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New York City mayor plans to outlaw iconic horse carriages

New York’s new Mayor, Bill de Blasio, wants to remove horse-drawn carriages from the city. In a news conference held before he took office, de Blasio said that he planned to “get rid of the horse carriages, period,” calling them “inhumane” and “not appropriate for the year 2014.” A petition signed by more than 4,500 people called for the horses to be replaced by electric replicas of vintage cars, something de Blasio called “a cleaner, safer, wiser, more humane alternative that will be very appealing to tourists.”

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Future of stop-and-frisk left up to new mayor as court denies Bloomberg’s challenge

Mayor Bloomberg’s chances to challenge the August court ruling that would overhaul stop-and-frisk appear to be all but over. On Friday, a federal appellate court rejected a motion to reverse the ruling over claims of unbiased conduct by the judge. While The Wall Street Journal reports that the city can resubmit its claims in March, by then, it’ll be too late for Bloomberg: Bill de Blasio is scheduled to take office at the beginning of January, and he’s promised to withdraw the city’s appeal.

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel vows to double Chicago’s tech sector over next decade

Chicago mayor and former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel announced a new initiative today aimed at doubling the size of his city’s tech sector by adding 40,000 new jobs over the next ten years. The plan was announced at 1871, a co-working space that houses a number of the areas’ young startup companies. Under Emanuel’s tenure, the tech sector in the Windy City has reportedly grown 30 percent.

A venture capital summit in conjunction with Lollapalooza

The mayor’s plan has three core pieces: Chicago will host a venture capital summit in conjunction with Lollapalooza, Purdue University will launch a Chicago-based weekend MBA program to help engineers and computer scientists turn ideas into businesses; and the Mayor will join tech…

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For New York’s tech scene, Mayor Bloomberg is a tough act to follow


Anthony Weiner

New York’s thriving tech sector may wish Mayor Michael Bloomberg would keep extending those term limits.

Come January 1st, the country’s largest and most influential city, as well as its second largest hub for tech companies, will have a new leader. Judging from a panel discussion last night between four of the candidates, not one of them appears ready to fill Bloomberg’s shoes when it comes to thinking creatively about technology.

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Google doodle celebrates Robert Noyce; Intel co-founder and ‘Mayor of Silicon Valley’

The honor of having your own Google Doodle is bestowed upon only a few very special individuals like Gregor Mendel, Alexander Calder and Lucille Ball. Today’s entrant celebrates the 82nd birthday of the late Robert “Bob” Noyce, co-inventor of the microchip. After co-founding Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel, he mentored younger engineers to earn the nickname “the Mayor of Silicon Valley.” Surf on over to the Google homepage and you’ll see its logo imprinted over a microprocessor, which Bob helped to birth.

Google doodle celebrates Robert Noyce; Intel co-founder and ‘Mayor of Silicon Valley’ originally appeared on Engadget on Mon, 12 Dec 2011 05:13:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Isn’t the NYC Mayor being a bit premature? Can’t he wait till the World Series is over? (Details inside)?

Question by scooter_the_squirrel_agent: Isn’t the NYC Mayor being a bit premature? Can’t he wait till the World Series is over? (Details inside)?
Can he at least wait to see if the Yanks make it that far first before he starts talking? Here is the story->

Yankees 2010 World Series champs? Mayor Bloomberg already planning parade in Canyon of Heroes

When it comes to the Yankees, Mayor Bloomberg is already thinking sweep – and street sweepers.

With the Bronx Bombers up 2-0 in their first-round series with the Twins, the mayor confessed he’s plotting another World Series ticker-tape celebration in the Canyon of Heroes.

“I’m sort of trying to figure out where the parade should start,” the mayor said Friday on his weekly radio show. “We have to plan.”

The mayor, during his appearance on WOR-AM, kept looking at his iPad.

“Checking the weather,” he explained. “Yankee game tomorrow night. Sweep would be nice.”

The Yankees won the first two games of the best-of-five series on the road, and return to Yankee Stadium with a chance to advance to round two Saturday night.

Bloomberg expressed his admiration for the pinstripers’ resilience in overcoming a 3-0 deficit in the first game. The Yankees, behind a two-run Mark Teixeira homer, bounced back for a 6-4 win.

