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It's Official: Amplitude is Coming to PS3, PS4 After Kickstarter Success

It's Official: Amplitude is Coming to PS3, PS4 After Kickstarter Success
It's likely the reason why the Kickstarter campaign struggled for most of its duration. It'll be interesting to see if the new game will see better success than its PS2 predecessors. Source: Kickstarter. Update: In a Twitch livestream, Harmonix …
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索尼平井一夫社长在5月22日展开的经营方针说明会上表示:“PS4在本财年内依旧会以家用机市场No.1的地位为目标”,同时认为PS4未来所获利益有可能超过PS2曾为索尼做出的贡献。说明会上,平井社长对PS4表示出了十足的信 …
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Wolfenstein: The New Order – Graphics Comparison
Kashmiro 5pts. Pick your console based on the controller and overall design of the menus that you prefer. I loved PS2 but was primarily 360 and will be mostly on the XB1. I'm getting a PS4 as soon as possible, but for no other reason other than exclusives.
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Microsoft wants to cram Windows Phone into Android: Why it's a bad idea

Microsoft wants to cram Windows Phone into Android: Why it's a bad idea
Microsoft wants you to buy, use, and presumably love Windows Phone, and it has already gone to considerable lengths and spent billions to persuade you to give it a try. The problem is, almost none of you are buying it. If the latest reports are correct …
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Twitter Updates Its Windows Phone App With In-Stream Translation To 54
Twitter updated its Windows Phone application today to include in-stream tweet translation to 54 languages, which is powered by Bing. Tweets can now be displayed on the lock screen of Windows Phone devices. This will come in handy when Nokia's …
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Intel Needs to Power Windows Phone
It's no secret that the Intel (NASDAQ: INTC ) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT ) relationship that used to dominate the personal computing industry has come under significant stress these days. With Intel making an aggressive push into the Android …
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Re-purposed welding robot can forge any painting it's shown

Re-purposed welding robot can forge any painting it's shown
It takes years of practice and intense concentration to master the art of painting, or if you're a welding robot, just some really good programming. In a studio at the University of Konztanz in Germany just such a robot is dabbing its brush in paint as …
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Winbot Window-Washing Robot: Like Roomba, but for Windows
If you have windows so large that you're considering this $ 400 window-washing robot, congratulations on all your success. Me? I have regular windows. If this robot could talk, I have a feeling it would tell me that it doesn't spin up its squeegee for …
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Mysterious 'Stranger' teaser tweeted out by Bad Robot
J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot Productions tweeted out a mysterious teaser called “Stranger.” No one knows what the project is, which seems fitting based on the narration of the clip. Guesses range from Half Life to The Crow, and Bad Robot appears to be more …
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It's All Fan And Games: Spending Some Cash On The Xbox Live Ultimate Game

It's All Fan And Games: Spending Some Cash On The Xbox Live Ultimate Game
This week saw a bevy of sales on Xbox Live. I think I dropped about 60 bucks and got six games. They were dirt cheap. Some of the deals even rivaled bargain bin prices in retail stores. The Ultimate Sale may be over, but you can still pick up a lot of …
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'GTA 5' could hurt PS4 and Xbox One launch sales
The upcoming multiplatform video game, “GTA 5,” could hurt the launch sales for the PS4 and Xbox One. According to a report by MCVUK on July 5, a retailer stated that non-core gamers will have a hard time trying to convince themselves of purchasing the …
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Nintendo defends Wii U region locking after Xbox One reversal
After Facebook and Twitter campaigns, an online petition, and even a Miiverse outcry all calling for Nintendo to remove region locking from the Wii U, the company is defending its decision to keep it in place. In an interview with IGN, Nintendo …
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Kinect Party review: It's not really a game, but your kids will love it

Kinect Party evaluation: It ' s not really a game, however your kids will like it
If you have a Kinect, you ' re definitely conscious that Microsoft ' s peripheral does not have a large choice of quality games that take good advantage of its three-dimensional, motion-sensitive camera system. This total lack of utility is actually unfavorable as …
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Can the Kinect Help Heal Wounded Veterans?
Peck reports that Redmond is joining the Flying force to “define demands for a Kinect therapy system”; it ' s additionally speaking about the tech with the Military ' s Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC, …
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Family Game Evaluation: Kinect Nat Geo TV ' America the Wild '
Wow. I actually can ' t say enough great things about Kinect Nat Geo TV: America the Wild. I was cynical in the beginning, since there ' s a whole lot of academic stuff out there that merely doesn ' t hold children ' interest. This game from National Geographic is fantastic.
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READ: It's organic or all natural with Uncle Sid

READ: It's organic or all natural with Uncle Sid
Aunt Sadie met me at the front door wiping her hands on her apron as usual and led me to the back portion of their house. There, sitting at the round kitchen table, was Uncle Sid and their teenage granddaughter Jenny. Uncle Sid was working on a plate …
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ICF International Reports First Quarter 2012 Results
… and Health, Social Programs, and Consumer/Financial revenue grew 19.4 percent year-on-year, both benefiting from a combination of organic and acquisition growth. Revenue growth was led by our US commercial business, which increased 51.2 percent.
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SPX Reports First Quarter 2012 Results
Organic revenues increased 10.4%, reflecting strong demand across the majority of the segment's end markets. This was led by sales of components and large-scale systems for the food and beverage market and components for the power and energy and …
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