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Titanfall Gameplay Montage – Funny and Fail Moments – Robots with Anger Issues

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Titanfall 1080p 60FPS Fail On Xbox One Explained By Microsoft As 'Tradeoffs'

Titanfall 1080p 60FPS Fail On Xbox One Explained By Microsoft As 'Tradeoffs'
The Titanfall Xbox One version won't be able to handle 1080p, 60FPS according to the developer, but Microsoft is already launching its damage control for the Xbox One 1080p fail. In a related report by The Inquisitr, it's possible the PS4 vs Xbox One …
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Titanfall Beta gameplay First-impressions: Xbox One
NOTE: Built-in video sharing with the Xbox One outputs at 720p, regardless of the game that's being output – actual graphics look slightly better than you're seeing in these demo videos. After selecting a Pilot, we're also asked to select a Titan. Here …
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Sony's PlayStation 4 Retakes Lead Over Microsoft's Xbox One
In December, customers purchased 908,000 Xbox Ones, beating out the PS4, Microsoft said in a Jan. 15 statement. It sold 643,000 Xbox 360s for third place, the company said. Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft didn't say how many of the consoles it …
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Apple and Samsung heading back to court after mediation talks fail, say reports

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung’s mobile chief and co-CEO JK Shin reportedly met last week to try and thrash out a settlement to their long-running intellectual property dispute. The meeting, while unconfirmed by either party, is being reported by multiple Korean news outlets and adheres to the companies’ promise to try and come to an amicable agreement before resuming their legal antagonism next month.

Sources indicate that the mediation effort was unproductive, which comes as no surprise given the history of animosity between Apple and Samsung and the fact that similar talks were fruitless back in 2012.

Shin was expected to fly out to the US next week, ahead of a February 19th deadline for conducting these talks, but Chosun reports…

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GTA San Andreas Android Fail Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Nexus 5, Xperia Z1

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas by Rockstar Games, Inc. Five years ago, Carl Johnson escaped from the pressures of life in Los Santos, San Andreas, a city tear…

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EA Battlefield 4 No Sound Fail + Crowd Reaction) Xbox One E3 2013 Royalty Free Music: Zap Beat Battlefield 4, Battlefield 4 news, Battlefield 4 Update,Battlefield 4 …
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‘Wildman’ Kickstarter campaign canceled after desperate pleas fail to spark interest


Two weeks ago, game developer Gas Powered Games said it was “betting the company” on its Wildman Kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately, it looks like the bet didn’t pay off: Gas Powered Games has canceled its Kickstarter campaign just two days before funding was due to close. The campaign managed to raise $ 504,120 of its $ 1.1 million goal, but rather than make a last-ditch effort to publicize it, the developer has decided to “focus [its] attention on other ways to keep Gas Powered Games running” instead. It also took the opportunity to thank its backers, saying it’s “profoundly grateful” to those that pledged through Kickstarter. As for the fate of Wildman, Gas Powered Games hasn’t shared specifics just yet, but says it’ll make future…

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Rogue radio station caused keyless entry systems to fail, left car owners locked out

Car Ignition Button

For months, frustrated car owners just couldn’t explain it. As the Sun Sentinel explains, parking anywhere in the vicinity of the Hollywood Police Department would render their vehicle’s keyless entry system useless. As more and more cars were towed away thanks to the baffling phenomenon, it was discovered that functionality returned once cars were a safe distance away from the police station. Rumors swirled as to what the cause could be, with one popular theory attributing the interference to a powerful antenna owned by police.

Authorities finally solved the mystery, however: beginning in August, a rogue radio station had been operating from the roof of a building just one block away from police headquarters. Aside from broadcasting…

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Killer fail: how Romney’s broken Orca app cost him thousands of votes


A couple of days prior to the presidential poll, Mitt Romney & rsquo; s effort revealed what it wished would be its secret tool at the surveys. Dubbed Project Orca, it let volunteers make use of an internet application to look for and mark off voters as they left the polling place, then accumulated the information to make use of in projections or check which Romney proponents might require a call. “When the exit polls come out, we won’t pay attention to that,” Communications Director Gail Gitcho told PBS. “We will certainly have had a lot more scientific details simply based on the political operation we have actually established.”

