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French Uber users face 15-minute delay starting next year

To the surprise of virtually everyone in France, the government has just passed a law requiring car services like Uber to wait 15 minutes before picking up passengers. The bill is designed to help regular taxi drivers, who feel threatened by …

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US Justice Department asks FCC to delay Sprint’s merger with Softbank (update)

It appears that Dish isn’t really the only one who wants the FCC to put the brakes on Softbank’s merger with Sprint. Bloomberg states that the United States Justice Department has just asked for that the FCC delay the deal as well. No word on why governmental attorneys are making the request, however we’ll update this post as soon as even more details is offered.

Update: It appears like the DOJ has actually recommended that the FCC delay its approval of the bargain due to national safety concerns.

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NYC officials may delay widespread smartphone taxi hailing, propose limited pilot instead

taxis nyc

After suggestions that New York City would adapt its rules to allow customers to hail taxis using smartphone apps like Uber, it looks like some members of the local Taxi & Limousine Commission are getting cold feet. According to The New York Times, a vote tomorrow addressing the matter will likely concern a possible pilot program — not a change to the rules that govern taxi use in the city. The commission was expected to make a decision on whether or not to change the rules to permit hailing apps, but it appears that members thought they could only muster support for a less-divisive pilot program at this time.

The city has lagged behind others in the United States, like San Francisco, Boston, and, most recently, Washington D.C., as…

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Wikipad sees last-minute delay for new bundle and ‘refinement’

Wikipad Grand Theft Auto III

Were you raring to go and get a Wikipad instead of trick-or-treating? You could wish to search around for some remaining chocolate bars and potato chips. The gaming tablet maker has delayed its shipments the extremely day they were meant to begin after possibilities to both to improve the bundled content and make a “slight refinement” to the experience. We’re translating that last mention as either a pleasurable surprise or an unanticipated hiccup. Any type of delay may be comparatively short when Wikipad states it’s currently in the last stage of firming up a brand-new routine, and it’s vowing a gift in return for preserving a pre-order– still, the clock is ticking if the company wishes to score some mobile gamers prior to the holidays are over. You can inspect the complete declaration for yourself after the break.

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Ceton announces slight delay for Echo WMC extender, Q DVR shelved indefinitely

Ceton announces slight delay for Echo WMC extender, Q DVR shelved for now

Ceton has, as guaranteed, provided more information on upcoming hardware, nonetheless there’s not a great deal of really good news to go around. The bad news is that the Windows Embedded-based Q DVR we were expecting will certainly not launch this year. There’s an opportunity it could introduce in 2013, nonetheless questions about whether Microsoft will certainly continue to support Windows Media Center in future variations of its Embedded platform are keeping any type of possible launch plans in doubt. On a slightly brighter note, while the Echo Media Center extender is postponed slightly and the beta systems have actually not yet gone out, Ceton still anticipates a release in time for the holiday period. Finally, there’s a good update on the suite of Media Center friend applications, which are now readily available on the B&N Nook and Kindle Fire HD in addition to enhanced for the iPhone 5. Relive our CES 2011 hands-on in video kind after the break, we’ll get begun arranging a march on Redmond to make this take place.

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After lengthy delay, Galaxy S III ‘Developer Edition’ released to non-existent market

Galaxy S III Verizon

Well, that took just a bit longer than expected. Samsung’s “Developer Edition” Galaxy S III for Verizon Wireless is now available directly from the manufacturer — over two months after we were told that the device would be “coming soon.” Over that time period, a clever user over at xda-developers came up with a way to get past Verizon Wireless’ locked bootloader, which has made it just as easy to load custom ROMs onto the device as any other variant of the Galaxy S III.

After Verizon’s decision to lock the bootloader on the standard, on-contract Galaxy S III, the “Developer Edition” was announced as an option for those who wanted to have full access to their devices, allowing them to heavily customize how the phone runs and completely…

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Valve reportedly preparing second-generation Source engine, kinda explains the Episode Three delay

Valve reportedly preparing secondgeneration Source Engine, kinda explains the Episode Three delay

ValveTime has dug through the Source Filmmaker code to expose references to “Source 2,” reportedly a next-generation revamp of Valve’s renowned game engine. Provided that the 3 significant consoles are all due a refresh, it’s unsurprising to see preparations being made. That said, nonetheless, the second (and significant) launch title for the original Source was Half Life 2, so we’re gonna be getting a grievance letter ready if we do not get some more time with Gordon, Alyx and Dog in a magnificently rendered future dystopia.