“You can’t count, you never count the Yankees out,” the mayor said.

Best answer:

Answer by * E r i c a *
He’s definitely counting his chickens before they hatch.
You can’t assume anything in baseball,
let’s hope he’s not jinxing them..

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Social Bikes: GPS-Tracked, Phone-Controlled Rides in NYC

The Social Bicycle System (SoBi) turns bike-sharing on its head, and is set to test in New York City this fall. Instead of big, central base-stations from which the bikes must be taken and returned, the SoBi puts all the tech on the bike itself. Here’s how it works:

The service consists of three parts. First, the SoBi unit which clamps to the bike and contains a GPS unit, a cellular device and a honking-great lock. Second is the SoBi server, and third is you or, more specifically, your cellphone.

Once registered, you can use your phone to track down a bike on a map. This may be locked to a regular bike-rack or at a designated base-station (yup, there are base-stations, but you don’t have to use them). Once you find a bike, you unlock it with your phone and ride away. If you don’t have a smart enough phone, you can just punch an unlock code into the unit or unlock it via SMS.

Because of the GPS and cellular connectivity, the server can authorize you and also always know where the bikes are. It will also allow you to track yourself, totting up the calories you burn as you avoid the legendary NYC pot-holes.

The bikes have some extras. If your bike is broken, hit the “repair” button and the bike will be flagged for pick-up. And what if you pop into the liquor store and come out to find another SoBi user has already taken off on “your” bike? There’s a “hold” button. which gives you ten minutes after locking the bike before it goes live again.

SoBi founder Ryan Rzepecki says that the startup costs are a fraction of those using traditional infrastructure-based systems, like the Velib in Paris of Bicing in Barcelona. Rzepecki says that these cost around $3,000 to $4,000 per bike to set up. SoBi costs less than $1,000 per bike.

The testing of the lock is the next part of the scheme. And we probably don’t have to point out that, being in New York, the lock is probably the most important part of the whole bike.

SoBi [Social Bicycles via Crunch Gear]

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Social Bikes: GPS-Tracked, Phone-Controlled Rides in NYC

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Friend of the iPad, Mayor Bloomberg Takes His Everywhere

Friend of the iPad, Mayor Bloomberg Takes His Everywhere
Mayor Bloomberg can be spotted with his iPad “night and day,” according to the Daily News . Mr. Bloomberg had the device in tow when he met Queen Elizabeth last week, and he has begun to read his notes off of it, instead of notecards, during speeches. He also uses the device to read magazines ( Aviation Week) and books ( The Fires by Joe Flood and Last Call: The Rise and Fall…

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Mayor Bloomberg replaces index cards with an iPad

No matter what you think of Apple, you have to agree that the iPad, just like the iPhone is changing the world. Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg used his iPad for a speech instead of using index cards. Earlier that day he even showed it off in Staten Island declaring that it may replace his daily briefing book, itineraries, and other notes.

Pretty high praise indeed. It might not have been the best venue to show off his new toy though, as he was there speaking about the city’s struggling economy and facing questions from taxpayers. He loves the device. The mayor says that he even uses it to relax with a virtual Koi pond.

I hope he didn’t use taxpayer money.

[Chip Chick]

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London to become one giant WiFi hotspot by 2012, because Boris says so

Look at this man. Just look at him. Isn’t it obvious that Boris Johnson gets what Boris Johnson wants? In case you’ve been misinformed about the power this man’s wishes hold, you should know that he’s well on his way to establishing the first muni-fi project to actually work — or so he hopes. By and large, every attempt to sprinkle WiFi onto entire US cities has fallen short in one way or another, but London has a motivator that no American borough ever did: the 2012 Olympics. Boris’ plan is to blanket all of London in WiFi prior to the opening ceremony, with “every lamppost and every bus stop” having a router or repeater in it. The scheme is part of a larger plan to make London the “technology capital of the world,” but unfortunately, your hopes of connecting for free may be dashed. According to the London Evening Standard, “no details of pricing have been given,” and we get the impression that those in charge of the rollout would’ve jumped at the chance to gloat about its free-ness if that were indeed the case. But then again, who are we to question the might of London’s Mayor?

London to become one giant WiFi hotspot by 2012, because Boris says so originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 18 May 2010 12:29:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.


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