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Digital Storm details its first Steam Machine: a hybrid Windows and SteamOS combo for $1,899

Digital Storm was one of the first companies to reveal its Steam Machine — its own take on Valve’s formula for the perfect living room gaming PC. Today, the company’s getting the news out ahead of Valve’s announcement yet again, formally announcing that the new Digital Storm Bolt II will ship later this month for $ 1,899 with a hefty array of specs.

The Bolt II dual-boots Windows and SteamOS, and features liquid cooling by default — which allows the company to overclock the Intel Core i5-4670K processor to a speedy 4.2GHz right out of the reasonably small box. While the case features quite a few screws, PC builders will find components relatively easy to remove, with easy access to the hard drive bays, the memory, the graphics card,…

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LG spills price, release details on its Ultra HD, OLED (flat or curved) and webOS TVs

As usual, LG has encouraged our speculation by slowly revealing details about many of the new TVs it’s bringing to CES and today during its press conference we’re finding out the rest, including price and release windows. First up is its impossibly …

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The seven big little details we love about the PlayStation 4 (so far)

Having spent the last year using the PlayStation 4 at trade shows and press events, we’ve got a fairly good idea of how games look and play on the rhombus-shaped game box. The questions that remain largely revolve around living with the device: can it quickly switch between apps and games? how …

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Xbox One pre-orders arrive early for some, reveal game and dashboard details

Microsoft’s Xbox One console isn’t supposed to go on sale until November 22nd, but some lucky gamers have started receiving their pre-orders two weeks in advance. After Microsoft’s 12-minute video tour of Xbox One, at least three consoles have been delivered early, with two originating from Target. One console briefly made it onto eBay with a buy it now price of $ 10,000 before being quickly removed. However, Twitter user @Moonlightswami has been posting his first impressions of another console over the past several hours.

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Imagination details Warrior P5600 CPU core, promises high speed in a small package

After teasing us this summer, Imagination is ready to provide full details of its first Warrior CPU core. Its new P5600 design centers on the MIPS Series5 architecture, which brings performance upgrades like 128-bit SIMD (single instruction, multiple data) code support, hardware virtualization and …

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More Nexus 5 details break cover in leaked LG service manual

It appears that nothing about the hardware of Google and LG’s next Nexus smartphone will be left to the imagination by the time it releases. Android Police just got its mitts on what’s claimed to be a 281-page draft of a service manual for the DE21. Surprise! The product specs match up nicely with …

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Microsoft details Bing’s improved ‘Page Zero’ search results

Microsoft details Bing's Page Zero search it's all about intents

Wondering how Bing’s upgraded Page Zero search feature produces rich details and options before you’ve even finished typing? Microsoft has posted a deep dive that explains a lot of what’s going on. Bing is taking better advantage of its entity relationship engine, Satori; as soon as the search tool finds a likely subject, it both displays an information tile and the most popular intentions associated with that subject. Look for the San Francisco Giants, for example, and Bing will offer search pages dedicated to scores or tickets. The technology is also clever enough to both expand and refine the list of intentions over time. The new Page Zero details won’t necessarily get you to switch search providers, but they do show how Microsoft is responding to Google’s constant refinements.

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can you explain all of these details of samsung galaxy s3 mini?

Question by Niyo: can you explain all of these details of samsung galaxy s3 mini?
I can’t understand what does “AMOLED” means, the confusing numbers here, the abbreviations, the jelly bean thingy and many more. Just tell me what’s the relation of those things in the unit ^_^

Display Type:Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Screen Size: 4.0 inches
Sim: Standard
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot
Internal Memory: 8gb internal 4GB user memory, 1 GB RAM
Camera: 5 MP, 2592×1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
Front Camera: Yes, VGA
OS: Android OS, v4.1 (Jelly Bean)
Processor: 1 GHz dual-core Cortex-A9

Best answer:

Answer by zbalat
AMOLED = Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode. It is a type of display technology.

Jelly Bean is the Android operating system.

GB = Gigabyte. It is a unit of storage (more is better).

MP = Megapixels. The 5MP can take pictures with a resolution of 2592 x 1944.

VGA = Video Graphics Array. It means the camera records video with a resolution of 640 x 480.

Give your answer to this question below!

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Google Maps updated for Android with sponsored hotel details, better navigation

Google Maps updated for Android with sponsored hotel details, better navigation

Now that Google has finished updating its Map app’s UI, the company can focus on the finer details: navigation, documentation and monetization. The Android app’s latest update tweaks hotel search results by adding sponsored rate and booking links, which places a tiny “ad” icon next to services that paid for exposure. Navigation has been also been improved, with better traffic and route information, and the side menu now has a “tips and tricks” option that inelegantly opens a maps help page in your device’s web browser. Check out the official update notes at the Google Play link below.

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Source: Google Play

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Estimote Details iOS 7 iBeacon Support For Its Contextual Proximity Shopping Devices


Estimote, a Y Combinator graduate and Hardware Alley exhibitor here at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013, was able to talk about something today that it’s never been able to before: how its product will work with Apple’s new iBeacon tech in iOS 7. iBeacons allow developers to communicate with iOS devices via Bluetooth Low Energy, in order to provide them with contextual info based on their immediate surroundings.

Back in July, John Biggs wrote about Estimote and its initial product, which is essentially a rock-shaped device which uses Bluetooth low energy to allow a retailer to do things like communicate deals to shoppers based on which aisle they’re in, for instance, or by letting them even send a payment token from a smartphone, with variable proximity programmable by the retailer, so you could either tap to pay or just get close to a terminal.

The tech was impressive enough as it is, but now that Apple has introduced iOS 7 and made its iBeacons feature official, Estimote’s Chris Waclawek explained that it’ll be much, much easier for companies to build software for iOS devices that can work with Estimote in a variety of ways. The company plans to make a variety of different kinds of hardware that can take advantage of iBeacon, to make things like abandoned shopping cart follow-up a realistic and easy-to-implement possibility for brick and mortar stores.

This would work by allowing retailers to detect how long they’re spending in fitting rooms, for instance, so that they can tell when a shopper has spent say 20 minutes trying something on, and then walked out without purchasing that item. They could then follow-up with a specific coupon for that article, allowing them to try to complete a sale that otherwise would’ve definitely been beyond reach.

Waclawek explained that Apple’s decision to embrace Bluetooth LE for these kinds of uses by developers means that NFC and QR codes are definitely dead at this point, since Bluetooth allows for much greater range and doesn’t require combining with any other tech for handshaking or anything else. He’s clearly excited by the prospects now that iBeacons is out and developers will have access to the tech.

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