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South Korea makes it easier to get refunds for Android and iOS apps

If you’ve ever been burned by downloading a mobile app that you don’t want or doesn’t work, relief may be in sight… so long as you’re in South Korea, at least. The country’s Fair Trade Commission has ordered both Apple and Google to make their app…

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LG launches GX smartphone in Korea with 5.5-inch display, Snapdragon 600

Expecting a lazy Sunday night? You aren’t thinking globally: it’s midday in Korea, and LG’s announcing a new large-screened smartphone. The LG GX features a wide 5.5-inch full HD IPS display, a quad-core Snapdragon 600 CPU, a 13 megapixel camera, …

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South Korea may get a Galaxy S4 Active with LTE-A, processor and camera upgrades

South Korea’s SK-Telecom already has a variant of the GS4 to surf its LTE-Advanced waves, and now it appears Samsung will release a version of the Galaxy S4 Active that plays nice with the carrier’s next-gen network. A flyer posted on a …

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Samsung’s curved smartphone is the Galaxy Round, launches in Korea tomorrow

Samsung’s concave phone is very much real, and after being teased in leaks earlier, SK Telecom has announced it’ll launch the Galaxy Round on its network as soon as tomorrow. The device’s highlight is obviously the gently curved 1080p 5.7-inch OLED screen, although Samsung is promising a melee of …

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South Korea Develops Jellyfish Shredding Robots


Because apparently jellyfish are becoming a major trouble, South Korea has developed a swarm of aquatic robots designed to detect and “pulverize” jellyfish making use of spinning propellers. When reached for remark, Poseidon had this to state, “NOW YOU GONNA PAY, HUMANS!” before stabbing my intern with his trident to bring in sharks. Now I require a new intern.

Referred to as the Jellyfish Elimination Robotic Swarm (or JEROS) the sea-bound robots utilize an incorporated GPS and camera system to identify jellyfish before catching them in webs.

“When caught, the jellyfish are pulverized using a special propeller,”.

The analysts likewise experimented with arranging their killer’ bots into swarms, with a video showing a team of 3 people managed as one.

The group has actually been led by Professor Myung Hyun, who has been working in response to the growing danger to businesses and people from swarms – or blooms, as they are technically known – of jellyfish.

Filling in the journal of Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, Hyun explains jellyfish as “a wonderful menace to the oceans environment, which results in drastic damage to the fishery industries.

There’s a video of a jellyfish getting “pulverized” after the jump, however it’s kind of graphic. One minute there’s a jellyfish, and the next there’s like, just a bunch of wispy pieces of jellyfish. You ‘d think there would be a better method, but exactly what do I understand? “Dick jokes and dinosaurs.” That was meant to be rhetorical.

Keep choosing the video in case you ever questioned exactly what a jellyfish in a mixer would appear like.

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LG Korea launches G2 with ill-advised marketing stunt, injures 20 (video)

LG Korea launches G2 with illadvised marketing stunt, injures 20 video

It’s a fine line that gadget fans have to walk, moderating our techno-lust just enough that we don’t start hurting people. It’s a lesson that LG Korea has just learned the hard way after a promotional event for the new G2 caused 20 people to be injured. The “G in the cloud” event in Seoul involved launching hundreds of helium balloons into the air, carrying vouchers for free handsets — which some members of the crowd tried to shoot down using BB guns. The company has already apologized to those who were inadvertently shot and will cover the cost of their medical care, while subsequent events have been called off. What’s wrong with a raffle?

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Via: AndroidBeat

Source: Korea Times

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Cuba’s shipment of 50-year-old weapons to North Korea likely paid for in sugar


The bizarre discovery this week of a North Korean vessel trying to pass through the Panama Canal with a cache of Soviet-era Cuban weapons now has a new twist: the whole operation may have been paid for with the sugar on board. Buried under 250,000 sacks of sucrose, there were some 240 tons of 50-year-old missiles, radar equipment, and even a pair of MiG jets — all of which the Cuban government describes as obsolete due to their advanced age.

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Samsung ships its 55- and 65-inch 4K TVs to Korea on July 6th

Samsung ships its 55 and 65inch 4K TVs to Korea, slightly later than promised

If you’re one of the lucky 100-plus Koreans who pre-ordered one of Samsung’s F9000-series 4K TVs this June, you’ll be glad to know that you’re getting your reward very soon. The company has just announced that both the 55- and 65-inch F9000 sets should ship to Korea on July 6th. As before, the series is a more affordable yet functionally similar alternative to Samsung’s 85-inch behemoth — customers get the Ultra HD screen resolution and Evolution Kit support at relatively modest prices of 6.4 million won ($ 5,670) for the 55-inch TV and 8.9 million won ($ 7,913) for its 65-inch cousin. We’re still twiddling our thumbs waiting for a launch on this side of the Pacific, but those who need something to tide themselves over can read Samsung’s translated press release after the break.

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Source: Korea Newswire (translated)

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LG may bring Google TVs to Korea, China soon; seeing ‘good returns’ in the US

LG will reportedly offer Google TVs in Korea, China soon, seeing 'good returns' in the US

While Eric Schmidt’s proclamation that “most” new TVs would have Google TV embedded last year didn’t come true, LG stated today that it’s bringing the platform to more regions soon. The Korea Times reports an unnamed company executive at the KCTA Digital Cable Show stated the platform is yielding good returns, with average sales of 10,000 units per month. He went on to state that LG Electronics would bring Google TVs to Korea later this year — following the integrated IPTV boxes offered by LG Uplus — and China after that. Microsoft is apparently ready to follow Google TV’s lead with HDMI passthrough and TV overlays, we’ll see if it can gain traction at home and overseas before others catch up.

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Source: Korea Times

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