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Activision Blizzard completes buyback from Vivendi Universal in multi-billion dollar deal

Activision Blizzard recently bought back a controlling stake in itself from Vivendi Universal. The reacquisition was a joint effort by the company itself and an investment group that includes Activision CEO Bobby Kotick and Chairman Brian Kelly. When the dust settled, Activision Blizzard picked up …

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The 15 Dollar Game That Will Get You Through The Summer Game Drought

Rogue Legacy , by Cellar Door Games.

The Fourth of July brings with it conflicting emotions for gamers. On the one hand, the long weekend is a chance to catch up with the great games of the first half of the year, while celebrating with a socially-sanctioned saturnalia of beer, meat, and controlled explosives.

On the other hand, this orgiastic holiday marks the beginning of the summer game drought. The summer game drought typically lasts from late June into September, and is a time when, typically, very few good games get released. True, there may be oases in the dunes (for football fans, the annual early-July release of an NCAA Football game is a holiday in itself, and this year brings Nintendo’s Pikmin 3 in early August), but typically summer games are rare and they are bad.

The big, end of July, multiplatform release of 2013 is The Smurfs 2.

What is needed for the drought is a game that can be played over and over, that is addictive, that has the power to make you forget that you've finished The Last of Us and still have two and a half months until Grand Theft Auto 5 washes over the world of gaming like a typhoon.

I am happy to report that this game came out last week, and it is called Rogue Legacy.

Rogue Legacy is a fifteen dollar downloadable Windows game, and if you give it some time, it will keep you very busy indeed. The game defies the usual Game X meets Game Y categorization; it’s much easier to tell you how it works. You play as a little cartoon knight, and your task, like all little cartoon knights since Sir Arthur, is to explore a haunted castle swarming with charming Gothic cliches. The catch in Rogue Legacy is that your knight only has one life, and after he dies, the castle reforms randomly, and you apply all that you looted to upgrading your child, who takes on the quest in your memory. In the game's funniest quirk, your children are afflicted with a random series of birth defects and psychological conditions, and so if your knight has ADHD, he moves faster, and if she is colorblind, she sees the haunted castle in a lovely sepia, and if he has hypergonadism, he is more powerful. (And if your character is gay, it changes nothing at all. It seems Cellar Door Games, the Canadian studio behind Rogue Legacy, has a sense of humor.)

Only through repeated death and rebirth can you move deeper into the castle, and it is this cycle that is going to burn through your summer. Happy 4th of July.

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Mt.Gox Bitcoin exchange freezes US dollar withdrawls for two weeks

MtGox Bitcoin exchange freezes US dollar withdrawls for two weeks

It’s easy to see that the Bitcoin market is under stress when there’s rising overall activity and tighter oversight. However, it’s now so hectic that the Mt. Gox exchange has trouble fulfilling even basic transactions — and the institution is freezing US dollar withdrawals for two weeks to keep things in check. Mt. Gox’s team will use the downtime to upgrade its trading system and (hopefully) address the heavy workload. Deposits and transfers in American currency should still be good to go. Let’s just hope that Mt. Gox manages smoother transitions in the future — after all, not everyone can afford to leave their money in limbo during a tech refresh.

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Source: Mt. Gox

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Dollar collapse question. When are countries going to realize we dont produce anything other than green paper?

Question by LolWhoGivesA5hitAboutGlobalWarming: Dollar collapse question. When are countries going to realize we dont produce anything other than green paper?
We consume all the worlds resources in the states and produce nothing because of strict regulation on business and outsourcing. When are countries going to catch on the the fraud the federal reserve does? When are the people going to realizes the quantitative easing (printing money out of thin air) is just a way to keep the scam going longer?
Third might sound good, until you see how much we consume. Then you realize we need to be far ahead of even number one to keep a healthy economy.
Most of the worlds resources.

Best answer:

Answer by Top Source

The US is the world’s third largest exporter.



“The EU [European Union] and the US economies account together for about half the entire world GDP and for nearly a third of world trade flows…

“EU goods imports from the US in 2010: €169.5 billion.

“EU services imports from the US in 2010: €131.0 billion.

“EU investment flows to the US in 2009: €79.2 billion.”


“As the world’s 3rd biggest exporting nation, America shipped $ 1.291 trillion worth of exports in 2008.

“Principal American exports were capital goods including aircraft, industrial supplies like organic chemicals, consumer goods including automobiles and agricultural products led by soybeans and corn.

“Based on 2008 statistics, America’s largest export clients were Canada (20.1%), Mexico (11.7%), China (5.5%), Japan (5.1%), Germany (4.2%) and the United Kingdom (4.1%).”


These ignorant, hysterical questions are typical of those who rant against “The Fed!”

And of those who try to scapegoat “Regulations!” as the cause of President Cheney’s Great Recession,

when ,in fact, it was the GOP’s ideology of De-Regulation that allowed the Global Plutocratic Cabal’s Big Banks to loot working Americans’ net worth:

International Monetary Fund’s former Chief Economist:

“Our leading bankers looted [the United States], plunged the world into deep recession, [starting Dec, 2007] and cost the United States eight million jobs.

