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Israeli Artist Assaf Evron Takes Chicago By Storm

Israeli Artist Assaf Evron Takes Chicago By Storm
A group show at the Little Wolf, WI venue Poor Farm includes his photographic installation based on infrared kinect sensor light; at Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Photography, the show “Phantoms in the Dirt” showcases his repurposed photos of 1930s …
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Ford To Take Biometrics on the Road
… you keep in your garage. Patently Apple – a website that reports on patents filed by Tim Cook's Cupertino company – has come across a new invention from Ford's Global Technologies division that would see fingerprint sensors used as access control …
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Microsoft's checkered history of gaming acquisitions, from Bungie to Minecraft
After the announcement of the Kinect, the debut BigPark game was rebranded as Kinect Joy Ride, and was released in 2010 as a launch title for Microsoft's motion sensor. BigPark followed that up with work on Kinect Sports: Season Two and Joy Ride Turbo, …
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Google to buy Waze for $1.3 billion to bolster its maps lead, says Israeli newspaper


After much competition and debate, it appears Google may have won the bidding war for popular maps and traffic company Waze — Israeli newspaper Globes reports that Google is paying $ 1.3 billion to acquire the Israel-based company. The report comes after months of back-and-forth, with Facebook, Apple, and Google all rumored to be angling to buy Waze, nearly always with billion-dollar price tags. Globes reports that a Facebook deal fell apart because of the price tag, and because Facebook wanted Waze to move its headquarters to California; Apple apparently never made an offer because the price was too high.

Google, on the other hand, appears to be a perfect fit. It has an office in Israel, a history of acquiring Israeli startups, and a…

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Anonymous takes sides in Gaza conflict, launches offensive against Israeli websites

Anonymous Israel

Hacker group Anonymous is claiming to have effectively knocked offline and sometimes erased a number of prominent Israeli sites. The detailed attack, called operation “OpIsrael,” comes in direct retaliation to hazards from Israel’s government that it might shutter web access to and from Gaza as physical violence between its Israel Defense Force (IDF) and Hamas continues to escalate. “For far too long, Anonymous has stood by with the rest of the world and viewed in despair the barbaric, brutal and despicable treatment of the Palestinian people in the so called ‘Occupied Territories’ by the Israel Defense Force,” reviews a statement from the group. “However when the government of Israel publicly threatened to sever all Internet and other …

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Report: Apple mulling second Israeli facility after Anobit purchase

It looks like Apple’s acquisition of Anobit was only one part of its Israel-based plans — business daily Calcalist is claiming that the company will open a research center there by the end of February. It’s unrelated to the purchase of the flash-chip maker, since Ed Frank was apparently despatched to scope out suitable bases for a new facility in early 2011. It’s reportedly going to be based in the Matam Technology District, south of Haifa, adjacent to similar facilities operated by Microsoft, Intel and Philips. It’s already received hundreds of resumes for engineers: it’s looking for those with specific know-how in chip development, hardware testing and verification. The new complex is to be kept separate from Anobit, with no communication allowed between the two teams. Another tidbit that emerged from yesterday’s conference call was that Bob Mansfield is integrating Anobit’s team into Apple’s, but company founder Ehud Weinstein will depart for pastures new — much in the same way that some of Intrinsity and PA Semi‘s staff departed after being swallowed by Cupertino’s cash.

Report: Apple mulling second Israeli facility after Anobit purchase originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 25 Jan 2012 22:19:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Israeli Military Testing ‘robotic’ Snake

According to news reports, the Israeli military has developed a “robotic” snake that can transmit video and audio as it crawls through difficult terrain. (June 15)
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Israeli parody details the rise and fall of Apple’s iBoy, humanity as a whole (video)

For those unaware, Eretz Nehederet is effectively the Israeli equivalent to The Onion, and on the 1st of April, they covered the hardest-hitting piece of Apple news to cross their news desk in quite some time. That news, friends, is the iBoy. Available in a variety of skin tones, religious beliefs and languages, this iPad-adorned human is both the best and worst thing to happen to mankind… well, ever. There’s no word on when it’ll be on sale, but it’s fairly clear that “divorce” and “alcohol” are about to take a backseat to this guy when studying factors that rip families to shreds. Click and weep as you see fit.

[Thanks, Lior G.]

Israeli parody details the rise and fall of Apple’s iBoy, humanity as a whole (video) originally appeared on Engadget on Sat, 09 Apr 2011 21:54:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Kinect’s Israeli partner sees a remoteless world

Kinect’s Israeli partner sees a remoteless world
Inon Beracha envisions a world where your movements control the gadgets and devices around you. There’s no remote control to lose, no buttons to push. The air conditioner senses your presence and changes the temperature…
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No Kinect Voice Recognition for Mainland Europe ’til 2011
Kinect (X360) Feature being patched in next Spring.
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Israel’s Latest Ridiculous Story About Why It Has Banned iPads: They “Violate Israeli Law”

Israel Police

As we noted earlier this week, Israel has banned iPads.

The country is so serious about this ban that it’s confiscating iPads at airports.


The initial story was that the US iPad runs on a different WiFi standard than Israel’s WiFi standard and, therefore, iPads might “damage Israel’s domestic network.”

That story was preposterous.

So now Israel is clarifying.  Here, courtesy of the WSJ, is the new story:

“This device’s wireless strengths violate Israeli law and will overpower other wireless devices in Israel,” ministry spokesman Yechiel Shavi said.

The new story doesn’t explain why travelers have been able to bring US laptops and cellphones into Israel for years without any complaint at all.

And engineers who have examined the iPad’s wireless strength say that its wireless strength is actually weaker than that of comparable devices.  So that part of the story doesn’t hold water, either.

So, Israel, what’s the real reason?  What do you have against the iPad?

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Israeli customs blocks entry of iPads

A number of Israelis and tourists entering the country at Ben Gurion Airport have had their new Apple iPads seized by customs officials.

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