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High-tech gloves can teach you Braille even if you’re distracted

It looks like a team of Georgia Tech researchers is in the business of making wondrous, high-tech gloves — their most recent one, for instance, can teach you Braille even if you’re doing something else. Similar to the piano-teaching glove they…

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Toshiba’s Imaginary Wearable Computing Gloves Win April Fools’ Day

If there was some over-arching, governing body that handed out awards to April Fools’ Day prankers, I should hope that Toshiba would get one. The company today announced the Digit, sloughing off what is usually a pretty boring, business-y style to introduce something truly hilarious to the gadget world. Read More

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IRL: Moshi’s Digits gloves and the Nokia Lumia 620 on Telus

Welcome to IRL, a recurring feature where we speak about the gadgets, apps and toys we’re utilizing in real life and take a 2nd appearance at items that already got the formal review treatment.

Spring could have sprung 2 weeks back, however think us, it’s still winter season someplace. (Ed note: I’m typing this from beneath an NVIDIA snuggie– Dana.) In fact, Darren’s had a reason to test out some touchscreen-friendly gloves, even in his southerly state of North Carolina. Up north, our own Jon Fingas has actually been playing with the Lumia 620 on Canada’s Telus networks. No complaints from him about the 40-degree temperatures, though.

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Present Guide: Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves


Short Version

The Nokia Lumia 920 could be used with any gloves: it ’ s a wonder. But for the huge majority of various other mobile phones, that ’ s not the case, so there are a selection of vendors making touchscreen compatible gloves. Netherlands-based Mujjo was one of the very first to try making some that are in fact stylish and resilient. This year, they updated their standard design (in addition to presented some expensive leather ones), and the enhancements make them an even much better get.

Long Version


  • Entire glove surface works with capacitive screens, not just fingertips
  • Improved anti-pilling and insulation
  • Variety of color choices


  • MSRP: EUR24.95 ($ 32.40 UNITED STATE)
  • Availability: Some ranges offered now; others shipping Dec. 15
  • Product web page

Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves Are …

… gloves that are really decently cozy, comfy and attractive, while still supplying extremely precise and responsive compatibility with common capacitive touchscreens like those used on the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. These are additionally an action above the common ones you ’ d find on Amazon, though they ’ re additionally a little more costly.

Get Mujjo Gloves For …

… individuals who such as to remain cozy but additionally use their gadgets while outside, possibly in the harsh wintertimes of Canada, Fargo or Alaska. Actually these are practically the right comfort level for anywhere where it gets cold enough to snow, and do a great task of keeping digits insulated without making your hands sweaty.

Due to the fact that …

… they ’ re a cut above the rest of the pack in regards to quality, sturdiness and design. And they ’ re made by a small accessory hardware startup in the Netherlands that got started in 2010, so you ’ re supporting business owners committed to producing spectacular items and also helping a buddy or enjoyed one keep their hands cozy and also touchscreen-friendly.

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How Its Made 310 Wind Generators PVC Gloves Thermo formed Glass Fire Trucks

How Its Made 310 Wind Generators PVC Gloves Thermo formed Glass Fire Trucks

منتدى هندسة الإنتاج والتصميم الميكانيكى كتب، وظائف, فيديوهات, اسطوانات, شروحات, هندسة,أوتوكاد, سوليد, وركس, تعليم, تعليمية, كتاب, هندسة, هندسى, شرح, إنتاج, الإنتاج, التصميم, تصميم, ماكينات, ماكينة, أبحاث, بحث, كتبنا, التعليم, تعليمى, وظيفة, دينى, إسلام, إسلامى, ماجيستير, دكتور, دكتوراه, مسلم, مسلمين, فيديو, فيديوهات, دورات, دورة, دوره, منحة, منح, شعر, أشعار, كمبيوتر, موبيل, جوال, برنامج, برامج, بروانجينير, كاتيا, ماتلاب ; كاد,أباكوس, لحام, تشغيل, تشكيل, مواد, صيانة, اختبارات, اتلافية, امتحان, امتحانات,Books, Jobs, Videos, Music CDs, explanations, Engineering, AutoCAD, Solid, and Rex, education, learning, books, architecture, engineering, explain, production, production, design, design, machines, machine, research, search, our books, education, educational, employment, religious, Islam, Islamic, MA, MD, PhD, Muslim, Muslims, video, videos, sessions, session, role, grant, grants, poetry, poems, Computer, Mobile, mobile, software, programs, Proengineer, CATIA, MATLAB; CAD, Abacus, welding, run, form, materials, maintenance, testing, uniting, exam, exams, solidworks, minitab, autocad, proengineer, mdsolid, edgcam, cadcam, cnc, visualbasic, robotics, robot, control, quality, power, electric, forming, machining, arcwelding, university, faculty, NDT, PLC, metalorogy, mechatronics, tribology, nano, cad/cam, drawings, FEM
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Gray Texting Winter Gloves For iPhone 4S 4 Android Smart Phone M429


