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The QLOCKTWO W By Biegert & Funk Is A Timepiece For Literate Lovers Of Good Design


Biegert & Funk has made a name for itself thanks to its renowned clock design that informs time the means we tend to communicate it to one another in chat– with written words in five-minute increments, spelling out “ half previous twelve ” or “ a quarter to five. ” After developing a many wall and desk clocks with this design, the firm made a great deal of people ’ s wishes come real and exposed the QLOCKTWO W, a wearable version of the design that fits on the wrist. One has been sitting on mine for the past few weeks, and because time it has actually handled to make a strong impression on both myself and my buddies and household.

With just a 10 x 11 grid of letters comprising 110 characters in total (that ’ s less than a tweet), the QLOCKTWO W could show any type of time, and even though it only spells out five-minute increments, if you ’ re more specific, 4 dots at the bottom of the watch ’ s face suggest the specific minute, and you can cycle through to a view of the seconds ticking by with a couple presses of the QLOCKTWO ’ s solitary button. It additionally shows the calendar date (and if you ’ re unaware of the month and year, you likely have more problems than a watch can repair), and is offered in English, French and German variations.

The QLOCKTWO W is available in three different finishes– polished, brushed, or black stainless steel. The face of each measures 35 x 35mm, which with a square-faced watch uses about just like a 40mm standard round watch. For me, since I prefer smaller sized dealt with watches, it ’ s an ideal size. The square design and the non-tapering wide 24mm leather band make it appear more substantial than you might expect, nevertheless, and it absolutely brings in a great deal of interest from onlookers.

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Biegert & Funk have done a remarkable task with the total appearance of the case and band, which isn ’ t surprising provided their history as a design firm. The QLOCKTWO W ’ s most excellent attribute is its show, however. When you trigger the display, words brighten to mirror the present time. Unlike other watches that use a push-button LED lighting trick to reveal the time, I found the lighting on the QLOCKTWO to be incredibly even. The letters on the face are relatively small, however they reveal up clear and really easy to review thanks to the well-engineered backlighting. The quantity of time the light stays energetic additionally seems completely crafted for reading and for revealing others when they ask for the moment.

In general I have the tendency to discover it hard to remain to wear watches that make use of a push-button activation system simply to display the time, but the QLOCKTWO W has actually managed to beat that personal choice. You could additionally trigger a trial mode to have it show the time constantly, but you ’ ll burn with your battery rather rapidly doing that. Another thing to keep in mind is that while the display is amongst the finest LED-lit watch faces I ’ ve ever seen, it still isn ’ t great for checking out in bright sunlight, though in all other conditions, consisting of overcast days, it ’ s simple to read without a battle.

The Biegert & Funk QLOCKTWO W is a comfortable-wearing watch that tells the time well and doings this in a way that ’ s distinct without being tough or odd. It ’ s also a wearable artwork thanks to the iconic design of the face and brilliant, industrial minimalism of the case. Starting at around $ 650 (a price at which you can start to obtain some excellent automatics), it is likely to appeal to a particular niche group, consisting not so much of watch fans who value excellent design, however of design enthusiasts who value a good watch. Whoever the purchaser, nevertheless, the QLOCKTWO W allows for an intriguing, appealing addition to a collection, one that virtually exudes great taste.

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More BlackBerry N-Series images surface, appeases QWERTY lovers with sharper focus

More BlackBerry NSeries pictures surface, appeases QWERTY lovers with sharper focus

Remember this little bit of man? It was Christmas Eve when Mr. Blurrycam provided us a consider this keyboard-equipped BB10 prototype. Skip to today, and N4BB has actually evidently discovered updates pictures of it, minus the fuzz. Aside from being more clear, the phone’s screen is notably powered on in this round images– basically proving it’s even more than a dummy. While we’ve known the device is most likely part of RIM’s N-Series, the site keeps in mind that its actual model number may formally exist as the X10 (not to be puzzled with Sony Ericsson, Klipsch and Fujifilm offerings of the exact same moniker). Things will definitely come to be even more clear on January 30th, that’s for sure– for now, struck the source link for a few more images.