“Now many of them stand by with sharpened knives and enhanced bonuses – willing to suggest how the salaries and jobs of others can be further cut.

“Consider the morality of that.

“Will no one think hard about what this means for our budget and our political system until it is too late?”

By Simon Johnson, former Chief Economist @ the International Monetary Fund.


Paul Krugman, Nobel Laureate in Econ: The 2000s, the “Decade of Zero”: Zero gains for home prices, home equity, workers’ median income, employment, & stockmarket.


From 2001 to 2009, for the first time since WW2, the average American’s net worth fell, and by a huge 13%.

The 1990s had the largest increase, 44%.


Robert Reich, Sec of Labor under Clinton:

“What’s happened in the last 30 years is that worker [in the private sector] has taken a shellacking.

“The US economies’ problems lie w/ “fraud, deregulation and vast concentration of wealth.

“For three decades we’ve cut taxes on the wealthy while real wages stood still.”
. .


The median American male worker earns less today [in 2010] adjusted for inflation, than he did 30 years ago.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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White House downplays, but doesn’t rule out trillion dollar coin proposal

Platinum Coin

The White Home today weighed in on the possibility of minting a trillion dollar platinum coin, telling reporters that there is “no substitute” for simply raising the United States’ borrowing limitation, but declining to clearly rule it out as a possible option to American financial obligation troubles.

White Residence Press Secretary Jay Carney fielded a number of questions about the trillion dollar coin during his daily press instruction Wednesday, as press reporters pressed him to clarify the Obama administration’s position. Carney largely downplayed the option, informing the press that Congress should have the ability to resolve the issue by itself, though he quit short of ruling it out entirely.

” Absolutely nothing has to pertain to these kinds of speculative thoughts.”

” You can speculate …

Continue reviewing & hellip;

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The 1,000,000 Dollar Resell Rights Collection New

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Nokia’s Q2 2012 financials announced: 4 million Lumias sold, $1.01 billion dollar loss

STUB Nokia's Q2 2012 announced

The past three months have not been the finest for Finland’s previous world leading. Persistent rumors of Microsoft anticipating the business’s collapse haven’t been helped by the 3 most significant credit agencies slashing the company’s score to “junk,” and the Lumia 900’s violently slashed rate. Sadly, there’s no ray of light to be discovered in these outcomes, which disclose that the business made an operating loss of $ 1.01 billion dollars for the quarter. On the benefit, the business handled to make & euro; 7.5 billion of sales ($ 9.2 billion, down.5 billion because the last quarter), repositioning 4 million Lumia mobile phones in the procedure. In fact, with sales of the mobile approximately increasing each quarter, the business has some reason to validate its optimism.

Developing …

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EyeRing finger-mounted connected cam captures signs and dollar bills, identifies them with OCR (hands-on)


Ready to swap that diamond for a finger-mounted camera with a built-in trigger and Bluetooth connectivity? If it could help identify otherwise indistinguishable objects, you might just consider it. The MIT Media Lab’s EyeRing project was designed with an assistive focus in mind, helping visually disabled persons read signs or identify currency, for example, while also serving to assist children during the tedious process of learning to read. Instead of hunting for a grownup to translate text into speech, a young student could direct EyeRing at words on a page, hit the shutter release, and receive a verbal response from a Bluetooth-connected device, such as a smartphone or tablet. EyeRing could be useful for other individuals as well, serving as an ever-ready imaging device that enables you to capture pictures or documents with ease, transmitting them automatically to a smartphone, then on to a media sharing site or a server.

We peeked at EyeRing during our visit to the MIT Media Lab this week, and while the device is buggy at best in its current state, we can definitely see how it could fit into the lives of people unable to read posted signs, text on a page or the monetary value of a currency note. We had an opportunity to see several iterations of the device, which has come quite a long way in recent months, as you’ll notice in the gallery below. The demo, which like many at the Lab includes a Samsung Epic 4G, transmits images from the ring to the smartphone, where text is highlighted and read aloud using a custom app. Snapping the text “ring,” it took a dozen or so attempts before the rig correctly read the word aloud, but considering that we’ve seen much more accurate OCR implementations, it’s reasonable to expect a more advanced version of the software to make its way out once the hardware is a bit more polished — at this stage, EyeRing is more about the device itself, which had some issues of its own maintaining a link to the phone. You can get a feel for how the whole package works in the video after the break, which required quite a few takes before we were able to capture an accurate reading.

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Gameloft fends off winter blues with dollar sale on Android Market

The French game publisher already sprinkled 99¢ allspice on its iOS and Amazon Appstore titles, plus a two-for-one deal on the Xperia Play, but soon it’ll bring that volume-not-margin recipe to the Android Market too. Almost all of its paid titles will reportedly go for less than a dollar between December 26th and January 5th, so if you’re about to click ‘Buy’ on a premium purchase like Asphalt 6: Adrenalin, 9mm or The Adventures of Tintin, then it might be worth relaxing your trigger finger. The notable exception is Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, which will apparently only be discounted for a single day sometime around New Year’s Weekend — though hopefully not while you’re still preoccupied with running around in yesterday’s clothes and hugging random strangers.

Gameloft fends off winter blues with dollar sale on Android Market originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 28 Dec 2011 10:31:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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