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App Store Reviewers Are Furious At Facebook’s Mandatory Migration To Messenger

This is what terms of service and online privacy confusion looks like.


Over the last several days, Facebook has been notifying users that they will only be able to message their friends and “the people you care about” — according to the app description on iTunes Store — via Facebook Messenger, the formerly optional external app the company rolled out in 2011.

And users are none too happy about it.

Facebook Messenger, now the top free app on iTunes, has 17,644 ratings and 13,369 reviews, and is averaging a lowly one star.

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Just recently Microsoft released a statement talking about their new console the Xbox One. The statement was basically about the Kinect 2.0 and how it is now…
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China may make real-name registration mandatory for all its internet users

Ethernet / Internet (stock)

Chinese microblogging service Sina Weibo has actually already made it a demand that its users register with their real names, and now the Chinese government is considering a comparable measure– for the internet itself. According to a report by Xinhua, the nation’s official press firm, a draft choice has been filed to the Standing Committee of the National Individuals’s Conress (NPC). It proposes a brand-new “identification management” policy, in which those that go online would need to recognize themselves to their services providers, whether mobile or at their residence. It also consists of a many arrangements aimed at beating back abuse, such as prohibiting the practice of sending business-related info to individuals’s e-mail address or phones without …

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DARPA to hold one-day cyberwarfare workshop, attendance not mandatory

DARPA to hold oneday cyberwarfare workshop, attendance not mandatory

Oh, the fruits of the global village are many: connecting strangers with fetishes, fostering culture through memes and engendering cyber attacks via remote since the late 20th century. It’s the advanced decomposition of that latter rotten apple, however, that has DARPA — the government’s far-out research arm — taking a proactive stance and casting an agency-wide intelligence net to shore up on future defense protocol. To do this, the DoD offshoot’s holding a one-time workshop next month, dubbed Plan X Proposers’ Day, with the aim of bringing personnel together to brainstorm and implement infrastructure specifically centered around cyberwarfare analysis and research. One area the project, which just received $ 110 million in funding, will specifically avoid is the creation of actual cyberweapons. So, yeah, while this effort’s less Goldeneye and more of a strategic think tank initiative, it still warms the heart to know our nation’s best, brightest and most secretive are hard at work protecting our digital butts.

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DARPA to hold one-day cyberwarfare workshop, attendance not mandatory originally appeared on Engadget on Thu, 23 Aug 2012 15:44:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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US bill would make crash data ‘black boxes’ mandatory in cars

mercedes benz car wheel stock 1024

An amendment to a current US transportation bill will require all cars to record data in the event of a crash, a move that has some worried about privacy concerns. A provision in the MAP-21 Act, which authorizes federal highway spending and programs, would require manufacturers to put event data recorders (EDRs or “black boxes”) in automobiles by 2015. These recorders would need to comply with title 49, section 563 (PDF) of the Code of Federal Regulations, which means they would have to record the speed and acceleration of a vehicle, whether or not an airbag was deployed, whether the seatbelt was buckled, and several similar factors either at the moment a crash is detected or a few seconds before. MAP-21 is has already passed the Senate…

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Google: Android 4.0 ‘Holo’ theme to be mandatory on all devices with Android Market

Google is rightfully proud of its native theme in Ice Cream Sandwich. Dubbed Holo, it’s intuitive, functional and — dare we say it — downright sexy. Now, in an effort to provide all users with a consistent interface, the company is making the theme essential for all Android 4.0 devices that come bundled with the Android Market. That’s right, the stock, undiluted experience. Don’t be alarmed, though, because manufacturer customizations aren’t going anywhere, and the changes aren’t terribly drastic. In fact, for users of Sense, TouchWiz and the like, Google is issuing architectural mandates that will make it dead simple for independent developers to create apps that fit nicely into these customized environments, complete with the proper widgets and colors. In other words, app designers may effortlessly choose between Holo or the manufacturer’s default theme when considering the software’s interface — although, we’d really love to see this decision extended to end-users. Meanwhile, it seems terribly unlikely that Google’s new mandate applies will bring choice to the home screen, keyboard and dialer as well. We can only hope, right?

Google: Android 4.0 ‘Holo’ theme to be mandatory on all devices with Android Market originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 03 Jan 2012 21:06:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Xbox Live mandatory update coming November 1st, all hands on board

Dashboard, that is. You’ve already seen the new Xbox 360 dashboard update right here and thousands of you have tried its flatter, faster interface for yourselves, but if you’ve missed out, it’s looking like your Halloween candy bag may include a full-scale rollout. Xbox Live subscribers are getting the above message in their inboxes right now, indicating that November 1st will bring a service update of some sort, after which point “You will notice a change to the layout of the Xbox LIVE Dashboard, a new color scheme, and new fonts being used.” That doesn’t necessarily sound like a cornucopia of Netflix Search, ESPN, Kinect and Zune Music to us, but it’s not like you have a choice — it’s mandatory, and you’ll lose all Xbox Live functionality unless you comply. We for one welcome our new gaming software overlords. Unlike the competition, these ones treat us nicely.

[Thanks, Timothy C.]

Xbox Live mandatory update coming November 1st, all hands on board originally appeared on Engadget on Sat, 30 Oct 2010 23:34:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Kinect User Manual reveals mandatory 6 to 8 feet distance

src="" alt="" title="Kinect User Manual reveals mandatory 6 to 8 feet distance" width="500" height="243" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-54322" />Better move that coffee table out of the way. If you have a super small living room, you better re-arrange it. If you plan on using the Kinect that is. Some pages from the upcoming Kinect’s user manual have surfaced, and it confirms what some folks have been worrying about. That you will need some spare space.

The manual suggests that players stand about six feet away from the sensor to be visible. If there are two people playing, they should stand eight feet away. It won’t be an issue for many of us, but if you have a small room it could be a problem.

The PlayStation Move is also said to have an 8 feet distance recommendation as well, but the funny thing is that the Nintendo Wii doesn’t have those problems.


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