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CablesFrLess (TM) 3ft 3.5mm Auxiliary (AUX) Audio Jack cable (Braided Style) (Blue)

CablesFrLess (TM) 3ft 3.5mm Auxiliary (AUX) Audio Jack cable (Braided Style) (Blue)

CablesFrLess (TM) 3ft 3.5mm Auxiliary (AUX) Audio Jack cable (Braided Style) (Blue)

  • Listen to your music in the car with the 3.5mm Auxiliary (AUX) Auido Jack cable!
  • Plug your device to any AUX outlet to listen to your music, videos and recordings!
  • Durable Braided style helps avoid damaged cords! Comes in a variety of COLORS!
  • Ships From The U.S.A!!! Check out our other listings for a variety of affordable charging solutions!
  • This CablesFrLess (TM) brand product comes with tracking information and a 30 day warranty!!!

Package includes: (x1) 3ft Braided 3.5mm Auxiliary (AUX) Audio Jack Cable + (x1) CablesFrLess (TM) Mini Microfiber Cleaning Cloth!

List Price: $ 14.99

Price: $ 6.99

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AUX 3.5mm Jack headphone EXTENSION Cable for Apple iphone 4 5 ipad wifi phone uk

NEW: Duo Discovery Bay Thomas & Friends Steam Team Train Station iPad game

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New Cygnett CY0967CIWOR Workmate Protective Case for iPad mini Red
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Black Premium Synthetic Suede Folio Folding Case For iPad Air 5th Gen
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Girl & Robot Beauty Of Decay CD NEW
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Don’t Ruin This: Dentist Makes Braces For Jack O’ Lantern

pumpkin-with-braces.jpg You look awfully delighted for a pumpkin with no bottom teeth. This is the pumpkin created and fitted with braces by Redditor Bob223 buddy’s dad, who is a dentist. I think it might be trying to send some subliminal message about taking care of your teeth or something. Or perhaps he simply has to let everyone on the block know he went to dental expert institution. I in fact had a dental expert in my area expanding up, and you know exactly what the problem was? They provide out the shittiest sweet. And do you understand exactly what the shittiest sweet is? “Sweet corn?” No– pretzel sticks. “However pretzel sticks aren’t sweet.” PRECISELY, SO WHY THE F \*\*\* ARE YOU HANDING THEM OUT ON HALLOWEEN? Thanks to my buddy Terry, who has every objective of spending Halloween laying on his porch in a pool of artificial blood and never breaking character even if he’s poked with a plastic pirate cutlass or wizard’s staff.

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Verizon’s new 4G LTE router has a landline jack, offers a peek at the future of online

Verizon's new 4G LTE router has a landline jack, offers a peek at the future of online

Verizon has a new 4G LTE home internet router that includes voice, and it’s meant to replace your home phone line and cable internet subscriptions in one fell swoop. The “Verizon 4G LTE Broadband Router with Voice” (rolls right off the tongue!) packs in WiFi connectivity as well as three Ethernet ports and a phone line jack for your landline. Up to 10 devices can connect to it wirelessly, though we wouldn’t suggest as much given the LTE connectivity.

Should you choose to pick one up ($ 50 w/ two-year plan or $ 200 outright), there are a few options for subscription: data only, voice and data, or just voice. Initially, if you snag that voice-and-data plan, the router itself is actually free — and it’s available starting today. Of course, as CNET points out, Verizon’s “Share Everything” data plans come with limitations (notably, data caps) and that means you’d better be a pretty light internet user (or employing the service for a brief period, like a vacation). Interestingly, Novatel Wireless — the company behind Verizon’s new LTE router hardware — is also offering its own, non-carrier-branded version of the same device, dubbed, “MiFi Home.” The price and release date for MiFi Home isn’t clear, but we’ve reached out for more info.

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You Don’t Know Jack gets reinvented for iOS with group gaming sessions in mind (video)

If you’re of a certain age, you think of You Don’t Know Jack as a relic from the ’90s. But to its credit, the trivia game has made an impressively smooth transition to the twenty-first century: Jackbox Games already has apps for iOS, Android, Facebook and even OUYA. Until now, though, gameplay’s been about as protracted as a game of Words With Friends: you took your turn and waited for your friend (wherever they were) to take theirs. Today, the company launched You Don’t Know Jack Party, an iOS version of the game that’s specifically meant to be played by a bunch of people hanging out in the same place. Using AirPlay, you guys can stream it to an Apple TV and use your device as a remote, or you can play on an iPhone / iPad and use your phones as controllers instead.

The nice thing, obviously, is that multiple devices are supported (up to four players, to be precise). Also, your friends with Android phones can still use their handsets as controllers, so they won’t be left calling out answers on the sidelines. In addition, Jackbox says it would like to port the game over to other platforms, including Android and maybe even Chromecast. For now, though, it’s an iOS-only affair. The app itself is free, and you get one gratis episode, but after that you’re looking at regular in-app purchases ($ 2.99 for five episodes or $ 9.99 for a pack of 30). Luckily for you, our demo video below don’t cost a thing.

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Life-Size Papercraft Model Of Mass Effect’s Jack


This is a life-size version of Jack from the Mass Effect universe made entirely out of paper by Deviantartist Tankball. As I’m sure I’ve told you before, I actually tried to romance Jack in Mass Effect II but didn’t understand that once you set up a romance it doesn’t happen until you were heading into the final mission so I kept going back to talk to her and choosing different dialogue options until I pissed her off and she refused to ever talk to me again. Aaaaaaand that’s when I went with plan B: Tali’Zorah the lobster girl. I actually romanced Tali again in Mass Effect III because I am a FAITHFUL COMPANION. Damn if I didn’t spend some time staring at all those other hot alien bodies though. Mmmmm — Samara, Liara, Garrus. “Garrus?” Hey — an alien is an alien, who cares if it has a penis like a spiked war club? “I do.” And that’s why you’d make a terrible astronaut.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a 12:00 video for some reason.

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I’m Flying, Jack!: A Taxidermied Ostrich Quadrocopter


For the record, I will never not use that Titanic quote whenever I can, I just can’t help it. It’s like picking and eating scabs to me. Remember that taxidermied cat quadocopter? Well here’s an ostrich one. It’s cool because, like, ostriches probably spend their whole lives dreaming of being able to fly. And now, this one can. Just look at that smile on his face. No? Not a smile? Oh. Well how about how his eyes are aglow with happiness! “Those are marbles.” Jesus, really? Man, that poor f***er.

Hit the jump for a video of the ostrich’s second flight ever.

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Samurai Jack: The Shadow of Aku – Episode 3 – Ultra Flame Sword! w/ Commentary

Time for an even greater upgrade to our blade! Previous Episode: Playlist:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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If You Watch One Daft Punk Remix Performed By Robots (And Jack Conte) Today, Make It This One

Jack Conte, musician and founder of Patreon, has been on a tear lately with a set of unique music remixes performed by him and a group of pneumatic robots that fire off audio sequences to create some amazing music.

In this video Conte used a QuNeo pad controller, a wooden surface, and a projector to create a stage for his music. He then used an Arduino-controlled solenoid hand made by Rich Humphrey to trigger various sections of the music and played and sang the rest of it. The resulting mix of DIY robotics, live performance, and general chaos is pretty infectious.

Conte even did a behind-the-scenes video to share how he built the project using Ableton, Final Cut, and a lot of patience. It’s a great look at an artist at work.

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