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Nintendo Network stutters under holiday traffic, Pokemon Bank and Transporter delayed

Unwrap a Wii U this holiday season? Apparently, you weren’t the only one: the company’s Nintendo Network seems to be stumbling over increased traffic. “Players are having trouble setting up Nintendo Network IDs and downloading content in the Nintendo …

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Seattle’s high-speed internet project delayed due to money problems

Seattle residents may have to wait a while longer for high-speed fiber internet — Gigabit Squared (the company developing the network) won’t be able to deliver as promised. According to GeekWire, the city’s fiber-to-the-home initiative is facing …

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FCC’s wireless spectrum auction delayed to 2015 to prep bidding infrastructure

The lead-up to the government’s wireless spectrum auction is going to be a little longer than expected, according to the Official FCC Blog. Partly because the government needs to finalize the event’s rules and bidding structure. FCC Chairman Tom …

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Xbox One gameplay broadcasting delayed to ‘the first part of 2014′

It sure is good that Microsoft’s Xbox One controller doesn’t have a “Share” button dedicated to pushing live broadcasts of gameplay to the internet, because that functionality is being delayed beyond the console’s November 22nd launch date. Microsoft confirmed as much this morning in a cursory footnote in a larger piece about the app, which reads, “We are working to ensure the initial Twitch on Xbox One broadcasting experience meets the expectations of the Twitch community.” It sounds like, as it stands now, broadcasting via Xbox One isn’t up to snuff for release.

“While this feature won’t be available right away, we’ll let you know as soon as it is ready,” the note continues. “Our goal is to deliver it during the first part of 2014.” We’ve yet to use the Xbox One’s broadcasting since first hearing about it during the console’s debut event last May. To be clear, the app is different from the ability to broadcast gameplay through Twitch.

In addition to the delay news, Microsoft released a video of’s app in action, which enables viewing of gameplay broadcasts (it’s below the break). Hilariously, this will allow Xbox One players to watch live gameplay from other game platforms, just not the one they’re using. Womp womp.

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Source: Xbox Wire

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LAUSD iPad Program Could Be Delayed After Security Concerns, Growing

LAUSD iPad Program Could Be Delayed After Security Concerns, Growing
Deasy has asked the school board to consider the revised timeline during a special meeting it has scheduled for Oct. 29 to address growing concerns about the iPad rollout. Among the issues expected to be discussed during that session are a security …
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Apple: iPhone, iPad Profit Prospects Improving, Say Canaccord, Deutsche
With our expectations for a full redesign for iPad 5 and increased near-term iPad 5 versus iPad Mini supplier build rates, we believe December quarter iPad sales mix will shift toward the iPad 5 versus iPad Mini. The iPhone and iPad mix shifts should …
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What Apple's iPad 5 Needs To Remain The Best Selling 9.7-Inch Tablet
We're just a week away from when Apple is likely to hold their annual iPad event. At that time, we'll most likely see a completely redesigned iPad 5, and an iPad mini 2 with some necessary improvements. This week, we're offering our thoughts on what …
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August smart lock delayed until Q1 2014, available for pre-order now

August smart lock delayed until Q1 2014, available for preorder now

The August smart lock was set to ship to customers beginning later this year, but for reasons unknown, it’s now delayed. The $ 199 Yves Behar-designed deadbolt, which can be controlled via a smartphone app connected over Bluetooth, is available for pre-orders beginning today, and will now debut with silver, bronze, black and red finishes. Additionally, August will also now support a feature called EverLock, which recognizes when you’ve closed a door behind you and automatically engages the bolt. Check out the new colors in the gallery below; if you like what you see, you can hit up the source link to place an order.%Gallery-slideshow99820%

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​NVIDIA Shield ships July 31st, barely meets delayed launch window

  NVIDIA Shield ships July 31st, barely meets delayed launch window

According to an email issued to NVIDIA Shield buyers, the Android gaming handheld is scheduled to make its delayed launch window by the skin of its teeth. “We want to thank you for your patience and for sticking with us through the shipment delay of your Shield,” reads the statement. “We have great news to share with you — your Shield will ship on July 31st.” The Tegra 4 testing platform was originally scheduled to hit online retailers in late June, but was delayed due to “a mechanical issue that relates to a third-party component.”