Project Orca was created to replace the standard phone – and paper-based get-out-the-vote effort, producing a central system that could track voters and assign volunteers in …

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Smart TVs Fail To Score With Consumers In USA And Other Western Markets: GfK


Right here ’ s one reason why Apple could not be producing a television with its name blazoned on it in the near term: it doesn ’ t appearance like individuals have, up until now, shown that much thinking about them yet. According to a new report out from individual specialists GfK, connected TV televisions are shifting a lot better in markets like China, Brazil and India compared with the USA, UK and other developed markets — with China commanding the highest use at 44 % and the UK and USA leading advanced markets with merely 11 % penetration.

GfK places it down to customers in the latter classification stuck in an “ analog ” frame of mind — although individuals in the latter markets are also huge users of additional methods of getting the exact same experience without forking out for a costly connected TV set.

On top of set-top boxes from pay-TV service providers, there are consoles like the Xbox, Roku, and PlayStation that additionally supply on-demand and connected services to individuals through their TELEVISION sets. And gadgets like tablets and Computers, which are more matched to interactivity, are additionally showing to be among the fastest-growing gadgets for video clip viewing. And there is of course the raising multiscreen trend, where individuals use at the very least two devices at the exact same time to provide a simultaneous lean-back/lean-forward experience.

And there is additionally the issue of rate. A wise TV can cost upwards of $ 200 or more than a more basic set, and that could not even provide you a substantially better display than a cheaper make.

The supremacy of China in the connected TELEVISION group appears on the heels of a report last week from NPD that took note that China — or those in urban centers a minimum of — watch the most online video presentation content, around the most devices, of any other local group of consumers.

Individuals don ’ t care a lot about getting their Twitter fix right on the screen. GfK found that there seems to be little demand at the second for the kinds of bells and whistles that a lot of connected Televisions are supplying. Only 28 % of participants thought interactivity made programs more fascinating. Only 25 % thought tweeting and additional commenting styles make the experience more interesting.

“ Our findings suggest that broadcasters need to integrate their social factors far more engagingly into the fabric of the program, to encourage viewers to connect, ” writes Richard Preedy, Analysis Director at GfK. This certain study considered a total of 7,000 interviews from Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, UK, Russia, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, USA, China, India and South Korea — 500 in each country except Belgium, where it collected 1,000,

On the additional hand, services that assisted individuals locate even more info on programs shifted a lot better: 33 % more viewers sought details on the shows they are viewing than usage social networks to share the experience with buddies, GfK composes.

Smart TVs go where PCs do not? It appears that wise TVs are faring a lot better in markets where COMPUTER penetration is lower: as they do with their mobiles, individuals in these markets as a result look to their Televisions to accomplish a couple of the functions that might have otherwise been accredited to the COMPUTER: 75 % of Chinese smart-TV managers used their TVs ’ complicated interactive attributes in previous month; in Western markets the ordinary number was less than half, GfK said.

That additionally seems to translate into buying objective, too: amongst USA and UK consumers, less than one-third (29 %; 26 % respectively) stated they would certainly try to find Internet-enabled TVs in the future. In China and India the numbers were respectively 64 % and 61 %.

Now additionally might be the time to strike while the iron is hot: just as Apple successfully developed an entire brand-new market for smartphones that were mainly the terrain of extremely early adopters and business individuals prior to the iPhone, it can might do the same for televisions. GfK takes note that sales of wise Televisions in the six biggest European economic situations were up by 31 % in the first half of this year.

It can be newer functions that may get users in these markets more considering brilliant Televisions: 67 % of respondents said they were interested in touch and motion control; and 43 % desire to control their Televisions with something other than a remote, such as a smartphone. Yes, these functions are currently right here and getting even more preferred all the time; the question is whether users will certainly planning to their TELEVISION sets or other gadgets to offer them longer term.

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