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AT&T will give you up to $450 to leave T-Mobile

AT&T is clearly worried that T-Mobile’s recent success may be coming at its own expense — it just launched a promotion that gives T-Mobile customers up to $ 450 to switch to Big Blue. The deal offers converts a minimum of $ 200 once they’ve subscribed …

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Xbox One facial data from Kinect doesn't leave the console

Xbox One facial data from Kinect doesn't leave the console
Those concerned about the potential for the Xbox One's Kinect camera to scan their face and upload that data to the cloud can breathe a sigh of relief. Microsoft director of product planning Albert Penello said in a NeoGAF post that this won't happen …
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Xbox One headset adapter shipping in 2014
Or will this adapter work with my current turtle beach? I really don't want to spend more money on another headset. bkohary 5pts. Coming Soon in 2014 – an adaptor to connect your Kinect to your Xbox One. It's called the Kinect ² (requires a Kinect³ to …
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Xbox One Release Date, Specs, Games, Price: Console Measurements and
Worried that maybe the Xbox One is a bit bulky for your game room? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and some guys like their consoles with some girth. If you're eyeing making some changes in light of the arrival of …
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Leave your bus glove at home with Rail Reach concept

Public transport isn’t always the cleanest of places. With hygiene concerns leading many to wear gloves to protect themselves from free-riding bacteria, designer Justin Choy believes he has found a better solution. The Rail Reach attaches to any hand rail, letting you hold on without having to touch the rail with your bare hands. In addition to the hygiene benefits, it also lets you reach high-up rails that would otherwise be out of your grasp.

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Exploits leave some Android-based Bitcoin wallets open to theft

Exploits leave some Bitcoin wallet apps for Android open to theft

If you manage Bitcoins through Android devices, you may need to keep a close eye on your virtual cash in the near future. Developers have found that multiple Android-based Bitcoin apps, such as Bitcoin Wallet and Mycelium Wallet, are vulnerable to number generator exploits that could be used for theft. Although patched apps are either available in beta or coming soon, the complete fix involves more than just new code — users have to both create a new Bitcoin address and send it out to anyone still relying on old details. You’re safe if you use a simple Bitcoin exchange client, but you’ll otherwise want to visit the source link for more help with securing your digital holdings.

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Is it legal to leave small children home with just a robot watching them?

Question by Trixie: Is it legal to leave small children home with just a robot watching them?
What if the robot is able to pass the same certification tests given to daycare workers?

Best answer:

Answer by Joseph Nguyen
Yes because robots aren’t doctors and they would just stand there if the child is hurt.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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BT CEO Ian Livingston to leave in September, accept government role

BT CEO Ian Livingston leaves for government, Gavin Patterson takes his place

The CEO position is usually the last rung on the career ladder — after that, it’s either retirement or a less-than-graceful ouster. It’s not the end for BT CEO Ian Livingston, however, as he’s moving to the even bigger leagues of government. The executive will step down in September to accept a role as the UK’s Minister of State for Trade and Investment. The company’s current head of retail, Gavin Patterson, will take the reins from that point on. Livingston leaves BT mostly better off than when he took the lead in 2008: questionable patent lawsuits notwithstanding, the telecom giant has been forward-thinking with its plans for ultra-fast fiber and LTE service. Let’s just hope that Patterson can deal with fiercer competition.

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Matt Smith will leave ‘Doctor Who’ by the end of the year


The BBC has announced that the latest lead of Doctor Who will hang up his time traveling hat by the end of the year, after playing the Doctor for four years. Smith is the eleventh actor to play the role, most recently following David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston. And while Who’s doctor is born again every few years, his companion is swapped even more frequently: Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill), and Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) all joined Smith during his tenure. “It’s been an honor to play this part, to follow the legacy of brilliant actors, and helm the TARDIS for a spell,” Smith said. “But when ya gotta go, ya gotta go, and Trenzalore calls.”

“Great actors always known when it’s time for the curtain…

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FCC Chair Julius Genachowski steps down today, but what will he leave behind?


After four years in office, FCC Chair Julius Genachowski is stepping down today. Genachowski pioneered an ambitious plan for rural broadband and a shift towards net neutrality, but his leadership was also seen by some as plodding and ineffective. Regardless, in a candid interview with The New Yorker, Genachowski says he remains an optimist, though he acknowledges limits to how far he was able to change national policy during his tenure. He also touches on some of the most controversial decisions made under his leadership, from rejecting an AT&T / T-Mobile merger but approving an NBC / Comcast one to absolving Red Sox player David Ortiz for using profanity on the air during a memorial speech after the Boston Marathon bombings. After his…

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I Would Never Leave: The Sweater Blanket Chair


This is designer Aga Brzostek’s comfy looking Autumn/Winter Chair. That’s a bad name, but a good idea. It’s a chair with an integrated sweater blanket cover that you can get into and wrap all around you to stay warm on those cold winter nights. Plus if there’s a house fire you’re sure to die in it, so there’s that.

Thanks to chichi, who agrees the most comfortable blanket is the warm body of a lover. Not too heavy a lover though because then it gets hard to breath but you don’t want to hurt their feelings by telling them they’re too heavy but you also don’t want to die.

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Heading home: here’s what it takes to leave CES

Gallery Photo:

First, the bad information: CES is ending. All the cool stuff on the program floor is being stuffed into crates, loaded into tractor trailers and delivered home. The television walls are boiling down and the demos are being dismantled. By Tuesday, all this stuff will be elsewhere. And by now, it ought to be painfully clear that there’s a great deal of stuff at CES.

In the next three days, it’s all coming down

Here are a couple of numbers to put every little thing in viewpoint. Before the first booth has actually been installed, the show flooring has actually been equipped with 130 miles of electrical cable dispersing sufficient power to light up over a thousand houses. There are electrical drops, gigantic tension-fabric indications and a full 30 square miles of carpeting. All of it was created for …

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