The finalized ship date puts the product within its delayed July launch window by technicality, but due to the nature of snail mail, most buyers probably won’t receive their unit until after the first of August. Frustrating for eager buyers perhaps, but at least NVIDIA’s email strikes an apologetic tone — assuring customers that the delay was a quality assurance measure. Can’t wait until the end of the month? Check out our hands-on with the final hardware right here.

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Source: Android Central (1), (2)

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GameStick delayed until August while waiting for user UI feedback

GameStick delayed until August while waiting for user UI feedback

GameStick first appeared around the the first of this year, promising its Kickstarter supporters an Android gaming console that looks more Roku Streaming Stick than OUYA. Since then, GameStick has gathered its cash and started shipping out dev units, but its commercial release has already been delayed once, and today the project got pushed back another month. That means that GameSticks won’t start shipping until early August.

The reason for the delay is that the device’s UI remains a work in progress and the team hasn’t yet given backers who pledged $ 300 or more the chance to provide feedback. It’s not all bad news, however, as the folks behind GameStick have confirmed that manufacturing tooling is complete, and the first Kickstarter controller has rolled off the line. Not only that, but you can see shots of the final versions of the GameSick itself and its controller’s charging dock at the source link below.

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Source: Kickstarter

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Xbox One launch delayed in Asia until late 2014, no mention of Japan


Microsoft revealed its Xbox One launch pricing this week at E3, with the company planning to release its next-gen console in November for $ 499. Twenty-one markets were revealed, including the UK and parts of Europe, but the company remained quiet about its exact plans in other regions. The Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft is delaying its Xbox One launch in Asia until late 2014, a full year after the console debuts in the US.

A staged approach with limited markets

Alan Bowman, Microsoft’s regional vice president for sales and marketing in Asia, says the move is part of a “staged approach” for the Xbox One, noting the company is planning to offer localised content once the console is available. The WSJ claims Microsoft is…

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Facebook Home Hits The Rocks In Europe, With UK And France Launch Of HTC First Delayed Indefinitely

smudged fb home page

More signs today the HTC First might also be the last smartphone to ship with Facebook Home pre-installed: UK carrier EE confirmed today that the first Facebook Home phone won’t be launching in the UK soon as planned, as Facebook has decided to concentrate its efforts on making improvements to the Home software before looking to add international markets. EE says it will soon be contacting customers who already used its pre-order system to express interest in the First to let them know about the delay, which is indefinite in length.

Here’s the full statement direct from EE:

Following customer feedback, Facebook has decided to focus on adding new customisation features to Facebook Home over the coming months. While they are working to make a better Facebook Home experience, they have recommended holding off launching the HTC First in the UK, and so we will shortly be contacting those who registered their interest with us to let them know of this decision.

Rest assured, we remain committed to bringing our customers the latest mobile experiences, and we will continue to build on our strong relationship with Facebook so as to offer customers new opportunities in the future.

We’ve also received a near-identical statement from Orange in France, where customers were also able to register their interest, so this isn’t limited to just the UK.

This is not great news for either Facebook or HTC. We’ve seen reports that Facebook Home has been performing poorly as a download, and that the First isn’t selling well in the U.S. Home currently has a 2.5 cumulative average rating in the Google Play store, and AT&T is reportedly in the process of discontinuing the HTC First, though we’ve not heard definitely either way if that’s the final word as of yet.

A so-called “Facebook Phone” under-performing is nothing new; the HTC Status did almost just as poorly, lasting only 36 days before AT&T started considering a swing of the axe.

As of press time, there’s still a button on the Facebook Home splash page that directs you to a page where you can express interest in a pre-order, but presumably that will come down as the carriers move to reflect this change in their own pages and alert customers of the change in the First’s status.

Update: Facebook has povided the following official statement regarding its decision, which mirrors those issued by EE and Orange France:

We’ve listened to feedback from users on their experience using Home. While many people love it, we’ve heard a lot of great feedback about how to make Home substantially better. As a result we’re focusing the next few months on adding customization features that address the feedback we received. While we focus on making Home better, we are going to limit supporting new devices and think it makes a lot of sense for EE and Orange to hold off deploying the HTC First in Europe.

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