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Mercedes’ semi-autonomous truck lets its driver relax on the highway

If you’ve ever driven a highway on a major trip, you know how monotonous it can get — and it only gets worse for big rig operators, who may spend every day on those uneventful roads. Mercedes-Benz may eventually let those long-haul drivers make…

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Apple is reportedly launching iOS in the Car next week with Ferrari, Mercedes and Volvo

Apple’s iOS in the Car has been a long time in coming — we first heard about the automotive interface last June, and it still isn’t ready despite the presence of relevant code in recent iOS 7 builds. The wait may soon be over, though, as the…

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Watch this: a Mercedes supercar smokes Google Street View on ‘Top Gear’

Some say The Stig drifts in smoky circles around unsuspecting Google Street View cars.

Actually, that’s true: Top Gear posted video this week of a poor Opel hatchback being embarrassed by Mercedes’ superlative SLS AMG Black Series supercar at the popular TV show’s test track in Surrey, England. And it wasn’t just any hatchback — it was fully fitted with Google Street View gear, complete with the giant ball of cameras precariously balanced on top.

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Mercedes Vision Golf Cart concept could shuttle you around the course in comfort

Mercedes Vision Golf Cart concept could shuttle you around the course in comfort

Today’s golf carts certainly serve a purpose, but despite opulent add-ons like plastic rain shields and windshield wipers, the electric buggies littering the world’s fairways and outdoor venues can hardly be considered luxurious. Now, with Mercedes-Benz considering a compact vehicle of its own, the cookie-cutter people mover could be a thing of the past. The German automaker recently debuted its Vision Golf Cart concept, a solar-powered two-seat carriage that includes such amenities as heated and cooled seats and cup holders, air vents, speakers, a joystick control, iPhone dock, heads-up display and LED headlights. Sounds pretty posh.

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Via: Inhabitat, CNET

Source: Daimler

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BOXED 50s Cragstan-Asahi “Space Robot Control” Robot in Mercedes w/gun on hood

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B-Class Electric Drive the first true Mercedes electric vehicle, coming to US in 2014


Mercedes has revealed its first electric vehicle for the US here at the New York International Auto Show: the B-Class Electric Drive. The German company has added a 28-kWh lithium ion battery pack to its standard fuel-powered (and slightly bulbous) B-Class compact, and it has seen fit to update the interior styling fairly extensively for the occasion. Mercedes says that the battery will offer 115 miles of range on a charge, and that it can charge up to a 60 mile range in less than two hours and up to full capacity in four hours using a 240-volt power connection (no information is available yet on how long it will take on a regular wall socket). The battery pack is placed underneath the floor of the car — rather than the trunk like some…

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Don’t mind the zero-emissions Mercedes fuel-cell car behind the invisible curtain (eyes-on video)

Don't mind the zeroemissions Mercedes BClass fuelcell car behind the invisible curtain eyeson video

Mercedes desired to make a remarkable statement about exactly how its new B-Class F-Cell vehicle passes through the environment without leaving a trace, so it put it behind an invisible LED curtain. We desired to (not?) see that for ourselves at the Paris Auto Tv show, so took a quick trip of the magic LED cloak and the modern technology behind it. It does not work fairly also in a tv show hall as it did when we first saw it in its natural habitat, but the system was still an enjoyable means to flaunt Merc’s green passions. It works by passing video from behind the vehicle taken with a Sony video camera through a laptop computer to a 200 x 300 resolution LED curtain. That makes the car blend in with its background, which is just what such an automobile would do in the real globe as far as its emissions go– apart from a little water, of course. See the video below for the complete technical explanation.

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Mercedes reportedly scraps hybrid plan for B-Class E-Cell Plus EV, going all-in on electrons with Tesla


Mercedes’ strategies for a B-Class E-Cell Plus plug-in crossbreed may headed for a modification of direction. Take this all with a spoonful of NaCl, however resembles an all-electric powertrain made by none beyond Tesla will definitely be installed in the EV. As Autoblog Green notes, an unknown representative has actually apparently claimed that the system switch-up is being made due to economics– greater rebates and motivations are possible for zero-emission cars in the EV’s USA target market. No technical details were given on the brand-new powertrain, however the original concept was to have a Volt-like 138-horsepower electric powered powerplant for the B-Class compact, with a 67-horsepower gas engine backing it up. At the really least, a cooperation between the 2 companies would certainly make sense, because the Stuttgart automaker is successfully a 5 percent stakeholder in Tesla. So if you’ve been holding out for an EV with the Merc touch, examine the source for the details.

Mercedes apparently scraps hybrid strategy for B-Class E-Cell Plus EV, going all-in on electrons with Tesla originally appeared on Engadget on Sunlight, 01 Jul 2012 03:31:00 EDT. Please see our terms for usage of feeds.

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Daimler testing wireless charging on a Mercedes Benz in a house from the future

Daimler (owners of Mercedes-Benz and Smart) is teaming up with Conductix-Wampfler and Röchling Automotive KG to produce wireless charging coils to form the centerpiece of 2012′s Effizienzhaus-Plus. It’s a government-backed project to build and test a dwelling that generates more energy than it uses — the excess will then charge the supplied B-Class E-Cell ‘Benz EV without the need of cabling. Simply park the car over a coil in the garage floor and the electromagnetic field will juice your environmentally friendly whip for free. The company hopes the project will iron out the logistical and financial issues preventing it from bringing the tech to the Autobahns of the world. One thing the project can’t do, however, is soothe the troubled brow of the fossil-fuel lobby — the press release we’ve got below dryly notes that “clearly, BP will not be happy about this.”

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Oh You Know, It’s Just A Bentley, Mercedes, Ferrari, Aston Martin & Porsche Car Crash


This is a picture of a luxury car pileup in Monaco. It makes me sad and happy at the same time because 1. it’s always sad to see something beautiful get damaged *eyes own battle-scarred face in mirror* but 2. I have a thing against insanely rich people. “Oh you jelly, GW?” Damn yeah I’m jelly! I’m Smucker’s as a mutherf***er.

The wealthy French Riviera city state of Monaco was the scene of a pileup involving five luxury cars with an estimated value of more than $ 1.1 million.

The collision, involving a Bentley Azure (worth an estimated $ 400,000), a Mercedes S Class ($ 120,000), a Ferrari F430 ($ 230,000), an Aston Martin Rapide ($ 230,000) and a Porsche 911 ($ 130,000), occurred in front of Monaco’s Place du Casino, according to Sky News.

The British TV network reported that the incident began when the Bentley scraped the side of the Mercedes before plowing into the Ferrari. Then, the Bentley proceeded to run into the Aston Martin and the Porsche.

Haha! So basically it was all the Bentley driver’s fault. *eying driver in picture* Oh look, it’s…”Don’t do it, GW!” Fine, FINE, but only because I backed through my garage door yesterday.

Even the crashes are stylish: Million-dollar wreck in Monaco [msnbc]

Thanks to Mr. Fancy, who may or may yes have been driving the Aston Martin.

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