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Long-Distance Lovers Rejoice: LovePalz WiFi Sex Toys Let You Get Nasty In Real-Time


Sex. All of us have it, and most of us appreciate it.

But exactly what do you do when your partner (assuming you just have one) vacates town or goes on a business travel? Well, you could get the tiniest Bluetooth headsets in the world and talk all day long (like Pam and Jim from The Workplace), or you could possibly sext all day and FaceTime all evening (with the investment of a Swivl), or … you could purchase this LovePalz device.

This fascinating Dinglehopper is a WiFi connected love device, that lets both the top and the bottom (I ’ ll refrain from utilizing sexes right here– to each his/her very own) simulate some hot time. The 2 components consist of a “ Hera ” for the bottom, which looks a lot like a Dildo, and a Zeus for the top. As each lover delights themselves with the toys, their partner feels their movements in real-time.

An application is additionally in play right here, as the component that matches up your Zeus with his/her Hera (additional partners can easily be added and paired with, if that ’ s how you roll). Sadly, the application hasn ’ t been submitted or accepted by Apple in the App Shop.

The LovePalz gadgetry works with a number of pressure and speed sensing units (in both the Hera and Zeus), so that you can actually feel just what your fan is doing to you in genuine time, even if there happen to be miles and oceans between the 2 of you. And, as anticipated, it ’ s entirely waterproof. They are both chargeable and have an air pump and automated piston.

As a duo, the LovePalz setup costs $ 94.95, however given that the project was declined from Kickstarter, the LovePalz team has actually produced their own website for taking pre-orders and contributions. In other words, the product isn ’ t quite out the door yet, but with enough horny long-distance enthusiasts breaking in, perhaps it will certainly come soon (# thatswhatshesaid).

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Microsoft licensed design patents at issue in Apple v. Samsung, Surface lovers breathe sigh of relief

Microsoft licensed design patents at issue in Apple v Samsung, Surface lovers breathe sigh of relief

Last week, we found out about Apple’s offer to certify a bundle of IP– featuring its iPhone and iPad design patents– to Samsung back in 2010. Today, Reuters states that Apple proposed a similar package to Microsoft, and the people in Redmond took them up on the offer. Details of the certificate itself are rare, but the bargain did, naturally, feature an provision expressly prohibiting iDevice copies. So, for folks figuring that Microsoft could face a litigious future like Samsung’s, think once again. Appears like Ballmer and good friends had the foresight to buy the rights to those rounded corners, edge-to-edge glass and black bezels on their forthcoming Surface tablets.

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HTC One S shows up in Taiwan with 1.7GHz Snapdragon S3, speed lovers wail

HTC One S for Taiwan with Snapdragon S3

We’d been wondering just where the HTC Ville C would go with its odd mix of a 1.7GHz Snapdragon S3 and the One S’ otherwise sleek hardware. Of all places, it’s HTC’s home turf of Taiwan: although the One S is still branded as the same phone, the usual 28-nanometer, 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 we’ve come to love has been replaced with a high-frequency version of its ancestor. When grilled about the switch by ePrice, HTC insisted that the new version would “provide consumers [with] the same experience.” We’re not so sure after having seen lower Nenamark scores, but we suspect many owners will be too happy with the micro arc oxidized body and rapid-fire camera to notice. All the same, charging NT$ 17,900 ($ 600) for a less efficient take on the same formula makes us wonder if supply for the 28-nanometer S4 didn’t force a swap.

HTC One S shows up in Taiwan with 1.7GHz Snapdragon S3, speed lovers wail originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 01 Jun 2012 06:04:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Westinghouse is bringing new LED HDTVs to CES, acronym lovers reportedly ‘delighted’

In January, Westinghouse Digital likes to drive on down to Nevada and show off its wares for the next 12 months at CES. Everything in Las Vegas is super-sized, which is great inspiration for Westy’s new 70-inch LED HDTV that’ll pump out 1080p episodes of “proper” CSI at 120Hz, with an 8ms response time. If your inner-city apartment doesn’t have a 70-inch wall, then perhaps you’d prefer the new 46-inch ultra-slim LED HDTV that’s so slender, it probably disappears if you look at it side-on, or something. The company’s also gonna be showing off its first ever Bluetooth Soundbar that comes packing two 12 watt speakers, a class D amplifier and enhanced bass so you can really enjoy those opening bars of Who Are You.

