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Apple celebrates diversity and equality in San Francisco Pride Parade video

Apple has released a video showing its employees, including CEO Tim Cook, participating in the San Francisco Pride Parade on June 29th. The company says thousands of employees from around the world marched in the parade “to celebrate Apple’s unwavering commitment to equality and diversity.” According to Reuters, Apple handed out free iTunes gift cards throughout the Pride Parade and set up an LGBT station on iTunes Radio.

Apple is outspoken about its support for equal rights, with Cook penning a Wall Street Journal editorial last year urging Congress to pass the Employment Nondiscrimination Act. The company also publicly opposed an Arizona bill that would have permitted businesses to refuse service on religious grounds, which governor…

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Google Barge bids farewell to San Francisco, to make Stockton its new California home

Still think of the Google Barge as a wacky idea from a company that makes more money than it knows what to do with? Well, Mountain View will soon prove that a floating building has its merits: for one, when the company gets in trouble with…

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Square’s Pickup app streamlines ordering take-out in San Francisco

If you thought ordering a new shirt from Uniqlo and grabbing it from the store 20 minutes later was rad, Square has something similar cooked up for your favorite restaurants. The outfit is demoing a new Android and iOS application called Pickup at a…

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Square’s Pickup app streamlines ordering take-out in San Francisco

If you thought ordering a new shirt from Uniqlo and grabbing it from the store 20 minutes later was rad, Square has something similar cooked up for your favorite restaurants. The outfit is demoing a new Android and iOS application called Pickup at a…

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San Francisco installs its own free Wi-Fi internet in its busiest area

New York’s city government may be planning to install free public Wi-Fi to lure entrepreneurs and startups, but San Francisco is trying to beat it to the punch. The Californian city’s mayor, Edwin Lee, has announced the installation of free Wi-Fi along San Francisco’s Market Street, “the busiest and most economically diverse corridor” in the city. The quarter-million people who walk through the area daily now have access to a connection named “_San_Francisco_Free_WiFi,” which reportedly offers upload and download speeds of up to 50 Mbps to all.

Ars Technica reports the Market Street area was originally set to receive free Wi-Fi internet from AT&T after the city reached reaching a tentative agreement with the cable provider in…

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Join us for Engadget Live in San Francisco on December 5th!

Having just wrapped up Engadget Expand New York earlier this month, and with CES fast approaching, you’d think our Events team would take a breather. Fortunately for those of you in the City By the Bay, we can’t stop ourselves from putting on a show!

On December 5th, we’re heading to Temple Nightclub in San Francisco for Engadget Live (formerly known as Engadget + gdgt Live). While we may have a new name for the event, we’ll be celebrating the 5th anniversary of the first gdgt Meetup taking place right there in San Francisco.

Engadget Live is a unique event that isn’t a conference or tradeshow — it’s designed to bring gadget lovers and tech brands together in a fun environment where they can get to know each other a little better. Best of all, it’s free!

We’ll also have plenty of incredible tech brands at Engadget Live ready to show you their newest products and get your feedback on the spot. Speaking of products, we’ll also have tons of great swag and chances to win some amazing gear. Just look out for the flyer at the door to find out how to win.

Since music is a key part of the vibe in San Francisco, our friends at Western Digital are bringing its Creative Masters friend Mikel Paris to perform throughout the night.

Did we mention the event is FREE? Grab a ticket and don’t be shy about passing on the good word to your friends.

One more thing: If you want to be a part of the behind-the-scenes action at Engadget Live, we could use a few volunteers at the event. To learn more and to apply, head over to the volunteer form.


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‘BatKid’ saves San Francisco, takes over the internet

Twitter is awash in the tweets following the superheroics of a lone hero in San Francisco know only as the “BatKid.” BatKid happens to be a five year old named Miles, who suffers from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. After his parents wrote to the Make-A-Wish Foundation about Miles’ wish to become Batman, San Fran came out in a stunning show of support for him, turning the entire city into Gotham City. And then the internet exploded.

On a local level, The San Francisco Chronicle released a special edition of its paper this morning in Miles’ honor, and reporters and citizens…

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San Francisco Turning Into Gotham For 5-Year Old’s Make A Wish Foundation Wish

5-year-old-batman-san-francisco.jpg Fulfill five year old Miles. Since life isn’t reasonable, Miles is battling leukemia. And on November 15th the Make-A-Wish Foundation is going to turn the city of San Francisco into Gotham and Miles, functioning as Batkid, is going to save the day. If you stay in the area you can volunteer to help support Miles on throughout the day and if you boss asks why you need the time off you look them directly in the eyes and state, “For something far more important than this shit.”

The day begins with a breaking news story. San Francisco’s Authorities Chief asks if any individual knows the whereabouts of Batkid since he requires his aid fixing criminal offense and bringing the bad guys to justice. Our little Batkid, Miles, in training with grownup Batman, prepares to respond to the call! Obviously Batkid will be riding around the City, saving the day and doing accomplishments of derring-do! After saving a damsel in distress from the Hyde St. cable automobile tracks in Nob Hillside, and catching the Puzzler in the act of robbing a downtown safe, Batkid will consume his lunch at the Burger Bar in San Francisco – straight above Union Square. While at Hamburger Bar, he will get a special message from the Chief of Authorities to go to the window – where he will look down and see a big group of volunteers lifting and down requesting Batkid’s assistance. Why? Since the villainous Mr. P. will be kidnapping a well-known San Francisco mascot! The getaway car will show up on Union Square (a convertible so that everyone can see what is occurring), and the chase will be on! After catching Mr. P., Batkid will make his last stop at Town hall, where the Mayor and the Police Chief of San Francisco will thank him and give him the key to the city.

