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The Big Picture: Mix precision drinks with this delightful CAD drawing

Being the bartender sounds fun, until you realize you have to crack a cocktail recipe book. Engineering to the rescue! This drawing — originally used to test plotters — was converted into an AutoCAD file by Florian Römhild, who later colorized it….

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The Monsieur Drinks Automaton Roboticizes Bottle Service


Would you buy a robotic drink maker from these men? I sure would. These are the creators of Monsieur, a robotic bartender that will squirt out a great margarita or a nice Manhattan in about a minute using Android, a bunch of pumps, and some booze.

Created by Barry Givens and Eric Williams and launching at Disrupt SF 2013, Monsieur allows you to select a drink – it includes pre-designed recipes and you can download “packs” that add different types of drinks to the mix – and the machine does the rest. Nozzles squirt out very specific amounts of plonk and mixers and your drink is ready. Every drink is exactly the same and, barring a bit of shaking, they’re ready to drink.

“Bartending and drink service have not been innovated in centuries,” said Givens. “There have been a couple attempts to create machines that pour cocktails but they failed to make a product that is intelligent, fun and elegant.”

Givens and Williams met at Georgia Tech. Givens has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Williams has a Master’s in CS. He worked for Panasonic and Siemens before he began in on Monsieur. Angel investor Paul Judge, cofounder of Pindrop and VP at Barracuda, handed the team a bit of funding after seeing an early prototype.

Monsieur was born when Givens ended up waiting for an hour for a cocktail. “In frustration I asked why there wasn’t a machine to just make my drink. After leaving dinner that night, I started reading more about bartending and soon enrolled in bartending school,” he said. Early prototypes worked but didn’t have enough pizazz.

The team has deployed beta units at restaurants and bars in Atlanta and they’re working on partnerships with drink brands and sports arenas. They see this as sort of a “bartender in a box” that staff can roll into a room and let users order drinks without having staff on hand. The system maintains a log of what was served and the venue can ring up a bill at the end of the night. You can even change the strength of the drink from “regular” to “boss.” I had a “boss” drink when I tested the machine and it was, without a doubt, pretty darn good.

In short, it beats a bottle of vodka in a bucket.

“Our drinks taste great, people love using Monsieur and it helps businesses be more profitable,” said Givens. Plus who doesn’t want a robotic drinks butler named Monsieur? The team could put the box in a pair of spats and give it a pencil-thin mustache and you’ve got a real winner.

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Drink Till It’s Argon: Periodic Table Of Alcoholic Drinks


Note: Larger version HERE but you can discover a full-res variation right– wait, where ‘d I put it? Ah, TODAY IT IS.

This is the Periodic Table of Alcohol developed by Brazilian designer Mayra Artes. It organizes alcoholic drinks “based upon their main alcohols, teams and proofs.” Just taking a look at it made me thirsty. I have no idea about you, but I can really for a beverage today. “What’s that in your hand?” A drink. “Sooooo?” I implied another one.

Thanks to LINK, who’s shoutout I’m utilizing to boast about how I’ve had drinks named after me at 3 various bars now. Better luck next time bro.

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LayerNation’s El Tirador Makes Classy Layered Drinks With Science


Ask and ye shall receive: when I put a call out for cool hardware start-ups, little did I know that we’d be barraged by some amazing stuff. Case-in-point: the LayerNation El Tirador, a unique drinks maker that automatically creates layered drinks using different liqueurs.

LayerNation is part of the Yes Delft! incubator and is currently being tested in Europe as a fast and easy way to make clever drinks for soccer games and special events. The initial version, shown above, has been replaced by a more commercial-friendly system that looks like it would be at home in an Ibiza club.

Systems like this – systems that solve a very simple and unique problem quite elegantly – are the core of hardware hacking. Besides, what geek doesn’t like to drink lots of sugary, syrupy red and white “Polish flag” shots?

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Eva serving drinks at home, Roman Technologies, Minor Robotics TU Delft

Eva reacts to speech commands and serves drinks using natural interaction. Minor Robotics at TU Delft. Bram van der Veen Ingmar Jager Wilson Ko Hans Gaiser Sjors de Wit Jelle ten Kate
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Jabba Drinks: Han Solo In Carbonite Ice Molds


This is a $ 10 Han Solo in carbonite ice cube tray from ThinkGeek. It molds ice cubes that look like Han Solo frozen in carbonite…that’ll last ten seconds in a drink before transforming into formless blocks. Now that’s magic. Also, anybody think it’s weird his name is Han SOLO despite the fact I heard he’s never had sex with less than two women at once? I’m serious, Chewie told me he like never masturbates.

Hit the jump for a picture of a cube Photoshopped into a glass of water and a picture that’ll answer the burning question, “but will it work for chocolate?”

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Vending Machine Detects One’s Sex And Age To Recommend Appropriate Drinks

Last year, we’ve shown you Yahoo Japan’s digital signage system that scans passersbys to put up personalized content (ads, news, and other information). And today, railway operator JR EAST showed a very similar device that’s actually a mix between digital signage system and vending machine.

The new system is larger than the Yahoo Japan model and can detect one’s sex and age, too. All that customers need to do is to stand in front of the system, wait for it to work its magic through a camera, and then choose the drink that the system recommends by pushing the drink’s icon on a 47-inch touch panel.

The recommended drinks are highlighted with a red star (see above). Customers can pay in cash, with their cell phones, or with one of three common IC cards.

If there’s no one around, the machine displays information like the current time or temperature, but it also can show ads or videos it downloads via Wimax. The first machine was put up at Shinagawa station in central Tokyo today, with 500 more systems to follow in the next two years.

Via Keitai Watch [JP] / hat tip to Akky

Props to CrunchGear

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