End Date: Sunday Dec-21-2014 15:37:14 PST
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Air Jordan Jumpman Iphone 6 Plus Cover Case Hard Plastic Cell Phone Faceplate Rd
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10 Feet & 3M Braided Data Sync Cable Charging Cord for Apple iphone 4 4s(Pink)
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Mujjo Conductive Gloves Let You Slide To Unlock With Your Begloved Knuckle

Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 11.31.12 AM

We get a lot of PR pitches (“Write about our social media network for fish lovers! If you don’t, we’ll take our exclusive to,” “We’ll give you a private jet if you write good things about Apple – Sincerely, Tim Cook,” “Take a look at these iPhone gloves!”) and there are few I’ve dreaded more than writing about the aforementioned iPhone gloves mostly because the founders kept emailing me about these damned gloves. These things come from a Dutch company called Mujjo and they purport to allow you to interact with your iPhone with any part of your hand, including your wrist, knuckle, and palm. The founders must have used them to punch out emails on the icy Hague metro every day of the past month because they were pretty darn persistent.

The question when dealing with these sorts of pitches, really, is two-fold: a) does the product advertised work? and b) will I write about the product after being literally hounded for three weeks by these guys? In answer to both, I would respond with a resounding (literally) “Yes.” They work and yeah, what the heck, Mujjo, people like gloves, right? Also a post will get Mujjo to stop emailing me.

I tried these during a few colder Brooklyn afternoons and, like most gloves, they kept my hands warm. Unlike most gloves, I could use them to tap my iPhone screen. Could they be used to tap your iPhone screen with your knuckle? Sure. They’re full of conductive thread so smack away. Is that a major selling point? Not really, but if you’re paying $ 30 (25 Euro) for touchscreen gloves, these things better let you touch the very heavens with your triquetrum so this is an acceptable middle-of-the-road solution. So there you have it: gloves that are good as gloves and iPhone interaction tools. A double whammy.

If you’re still with me, let’s discuss the takeaways here:

1. These gloves work well.
2. If you email us enough we will eventually cave.
3. Don’t try that technique with every stupid thing you’re trying to pitch because if the product is absolutely stupid no amount of badgering will win our hearts.

Product Page

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Columbia’s line of electric Omni-Heat jackets, gloves and boots on sale, just in time for Old Man Winter

It took ‘em a bit longer than expected, but Columbia’s still pushing out its complete line of Omni-Heat electric (and in turn, heated) jackets before the holidays. In fact, a few more of these guys have cropped up since we reviewed the (admittedly excellent) Circuit Breaker back in March, including the Electro Amp, Wader Widgeon and Big Game Interchange. As you could probably glean from the titles, the latter two are camouflaged, making them both a) invisible to the human eye and b) totally fit for hunters. Those four are available for gentlemen with between $ 750 and $ 1,200 to spare, while the ladies can opt for the electric Hottie ($ 750) or Circuit Breaker softshell ($ 850). A full line of Omni-Heat gloves and boots are also shipping now, with the source links below pointing you directly to the shopping houses you’re after. Have a look at what you’re missing just after the break.

Continue reading Columbia’s line of electric Omni-Heat jackets, gloves and boots on sale, just in time for Old Man Winter

Columbia’s line of electric Omni-Heat jackets, gloves and boots on sale, just in time for Old Man Winter originally appeared on Engadget on Sat, 05 Nov 2011 19:49:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Mix Master Gloves keep your hands warm, control your iPod. Q-bert mitts still MIA (video)

Burton Mix Master Gloves

There’s plenty of options for keeping your digits toasty while you peruse the music on your iPhone or iPod, but most of those still require you to fish the device out of your pocket to skip that Audioslave track that sneaked on there. Burton’s Mix Master gloves skip all that physical interaction nonsense by sticking a wireless remote in the back of one of the mitts. You just plug a small dongle into your iDevice and it pairs up with the music-controlling hand-wear. Of course, if you’re not the exceedingly lazy type, you could just sew a few cents worth of conductive thread into any standard pair of gloves and avoid coughing up $ 160 for the Mix Masters. If you’re still curious there’s a video after the break.

Continue reading Mix Master Gloves keep your hands warm, control your iPod. Q-bert mitts still MIA (video)

Mix Master Gloves keep your hands warm, control your iPod. Q-bert mitts still MIA (video) originally appeared on Engadget on Sat, 17 Sep 2011 05:34:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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CrunchDeals: Wilsons Leather Texting Gloves

Men, listen. It’s okay to own texting gloves. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to use your phone while keeping your hands warm. Wilsons Leather has a nice sale on a set of leather gloves that feature little slots in the forefinger and thumb allowing for multitouch phone usage. $ 15 but only available in XL.


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