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Fat And Drunk: Alcoholic Wine Flavored Ice Cream


Apparently Mercer’s wine flavored ice cream has actually existed for awhile but this is the very first time I have actually become aware of it so it was NEWS TO ME. You most likely currently knew about it though and feel the desire to call me a silly idiot in the comments. DO NOT RESIST THAT RECOMMEND. Keeping back your hate will only make you more cranky and painful to be around and I make sure your pals can scarcely stand you as it is. Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream is 5 % alcohol (you need to be of age to acquire it) and comes in flavors everybody’s mom will enjoy like Cherry Merlot, Chocolate Cabernet, Peach White Zinfandel, Harbor, Red Raspberry, Chardonnay, and Riesling. Sadly, there’s no boxed wine taste and buttchugging is highly discouraged. “Brain freeze?” Anal freeze brobro.

Thanks to cancan, who agrees alcohol should not be combined with anything but the saliva in your mouth.

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WiFi Alliance certificate teases Tizen flavored Samsung Galaxy S III

WiFi Alliance certificate teases Tizen flavored Galaxy S III,

Ever wondered just what Samsung’s crown jewel Galaxy S III phone might be like, if it ran yet another OS? Okay, perhaps something along those lines is already under method, but if a curious WiFi Alliance certification entry is to be comprehended, Tizen may have made its way on to the phone currently. The hook right here is the product name. The GS III also goes by the less snappy name of GT-I9300, and it’s the look of GT-I9300_TIZEN in the certification list that has actually got chins wagging. Of course, a stamp from the WiFI Alliance suggests little out right here in the real world, where everything is still looking rather Android, but it doesn’t harmed to picture the Koreans experimenting with idea, and it would not be the first time either.

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Smell Like A Bar, DOWN THERE: Whiskey Flavored Lube


This is an actual whiskey flavored lube from the gluttons over at Epic Food Time. Apparently they’re convinced whiskey is a desirable smell to have smeared all over your privates. SPOILER: It’s not. Unless you’re in a relationship with another manly dude (I’m thinking a gay biker/bear type here), chances are your lover doesn’t want your junk smelling like f***ing whiskey. Piña colada, absolutely, but only because piña colada is the best smell in the world, especially for car air fresheners.

Thanks to everyone who sent me this. And an extra special thanks to everybody who didn’t.

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