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Futurama’s intro rendered in 3D is gorgeous

Stop wondering what Futurama’s intro would look like if it were rendered in 3D and prettied up ten quadrillion percent: it’s here. Well, part of it is anyway, care of Russian animator Alexey Zakharov. He took the spaceship intro to Futurama,…

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Gorgeous glass sculptures let you see into the world’s most deadly viruses

Viruses are usually depicted as ugly, scary, almost weapon-like blobs just waiting to meddle inside of your body, but Luke Jerram sees them as something different. There isn’t really a color to viruses after all — they’re smaller than the wavelength of visible light — and as mere smears when viewed under a microscope, there’s plenty of room left open when deciding how to illustrate them.

Since 2004, Jerram has been turning viruses and other pathogens into stunning glass sculptures that are just as eerie as they are beautiful as part of an ongoing series titled “Glass Microbiology.” He chooses some of the most feared and deadly subjects out there too, making chilling portraits of everything from HIV to malaria.

Of course, creating…

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WaterField’s Staad Is A Durable And Gorgeous Low-Profile Backpack In Leather And Canvas

There have been so many permutations of the standard backpack at this point that it’s hard for a bag maker to come up with an original spin that adds anything to the formula. WaterField, a San Francisco-based manufacturer with a reputation for quality, has done an admirable job with their new Staad bag.

The Staad is a handsome backpack with a waxed canvas or ballistic body, trademark orange WaterField lining and a large weathered leather flap in black, brown or tan. The company shipped me out both the ‘slim’ 15.5×12″ and ‘stout’ 16×14.25″ models to try out, but most of my impressions will be of the stout version, as that’s the one I wore out and about for a few weeks.

The stout model is set up for a 15″ laptop but I used it with a 13″ MacBook Air. The laptop pouch features a single side that’s softly lined, but provides a nice centrally aligned placement for good weight distribution. There’s another pouch stacked right on top of that one that fits a full-size iPad or Air quite nicely. Along with the laptop and its power adapter, it comfortable fit my Nintendo DS, a compact 4/3 Olympus camera and lens an iPad charger and other miscellaneous batteries and cords in the large main compartment.

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 4.01.44 PM

There are only two other pockets in the interior, left and right of a unique central zipper. I used the two pockets to fit a smartphone and cable each, or a phone in one and my iPhone backup battery pack in the other. They could also be good cord keepers. I found myself wishing the back had additional interior storage, but as I’m trying to travel lighter and lighter, it wasn’t a major deal. Something to consider if you like to keep your stuff all compartmentalized though. WaterField offers a bunch of different kinds of gear and cable pouches, so one or two of those might be in order.

The pouches span the width between the zipper and the edge of the bag, and are about a hand deep. Nicely wide and not deep enough to make it hard to fish stuff out of the bottom of.

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 4.01.34 PM

The central zipper splits the bag open like a fruit peel about half-way down the front, where it stops just above the flap clasp. I’ve never seen a backpack open quite like this. It’s interesting to get used to at first but actually makes it easier to get down into the depths of the bag without having to unpack everything from the top down. It’s also likely that this was done because the bag is narrower at the top with a wider ‘butt’ down at the bottom. There are a few interesting byproducts of this design, some more beneficial than others.

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 4.01.24 PM

Because the bag is thin at the top and fat at the bottom, it lays very close the natural curve of your back, with the straps sewn to the top edge just behind the front flap. This makes it extremely low profile which, I’d guess, was the whole point. This is awesome when you’re ducking through crowds or trying to navigate gaps in public transportation. I found it almost never hit or got caught on stuff when I was traveling with it on my back, something I’ve always had issues with while using other backpacks, even though I didn’t carry much more with me.

However, the unique design of the bag makes it less than suited to air travel. The interior storage is distributed across the back, rather than out. This is fine when it’s on, but if you’re on a flight trying to find a place to put it, the Staad can be a bit too wide. The width is especially evident when you’re trying to find space under an obstructed seat. Most seats had enough left-to-right room, but I encountered some where either the seat supports or the configuration of the floor panels made it almost impossible to wedge the bag under there. And, on some smaller planes it was simply too wide for the overheads (though that’s a lot of bags these days).

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 4.00.55 PM

Which brings us to the external pockets. They’re fine, on the whole. Small beaded zipper pouches that should be weather resistant, but are very easily accessible to those looking to get into them when you’re not looking. Conversely, I found it very hard to open them myself without removing the back from my back. That’s kind of a bummer when it comes to things like storing your boarding passes or Passport when traveling through airport security. I typically keep my Passport in an interior coat pocket or front pant pocket while out and about, but I like to have it in my bag for easy in-and-out along with tickets and boarding documents while I navigate security. And because the flap covers all but the front pockets, your choices are limited.