Westinghouse is bringing new LED HDTVs to CES, acronym lovers reportedly ‘delighted’ originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 07 Dec 2011 08:54:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Motorola locks Droid RAZR bootloader, angers ROM-happy lovers of anorexic handsets

Motorola Twitter

Like the Droid 3 before it, Motorola’s Droid RAZR will be shipping with a locked bootloader — despite the company’s promise to start unlocking its handsets. Sure, the Atrix is ripe for the hacking, but it seems like Verizon really doesn’t want Moto encouraging its customers to start mucking around with custom ROMs. The official Motorola Mobility Twitter account says the RAZR bootload is locker per the carrier’s request. It’s a shame, but we’re sure this will be only a temporary roadblock. If it takes more than a month to crack this bad boy we’ll be shocked.

Motorola locks Droid RAZR bootloader, angers ROM-happy lovers of anorexic handsets originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 18 Oct 2011 17:44:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Sony announces bucketload of PlayStation Vita launch games, teases PSP downloads for UMD lovers

Wondering how many games the PlayStation Vita will be launched with on December 17th? 26 is the answer, with 100 games in total to be released. Launch titles include Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Power Smash 4, Fish On, Project N.O.E.L.S and more in the photo above. These will be followed by Metal Gear Solid HD Edition, Rayman Origins, FIFA, etc. If new titles aren’t enough to whet your appetite, Sony announced that as many as 500 to 600 PSP titles will be available for download via the PlayStation Network, given that you’re willing to re-purchase your last-gen favorites. Don’t toss out your UMDs just yet though — Sony said they are working on a solution to bring your old games to your new handheld, mentioning “special download plans” that they will discuss at a future point. We wouldn’t hold our breath, but hit the break for a splash image featuring the full list of launch games you will be able to get — good luck with the Japanese.

Continue reading Sony announces bucketload of PlayStation Vita launch games, teases PSP downloads for UMD lovers

Sony announces bucketload of PlayStation Vita launch games, teases PSP downloads for UMD lovers originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 14 Sep 2011 02:12:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Android Gifts For Your Favorite Android Lovers

Your wife/husband/SO/parole officer doesn’t need jewelry or clothing this Christmas: he/she needs a fluffy Android doll. Why? Because Android dolls are this season’s hot gift, that’s why, and you just be quiet.

Anyway, DroidGuy has collected a set of Android items like this Etsy-based plush doll as well as a crocheted Angry Bird which is tangentially related to Android in that the app is available in the marketplace.

Just remember, people: every kiss begins with Kay while every divorce begins with Droid.

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Sharp Galapagos 003SH and 005SH bring glasses-free 3D to Japanese Android lovers

Hey, what could the maker of the 3DS’ autostereoscopic display be doing in its spare time? Why, stealing a bit of thunder for itself, by the looks of it. Sharp has just trotted out a pair of glasses-free 3D Android handsets for Japan’s Softbank network in the form of the touchscreen slate 003SH and QWERTY-slidin’ 005SH. A 1GHz Snapdragon powers Froyo on both, with the 3D-capable displays stretching to 3.8 inches and 800 x 480 resolution. The 003SH also comes with a 9.6 megapixel camera capable of 720p video, while the 005SH settles for 8 megapixels. There are also bundled 3D content deals in place, such as the one with Capcom that will see Mega Man, Resident Evil and Ghosts ‘n Goblins titles coming preloaded on the handsets. Intrigued? The 003SH is coming this December, to be followed by the 005SH in February.

Sharp Galapagos 003SH and 005SH bring glasses-free 3D to Japanese Android lovers originally appeared on Engadget on Thu, 04 Nov 2010 03:34:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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