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Autonomous Navigation for Flying Robots – Teaser Video for EdX Course

This is the teaser video for our EdX course on “Autonomous Navigation for Flying Robots” starting on May 6th. Sign up for the course at…
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Flying, A Social App For Frequent Flyers, Unveils The “Flying.display” Hardware Device

I love it when a software startup ventures into connected hardware, even if that hardware is a tad pricey and might not even see the light of day. Enter Hamburg-based, maker of Flying, an iOS app for frequent flyers that competes with Munich-based Mileways. Read More

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Albatross One: flying Row 44′s amphibious in-flight WiFi test plane

Every manufacturer needs to test its gear throughout the product cycle, and if in-flight connectivity is what you’re peddling, frequent trials and partner demos can be tremendously costly for even the best-funded operations. For satellite internet …

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Mini Flying Robots Hover Like Jellyfish | Video

A jellyfish-like flying machine hovers in air by flapping its four wings 20 times per second.
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PowerUp 3.0 Is A Bluetooth Module That Turns A Paper Plane Into A Lean, Mean App-Controlled Flying Machine

There’s something intrinsically appealing about a choreographed blend of low and high tech. To wit, meet PowerUp 3.0: a Bluetooth 4.0 device that turns a bog-standard paper airplane into, well, a smartphone-controlled lean, mean flying machine. Or so its makers claim. And if those claims stack up pranking your teachers is about to get a whole lot more sophisticated.

What exactly is Power Up 3.0? It’s a Bluetooth module that connects to a paper plane to act as both frame, propulsion/steering device, and Bluetooth communications hub – meaning the user can control the plane via their smartphone. The Micro-USB charged module is apparently good for 10 minutes of flying per charge, and has an 180 feet/55 metre comms range (i.e. between it and you, piloting it via Bluetooth link to your smartphone).

So far PowerUp 3.0′s aviation enthusiast makers have a working prototype and an iOS app but they’ve taken to Kickstarter to get the project off the ground (ho-ho). The campaign launched on Saturday and blasted past its $ 50,000 target in just eight hours, according to inventor Shai Goitein, so there’s clearly considerable appetite for disruptions to paper-plane throwing mechanisms.

Or for a lower cost way of bagging yourself a remote-controlled airplane, which is basically what this is – albeit, not an ‘all weathers’ aircraft. Soggy paper planes aren’t going to go anywhere, app or no app.

At the time of writing PowerUp’s Kickstarter funding total is soaring north of $ 135,000 (and climbing steadily) – if they reach $ 150,000 an Android app will also be baked.

The basic PowerUp 3.0 package costs $ 30 but all those pledge levels have been bagged by early backers, so the kit now costs from $ 40 – or more if you want extras like rechargeable power packs.

The current iOS app, which has been in the works for more than a year, includes a throttle lever for ascending/descending, and a tilt to steer function – which manipulates a small fin on the rear of the module to shift the plane’s in-air trajectory. There can’t be a paper-plane folding kid in the world that hasn’t wished for such trajectory bending magic.

The module’s frame is made of carbon fibre, so it can survive the inevitable crash landings – as well as be light enough for flight.

Backers of the PowerUp 3.0 can expect to be disrupting their lessons come May next year, when the kit is due to ship.

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Lady Gaga hits the stage in a flying multicopter dress

Lady Gaga just made a spectacular album debut entrance — even for her — in what can only be described as a astronaut dress-cum-hexacopter that she named “Volantis.” Though we’d call it a giant publicity stunt, Gaga said that the suit was symbolic of herself and would allow her to be the voice for …

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Lady Gaga hits the stage in a multicopter flying dress (video)

Lady Gaga just made a spectacular album debut entrance — even for her — in what can only be described as a astronaut dress-cum-hexacopter that she named “Volantis.” Though we’d call it a colossal publicity stunt, Gaga said that the suit was symbolic of herself and would allow her to be the voice …

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A New Record!: Man Performs 4.5-Foot Flying Push-Up

flying-push-up-record.jpg This is a video of Ahmed “Iron Monkey” Kerigo performing a 4.5-foot flying push up. For a while there I didn’t think he was going to make it. I know I wouldn’t have. I would have gone face down, probably cracked some ribs, maybe lost a couple teeth. Definitely wouldn’t have walked away with the attractive aerobics instructor on my arm, I can tell you that. Hit the jump for the video, then let’s make a 10-foot flying push-up video by performing it backwards then reversing the tape. I’m a thinker.

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How fast are those iOS 7 animations flying at your face?

The first version of iOS created a very direct relationship between the iPhone and its user. When you tapped on a link, it opened, and when you pinched your fingers on a photo, it got bigger. But with the latest version of iOS, Apple took these kinds of animations and skeuomorphic physics to the next level. BuzzFeed FWD‘s John Herrman extrapolates the physics of iOS 7 to the real world, where an app on your home screen is actually five feet away from you.

“If iOS animations suggest that the icons are falling away from you, they are falling about 5 feet, and moving pretty fast,” he writes. “Assuming it takes about 0.8 seconds for this animation to complete, the app is moving at an average of about 6.6 feet per second, or about 4.5 miles…

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Just In Time For Halloween: Radio Controlled Flying Witches And Wizards On Broomsticks


These are the radio controlled witch and wizard planes designed by R/C enthusiast Otto Dieffenback. You can buy a kit of either one for $ 150, but all the electronics you have to provide yourself. I’m going to make enough of them to form my own Quidditch team. How many is that, anyways? “Seven — three chasers, two beaters, a keeper and a seeker.” I’m not even going to pretend I’m surprised that you knew that. What’s Severus Snape’s middle name? “Doesn’t have one.” Damn you know your shit!

Keep going for a closeup of each and two piss-poor quality videos.

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