The pouches on the back of the bag do not fit a Passport at all, and if you have paper tickets, you’ll have to fold them to get them in there. so I’d love it if they were a bit longer. Not a huge deal, but something to consider if you’re a frequent air traveler. Also, it’s not TSA compliant, so you’ll have to pull your laptop out of the bag at security.

The entire bag exudes quality of craftsmanship from top to bottom, and was extremely comfortable, no matter what I had in it. The straps were wide enough and well configured for the size of the bag and the potential weight. The one construction quibble I had was that the main clasp on the front of the bag is a ‘vintage’ arrangement that feels a bit like some WWII-era bag latches, but with a plastic retaining pin. I got used to it after a while, but it’s not a standard configuration, and the plastic assembly feels a bit out of the place amongst the handsome scuffed leather and waxed canvas on the front of the bag.

The Staad is a fantastic option for a light duty backpack that should last you many years. As with most of WaterField’s stuff, it’s an investment that should pay off with a lot of years of service. The stout runs around $ 329, which is a bit above average but not crazy for a high quality bag that should only look better with age.

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Dutch architect to build gorgeous ‘Landscape House’ using 3D printer

3d printed house

Last year, Enrico Dini utilized his D-Shape 3D printer to create rather magnificent stone structures from sand. Now, the Italian inventor is taking his campaign one action further, collaborating with Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars to construct the “Landscape Residence”– a beautiful, one-piece structure to be built completely from 3D printing.

Ruijssenaars, of World Architecture in Amsterdam, told 3ders. org that he and artist Rinus Roelofs made your house as “one surface folded in a never-ending Möbius band.” The architect prepares to construct your home from 6 x 9 meter pieces printed from the D-Shape. Ruijssenaars acknowledged having issues over whether the D-Shape’s sand-based layers would be strong enough to support a whole …

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NASA releases gorgeous pictures of the Earth as seen at night

US from space at night

We & rsquo; ve seen some spectacular pictures thanks to NASA previously, but the organization has surpassed itself with its most current efforts. The space company has posted attractive cloud-free photos and videos of the Earth brightened by synthetic light sources at night. Utilizing new sensors placed onboard the Suomi satellite in coordination with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, composite images were put together of the Earth over short periods in April and October making use of the new “day-night band” filter.

According to NASA, the method is more sensitive to light originating from our world than previous sensors due to the way it analyzes images. The filter scans images numerous times in order to detect the amount of light in individual …

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Gorgeous Model Posing

Gorgeous Model Posing

Want more videos … Leave a Like or SUSCRIBE:) Summary: Slideshow of beautiful models. Videos of Sublime Babes. SEXIEST appeal fairly body bikini Greatest Ever before Beautiful Greatest Cute sexy youtube google 2012 posing babes beautiful charming sweet style celebrity hot bikini hd brunette blonde girl fairly attractive stunning adorable tasty sublime
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Leica Drops 5 New Cameras, Each (Not Surprisingly) Both Gorgeous And Pricey


Leica has long been a high-water mark in photography, and its digital providings are no exception. Today, the business took the covers off of 4 brand-new styles in its schedule, owing to Photokina getting underway tomorrow. The D-LUX 6, V-LUX 4, M, M-E and S are all going to be on display at the show, and each flaunts not just Leica ’ s signature killer looks, but also superior internals to match.

Exactly what you may see if you ’ re a fan of Leica ’ s line is that the naming on the M and S-series shooters seem out of action with past models, given that they don ’ t consist of a number to suggest their relative spot in the general line. That ’ s because Leica ’ s taken a page from Apple ’ s iPad naming conventions book, dropping the pattern and merely iterating on the hardware itself. The new M is a successor to the M9 rangefinder, and the S is successful the S2. The D-LUX 6 and V-LUX 4 both change earlier numbered variations of the same, of course.

Starting with the most budget friendly of these brand-new camera systems, the V-LUX 4 delivers a 12.1 MP 1/2.3 – inch CMOS sensor, with a built-in 4.5-100mm f/2.8 zoom lens, ISO sensitivity ranging from 100 to 6400, and a rush price of 12 fps at optimal resolution. It supports SDXC media, and catches video clip at up to 1080p with a cap of 29 minutes per clip. The sensor is new on the video camera, as is the one stop greater maximum ISO and it essentially stands as Leica ’ s answer to an entry-level DSLR, albeit with a corrected lens. The V-LUX 4 retails for $ 899 and will certainly be readily available in November 2012.