Excellent luck, Batkid. We’ll all be following your heroics throughout the day. If you require any help let me know, I have a man in San Francisco that can make things happen. Don’t tell me exactly how he did it, however one time he discovered my preferred ice cream at 4 in the early morning. “24 hour supermaket.” I STATED DO N’T INFORM ME. But seriously, get better soon, Miles– we’re rooting for you. Thanks to Rodger, cam, Meghan, Lisa and Brookie, who are firm believers Miles is going to win this struggle.

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San Francisco Tech Company Gets Charity Tax Breaks For Helping Other Tech Companies

San Francisco asked tech companies to help local community groups in exchange for tax breaks. 21Tech’s charities, however, look an awful lot like startups.

Paul Sakuma / Via AP

Technology consulting company 21Tech is one of the six San Francisco tech companies earning 1.5% payroll tax breaks on new hires over the next six years in exchange for “giving back” to the community. The idea: to bring more tech companies to the city, but to make sure the massive influx of new, monied residents doesn’t come at the expense of existing neighborhood residents — a phenomenon recently described as “hyper gentrification.”

While most of the companies have focused on schools, nonprofits, and homeless shelters, 21Tech has taken a different approach: assisting two startups with getting bids on government contracts.

21Tech first proposed its plan to the city as follows: It would help small local businesses register as minority- and women-owned small businesses, which would give them priority status for getting discounted government contracts. 21Tech would help them navigate the whole process, including bidding for the government deals. The city didn't specify what kind of businesses they had to be, only that they somehow benefit the Mid-Market area.

The city did not outright dismiss the concept. “We didn't specify the sort of business,” Bill Barnes, the city administrator overseeing the tax break process, told BuzzFeed. “I know in Mid-Market, a lot of individual sole proprietors that are struggling with rent are PR or marketing or startups. That is the business mix that exists in the area.”

Whether these count as neighborhood businesses is a matter of technicality. So is the question of whether they qualify as minority-owned or women-owned businesses, or whether they really need much help in the first place. The question of whether their existence and success helps the neighborhood, however, is not. It should be possible to determine if Regroup, a mass messaging platform, and DelC2, a business and international transaction consulting group, have any true relation with and impact on the Mid-Market neighborhood. There is scant evidence that they do.

DelC2, according to their website, is an “international network of professionals in the United States and Spain” that helps clients “develop global strategies” by providing “business and international transactions solutions.”

Information about the company itself is limited. It has no records on LexisNexis. According to city records, its address is the tony Marina district. Its website lists a Google Voice number and a list of advisors. 21Tech helped the company register as a small, women-owned local business by listing one of those advisors as the owner.

DelC2 did not respond to BuzzFeed's emails or phone calls. But one of the advisors listed on the company's site told BuzzFeed he has no relationship with the company beyond a single conference call. He subsequently got his name removed from the website.

The other company, Regroup, isn't located in the Mid-Market area either. It is registered at a Mission District address, four blocks from Zuckerberg's $ 10 million pied-à-terre. The CEO, Joe DiPasquale, splits his time between New York and San Francisco.

DiPasquale founded Regroup while getting his MBA at Stanford. The platform, which allows companies, universities, and local governments to send simultaneous mass messages via email, text, social media, and voice, started as a service for Stanford students.

In 2008, DiPasquale raised an initial $ 2 million round of funding, mostly from prominent angel investing groups. He himself is an angel investor as well as a venture investor at an early stage and structured growth capital firm, and has worked in investment banking at Deutsche and done strategy consulting for Bain, IBM, and McKinsey.

At a recent City Hall meeting, 21Tech introduced DiPasquale to the community board as the poster boy of their work helping the local community.

When asked about the two companies' relationship, DiPasquale told the board that he met the 21Tech CEO several years ago at a Silicon Valley event, long before the tax breaks were conceived.

Questions were raised as to whether Regroup qualified as a minority-owned business. 21Tech argued that it did, because the CEO is gay.

In its October six-month progress report, 21Tech reports that it has registered Regroup as a small, locally owned business. According to city records, it has not.

Reached by BuzzFeed, DiPasquale said he didn't know much about how the tax break program worked. He seemed genuinely concerned: He couldn't remember the name of the committee he spoke before at City Hall but also seemed anxious to get off the phone. He has not responded to follow-up inquiries. Whether he knew he was helping 21Tech get tax breaks remains unclear.

21Tech did not respond to multiple inquires from BuzzFeed.

According to its six-month report to the city, 21Tech has helped the community in other ways, including taking an online pledge to keep streets clean, hiring a summer intern from San Francisco State University, telling staff about a local street fair with emails and a poster in the break room, posting jobs on the city website, going to local restaurants — a list on which it included Subway and Starbucks — and having the local Bike Coalition talk to employees about biking over lunch.

Barnes said he and the community advisory board are in the process of reviewing 21Tech's case.

He and the community board have asked 21Tech for additional information. The company will appear before the board next month to answer this and other questions about its six-month progress report.

“The intent is good, but they haven't verified the deliverables,” he said. “Our big focus is how are these benefits serving the geographic area.”

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San Francisco wants to make disasters more social

The city of San Francisco this week launched a social network designed to help citizens prepare for, and respond to, natural disasters. The website, called SF72, allows users to create emergency plans, stock up on supplies, and, in case of an actual emergency, receive real-time updates on evacuation routes. The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management launched SF72 on Thursday, and plans to release an accompanying smartphone app in the future.

The idea, according to site developer IDEO, was to make emergency preparedness less scary and more social.

“We found through research and user testing that people were intimidated by the types of preparedness information available because it tended to be overwhelming,” Kate Lydon, IDEO’s…

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