posted a product listing for the…

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Moto G Has Turned Motorola’s U.K. Fortunes Around, Study Finds

Turns out the ‘G’ in Moto G stands for ‘Go!’. Motorola’s well-reviewed sub-$ 200 Android handset has given Motorola an unexpected boost in the U.K. — a market where the brand had gone into near-total stasis. Read More

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Motorola’s $70-off Moto X deal extended through February 22nd

Motorola is extending a promotion on the unlocked version of its Moto X that was originally set to expire at midnight tonight. The $ 70-off deal, which brings the 16GB entry-level model down to $ 329, will now run through February 22nd. Motorola announced the extension on Twitter, saying it was in honor of Valentine’s Day. The discount was offered at the end of last month as a make-up for a $ 100 off promotion that was live for just an hour, causing many buyers to scramble. That discount also came just weeks after the company permanently trimmed the price of the phone by $ 180.

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Lenovo CEO says he can cut Motorola’s losses in just a few quarters

Patents didn’t save Motorola. The Moto X smartphone didn’t save Motorola. Under Google, the company was an absolute money pit. And yet, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing believes he can turn Motorola’s fortunes around within a matter of months, not years. “In a few quarters we can turn around the business,” he told Bloomberg, in an interview following the company’s Q3 earnings announcement.

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Google Keeps Motorola’s Advanced Technology Group, Home Of The Modular Phone And Password Tattoo


Google has just let us in on another tidbit about the deal it has built with Lenovo over the sale of its Motorola Mobility assets: It keeps the high-tech Q division-type stuff being developed at Motorola’s Advanced Technology Group. That means the Ara modular smartphone concept, as well as sensors you swallow and passwords you tattoo on your skin.

The Advanced Tech team is headed by one-time Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency director Regina Dugan, and has been behind some of the more sci-fi things that Google has demonstrated since acquiring Moto’s mobile biz.

Project Ara was one of those projects that garnered a lot of attention back in October. It essentially features a single base unit design that pairs with components that can swap out including keyboards, bigger batteries, memory, sensors and more. Users can easily customize the device to taste using these parts, building the perfect phone for business, or for travel, or for media consumption etc. And this isn’t something that’s still so far away as to be purely contemplative: Google said back then it would be launching a pilot beta test of the Ara soon.

Motorola’s crack research team was also working on truly wearable (and ingestible) tech, including passwords that are embedded tattoo-like beneath your epidermis and can be activated on command, and authenticators that can be swallowed in pill form. Another ingestible product discussed on stage at D11 last June was a sensor that could be swallowed to relay medical information to a user and their doctors.

One more recent Motorola Advanced Tech project revealed in a patent filing in November details a lie-detecting neck tattoo that uses embedded electronics to take in auditory information via microphones and relay that back to an attached smartphone for analysis. Lie detection is just one possible use (imagine audio recording or other types of environment sensing, too) but it’s definitely an intriguing one.

All of this stuff fits pretty nicely under the Google X division at Google, where its other kooky experiments are currently housed. Luckily this part of the deal should mean we’ll see the Advanced Tech team continue its work under that department, or anywhere at all really, since it’s too interest-grabbing to just mothball away.

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Google to keep Motorola’s Advanced Technology group, including Project Ara modular phone

Google’s blockbuster $ 2.9 billion of Motorola Mobility to Lenovo won’t include the Advanced Technology and Projects group led by former DARPA director Regina Dugan.  The news was confirmed today on a conference call with Lenovo, and sources familiar with the matter say the group will be integrated with Google’s Android team, where Dugan will report to Sundar Pichai but maintain a more independent role.

Dugan, who was named to The Verge 50 earlier this year, manages a team of just under 100 people, all of whom will be moving from their current offices in Sunnyvale to Google’s Mountain View office.

The most notable project to come from Dugan’s group was the Project Ara modular phone, which allows different phone configurations to be…

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Motorola’s Moto G Gets A Google Play Edition, Still $179 And $199 Unlocked


Google essentially makes the Moto G as it is – they own Motorola’s handset business, and both the Moto X and Moto G were designed and built under Google’s parental supervision. But that hasn’t stopped Google from creating a Play Edition Moto G.

The Play Edition strips out the few non-stock elements of Android that were still present on the Moto G to begin with, but keeps the same $ 179 price point for an 8GB version and $ 199 cost for a 16GB model. Like other Play Edition devices, it’s U.S.-only (at least at launch) and will work on both AT&T and T-Mobile networks. Remember that the Moto G is 3G-only, too, if you’re considering picking one up.

The main advantage of a Play Edition Moto G would appear to be its ability to get timely updates. The first Android 4.4 KitKat update rolled out to Moto G devices just last week, which means that it trailed the original 4.4 launch by a couple of months. The Play Edition will likely get updates much faster, so users who want to stay on the cutting edge would do well to opt for this variant. Motorola has introduced some slick software additions to the standard Moto G, however, so it really comes down to preference in this case.

I suspect Google is also motivated by a long-term desire to make Play Editions a consumer option for just about every major Android phone. If consumers start gravitating towards them, they get greater control over the pace and consistency of software updates. If they don’t, at least some developers will be pleased with the option.

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How would you change Motorola’s Droid RAZR M?

Before it became the cuddly face of Google’s handset business, Motorola had a knack of knocking out sweet hardware at low prices. The RAZR M, for instance, combined a svelte body, 4.3-inch display and a nippy Snapdragon S4. When you factor in the $ 99 …

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