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Google forced to ‘forget’ history of Merrill Lynch CEO’s incompetence

Welcome to the happy Google search page. Where links to historical articles can be deleted at the request of cowards people with fragile reputations. Where the former boss of Merrill Lynch, Stan O’Neal, is a fresh, dynamic and highly employable…

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Sigma DP3 Merrill packs a Foveon X3 sensor and a fixed F2.8, 75mm-equivalent lens

Sigma DP3 Merrill announced, packs a 46MP sensor and a F28, 75mm equivalent lens

Fans of Sigma’s compact collection will be delighted by the information of this brand-new camera. Dubbed the DP3 Merrill, this compact camera comes with the exact same 46-megapixel (15.3-megapixel equivalent) Foveon X3 APS-C sensor as seen on its 2 other DP Merrill siblings in addition to the SD1 DSLR. Where the DP1 had a 28mm-equivalent lens and the DP2 with a 45mm-equivalent, this new DP3 stuffs a 75mm-equivalent lens (marked 50mm), and indeed, it’s still F2.8. The focal length might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it could still do macro at down to 22.6 centimeters (with up to 1:3 magnification), and at 400g, this should still catch the interest of Foveon fans.

The DP3 Merrill utilizes Real II image processing engine and boasts a ISO 100 to 6400, and it provides nine focal points, 7fps constant shooting, a 3-inch 0.92-megapixel LCD and a more intuitive UI. Sadly, for video it’s still stuck with VGA resolution. We’ll let you guys understand when we get a cost and a date, so remain tuned.

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Sigma finally announces price and availability for DP1 Merrill compact

Sigma finally annouces price and availability for DP1 Merrill compact

We were still wearing our winter coats when Sigma revealed its 19mm F2.8 toutin’ (28mm equivalent) DP1 Merrill compact was getting a (pseudo) 46-megapixel sensing unit overhaul. Now, we finally get word on when we can easily take the refreshed snapper for a spin: mid-September. If you’re interested in an autumnal upgrade, we wish you have actually been conserving, as you’ll have to drop a durable $ 999 for the privilege. Which is great, just as long as you just weren’t placing of the vacation until this arrived.

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Sigma DP2 Merrill hands-on impressions, photos

sigma dp2 merrill 1020

A big draw at CP+ this year has been Sigma’s DP2 Merrill 30mm (45mm equivalent) f2.8 fixed focal length compact. As we noted in our announcement post, the DP2 features a three layer, 15.3-megapixel Foveon X3 sensor. It produces 4,704 x 3,136 x 3 (the number of layers) RAW images at its highest setting, generating file sizes of about 45MB — or roughly 10MB larger than the 14-bit uncompressed RAW images coming off Nikon’s new professional D4 DSLR. Sigma had a couple of (very) pre-production DP2s at CP+ and we got to take a few quick shots with it on the show floor.

The exterior design of the new DP2 is generally unchanged from the version released back in 2009, although the scroll wheel has been moved from the rear to the top of the…

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