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My Spiroo Can Tell Your Doctor When You’re Out Of Breath

Asthma sufferers use a tool called a peak flow meter to see how much air is passing out of their lungs. It is useful to asses when flare-ups are happening and what outside allergens or problems might be causing a bronchial flare-up. Until recently, all that was available to take this measurement was a very basic mechanical device. My Spiroo aims to fix that with a connected, ultraportable peak… Read More

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All The Doctor Who Doctors As Tim Burton Animation Characters (With BONUS Animated GIFS Of A Few)

animated-burton-doctor-6.gif This is a series of pictures of all the Physicians (including the Battle Doctor, labeled ‘X’) reimagined in the style of Tim Burton animation characters by artist Michael Kenny. Plus Tumblr-er Made By ABVH has actually taken the freedom of animating a few into GIFs. I such as GIFs. They say an image is worth a thousand words, but I bet animated GIFs are worth at least 10 times that. My life? My life– “Isn’t really worth a ‘Buy One 6-Inch Sub And an Alcoholic beverage And Get An additional 6-inch Free’ Subway voucher.” Wow– going directly for the heart today, are we? Keep opting for the rest.

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Play through the Whodle: Doctor Who’s 50-year anniversary gets a Google Doodle

Celebrating 11 regenerations over 50 years, today’s Doodle is a downright charming mini-game based on everyone’s favorite Sonic Screwdriver owner. While you’ll get to start with your favorite incarnation of The Doctor, meeting an untimely end from a Dalek or Cyberman will mean restarting the level as a different curiously dressed Time Lord. Bite the dust once too often and you’ll eventually have to continue playing as, ugh, Peter Davison. Give us your best times below — our current record is 12:59.

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IBM’s Watson wants to fix America’s doctor shortage

In 2011, IBM’s Watson supercomputer got an unusually public proof-of-concept, competing on Jeopardy! and beating its human competitors hands-down. It was a powerful public win for IBM, and for artificial intelligence at large, but the computer at the center of all that publicity was still basically a prototype. If Watson can do this, IBM wanted to say, imagine what it can do in the real world.

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BBC releases long-lost ‘Doctor Who’ episodes exclusively on iTunes

A few months back, rumor spread that a number of lost Doctor Who episodes were discovered in Nigeria. This morning, the BBC is making eleven lost episodes — nine of which have apparently not been seen for 46 years — available for purchase exclusively on iTunes. The broadcaster says it’s re-mastered the episodes to restore them “to the fantastic quality that audiences expect from Doctor Who.”

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BBC releases rediscovered Doctor Who episodes as iTunes exclusives (video)

There are a few things that make Doctor Who fans wince in pain, none more so than mentioning the BBC’s policy of deleting its archives of early ’60s episodes. However, enterprising fans have scoured the globe looking for film canisters, and all but 106 had been found — until now. Nine new episodes, …

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Petition To Light The Empire State Building ‘TARDIS Blue’ To Celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary


Because some people still dare to dream, a group of Doctor Who fans have created a petition to have the Empire State Building be lit ‘TARDIS blue’ (technically just regular-blue) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the series on November 23rd, when we’ll all gather around our TV’s and cry. Or riot in the streets and set cars on fire.

The Doctor has visited NYC many times over the years, most recently earlier this season. Now, Doctor Who fans from New York and around the world are working with NYSciFi & Fantasy to celebrate The Doctor’s 50th anniversary on one of New York City’s most famous landmarks: The Empire State Building.

We are asking the Empire State Building to light up “TARDIS Blue” on November 23rd to celebrate 50 great years of Doctor Who. The Empire State Building regularly uses their spectacular light show to celebrate special moments in pop culture, such as sports events, the 15th anniversary of The Lion King, and Wrestlemania, as well as all the holidays and occasions it’s more known for being lit up for. As far as we know, however, they’ve never lit up to celebrate a SciFi show. What better place to start than the iconic series Doctor Who?

Hey — whatever makes people happy. Unless it’s hurting other people, in which case you don’t deserve to be happy. Me? I do everything I can to be a kind and loving person and God still spites me with unhappiness. *booming voice* “YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID.” What, the who can fart the loudest in church contest? I WAS ELEVEN AND WOUND UP SHITTING MY PANTS. I’ve suffered enough.

Thanks to Doctor TeslawilLennon and Androly, who agree they should light the Empire State Building with blacklights one night to celebrate my college dorm room.

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It Was Only A Matter Of Time (Lord): An Officially Licensed Doctor Who Mr. Potato Head Toy


This is an officially certified Eleventh Physician Mr. Potato Head toy from Underground Toys. You can get one from the BBC America store for $ 25 or Amazon for $ 34. Honestly, you can most likely get them other places too, but it’s not my job to surf the web attempting to find you the very best offers on toys. Can you save the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver in his ass? YOU SURE CAN, much like I do with Sharpies and my own ass. Just kidding, and if you’re anyone who understands me in reality I don’t really do that and am entirely safe to borrow a pen from, guarantee. \* fingers crossed behind back \* Tehehehehe!

Thanks to bb gonzales, who constantly jams the wrong body parts in the wrong holes to make Mr. Potato Head look like he got all f \*\*\* ed up in a Star Trip transporter.

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Jeff Bezos, Time Warner Cable vs. CBS, and ‘Doctor Who’: 90 Seconds on The Verge

Sure, he had it in his Wish List, but that doesn’t mean he was going to buy it. Adding stuff there was just something you did when you couldn’t make up your mind. Take Larry for instance; he’d added that LA paper to his list years ago.

But there it was. Today’s Lightning Deal. The timer clicked down…

Jeff hit “Add to Cart.”

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Tattletale tooth sensor tells your doctor if you’ve been smoking or overeating

DNP WiFi tooth sensor, y'all, because why not

It’s official: humans suck at self-discipline so much, researchers thought it necessary to create a tooth sensor that detects if you’re smoking or stuffing your face and can tell doctors about it. The National Taiwan University Team led by Hao-hua Chu recently tested prototypes by gluing them to eight people’s dentures. Thanks to the device’s accelerometers, it was able to differentiate between chewing, smoking, speaking and coughing 94 percent of the time. It would’ve been better if it could also distinguish healthy food from not, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon. After all, the scientists first have to develop an onboard power source (the prototypes required external batteries) and mouth-safe Bluetooth connectivity to transmit data to smartphones. Also, the team wants to shrink the already-teensy sensor down so it can fit inside cavities or on crowns. We don’t know about you, bu in the future we might choose between cavity-healing gel or these high tech fillings.

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Via: Motherboard, New Scientist

Source: National Taiwan University

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