The D-LUX 6 brings a new f/1.4 -2.3 4.7 to 17.7 mm zoom to the compact camera system, along with a 1/1.7 – inch CMOS sensing unit and ISO sensitivity varying from 80 to 12,800. It manages video recording at 1920 × 1080 at 60 frames per 2nd, and has a 1.4 MP resolution digital viewfinder. The much faster lens and full HD video clip recording must be appreciated improvements over the unique. The D-LUX 6 will be offered for $ 799 as of November.

Next up, there ’ s the M-E, a combined down variation of the present M9 that should interest finances consumers (reasonably talking– it still retails for $ 5,450 body only). The M-E operates an entry-level unit for the Leica rangefinder line, supplying an 18MP CCD sensor, with high light sensitivity and a focus on photography basics, including straight up manual focus. The M-E overall is an interesting statement, and one that will undoubtedly interest a whole lot of core professional photographers looking to sharpen their art without the frivolities that things like scene modes and video presentation shooting have delivered to most digital photography. It ’ s readily available now from authorized Leica dealerships.

By contrast, the new Leica M delivers the frills, including a 24MP full 35mm sensing unit, which blends factors useful to CCD sensing units like great color scheme rendering with a CMOS design. 1080p video recording capability is additionally present on this monster, along with a 3-inch display shielded by Corning ’ s fabled Gorilla Glass, all safeguarded by a weather-sealed magnesium alloy body. The M ’ s frills will cost $ 6,950 for the body when it shows up in early 2013.

Last however not least there ’ s the new Leica S, priced the same as lots of decently equipped little autos at $ 21,960 for body and available as of December. It pushes the envelope for medium style digital photography, thanks to a brand-new image sensor and board that offers impressive buffer performance for continuous shooting (up to 32 consecutive, full resolution 37.5 MP images at 1.5 fps) as well as a new predictive autofocus system for better capturing moving topics. The S also delivers incorporated GPS and a ton of other features that are no doubt worth dropping 20 grand on, if you ’ re into that sort of thing.

Alongside this rejuvenated video camera lineup, Leica additionally dropped new S-series lenses, including a 24 mm f/3.5 prime ($ 7,450.00), a 30-90mm f/3.5 -5.6 basic application zoom ($ 9,950) and a 120mm f/5.6 tilt/shift lens ($ 6,950). So perhaps like me you ’ ll simply be considering all this brand-new gear and drooling instead of taking out your bank card, however that ’ s some damn great dreaming material for amateur photographers.

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X-ray telescope produces gorgeous photos of Kepler supernova’s remains

kepler supernova

Over 400 hundred years ago, famed astronomer Johannes Kepler witnessed a bright new star light up the sky which, unbeknownst to him, was actually the remnants of a star that had exploded tens of thousands of years prior. But the supernova’s remains are still active to this day, and scientists have been able to use a specially designed X-ray telescope at the Chandra observatory to monitor its activity. After more than 200 hours of observation in 2006, a composite image of Kepler’s lingering form has been created, showing the varying energy levels of its X-ray emissions. If you’re concerned about the effects that Kepler’s stellar explosion may have on our planet, worry not — the remnants are estimated to be at least 16,000 light years…

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Fujifilm debuts the X-E1, an affordable and gorgeous retro camera

Fujifilm X-E1

Video camera manufacturers are displaying their latest and biggest ahead of Photokina later this month, and as always appears to be the instance, with a new set of announcements comes a new gorgeously retro shooter from Fujifilm. This time it’s the X-E1, effectively a more inexpensive model of the ultra-high-end X-Pro1. Of course, “more cost effective” is a relative term: the X-E1 will certainly still set you back $ 999.95 for the body alone, or $ 1399.95 with an 18-55mm X-mount kit lens. The brand-new camera validates its price, though, offering a 16.3-megapixel APS-C sensing unit, a 2.36-million-dot OLED viewfinder, and blistering rapid autofocus. It can easily shoot six structures per second, and records 1080p video presentation at 24 frameworks per second.

Of course, one of the greatest hooks for …

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BMW i8 Concept Spyder takes to the road, sounds almost as gorgeous as it looks (video)

It’s been less than a year since our first opportunity to get up close and personal with BMW’s i8 plug-in electric car, and now the German automaker is back to tease a whole new beast. The Concept Spyder made a static appearance over the weekend, but today the sportier i8 has returned to the spotlight, with video footage in tow. BimmerPost managed to share some clips via YouTube, including a straight-cut-gear-fueled drive around a parking lot and across a lamp-lit bridge, somewhere in the Eastern U.S., believe it or not (take note of the I-95 sign in the first few seconds). You can also gawk at some side-to-side pans of the Spyder’s exterior, with a few HD interior close-ups to boot. And where can you find said stimulating simulations? Buckle up and click past the break.

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