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Delay On Hulu Availability More Than Doubles Piracy Of Fox Shows


A week ago, Fox changed its licensing rules so that non-paying users of Hulu would be unable to watch new episodes of their shows until eight days after their air date. Put on your analyst hat and think about what effect this might have on, say, piracy of those shows. Did you determine that it would increase piracy? Congratulations, you are a better judge of consequences than Fox. Because piracy of Fox shows went up by a huge amount during this last week.

Actually, it’s likely that Fox anticipated this increase in piracy and simply considered it worth the trade-off. With worse options for free users, more will watch the live broadcast, they suppose, and ad prices go up with these increased projections. Query: if these people could watch it on live TV, why would they be watching it on Hulu in the first place?

For busy and budget-conscious TV-watchers, expensive cable and a DVR aren’t an option. Hulu is. Hulu gets shows out there, allows for targeted, relatively unskippable advertising, and with a reasonable one-day delay, doesn’t add much inconvenience to the bargain for the user. This eight-day delay is punishing, and while “getting something for nothing” is a rather new entitlement we all seem to have, it does feel like a bait-and-switch for millions of viewers.

So what do they do? They google “download ______”, and halfway down the first page is a public, well-seeded torrent that downloads the whole episode — with no ads — in minutes, and allows them to use their favorite media player or take it with them anywhere. Wow! What a great way to watch your favorite shows!

TorrentFreak tracked the piracy of two Fox shows after the delay went into effect. Hell’s Kitchen downloads went up by 114%, and MasterChef went up a massive 189%. That number will only go up as more people discover the limitation.

Will Fox backpedal? Not likely. But Hulu is a work in progress, and the cards change hands rapidly in this business. What seems like a good deal to Fox now, improving their broadcast relationships, might turn out to be a ball and chain a year from now as the practicality of cord-cutting grows.

Sometimes companies have to do things that their customers don’t like. Raise rates, for instance. Ugly but inevitable. But making decisions plainly detrimental to your customer experience for mysterious reasons will have repercussions. In this case, they just lost thousands upon thousands of loyal viewers who enjoyed their products, many of whom consider themselves abused and will never return.

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Supply Line Troubles To Delay iPad 3 Launch?


Analysts and pundits have been predicting an iPad 3 with a late 2011 launch for some time now, but if accounts from suppliers in Asia are to be believed, there just is no way that’s going to happen — if the rumors of the high-DPI screen are correct in the first place (and we think they are).

A 9.7″ display sporting 2048×1536 pixels, four times more than the current iPad and three times more than the HD displays on many Android tablets, is quite simply at the very limit of LCD panel manufacturing capability. Apple previously had hoped to have at least five or six million units by the end of the year and placed orders to that effect, but Digitimes is reporting that those orders have disappeared.

The chatter around the display industry water cooler is that Sharp is the only company capable of making these panels with any kind of real reliability; Samsung and LG apparently can’t reach a good yield. If these companies wanted to throw away money, they could invest despite poor yields, as Microsoft did in order to bring the Xbox 360 to market early, but we all know how that turned out. Samsung has actually demonstrated an alternative type of high-resolution display, but it’s unlikely Apple would use it even if it were ready for market.

These screens would be among the highest performing in the world, yet must be manufactured by the millions for relatively low cost. Apple doesn’t make its own displays (among other things), so it’s at the mercy of OEMs like Sharp. And if Sharp says “if anybody could do it, we could — but we can’t,” then Apple has no choice but to take that hit and delay the product.

Meanwhile, the same sources estimate as many as 30 million iPad 2s will be shipped in 2Q11; with no “rare” parts, they can be made as fast as the millions of hands in vast factory towns can put them together.

Of course it has to be said that a product that is not announced can’t, strictly speaking, be delayed. And I’m sure Apple was prepared for this eventuality, likely being informed while collaborating with Sharp that yields might just not hit targets in time. So: a revised launch schedule. January, anyone?



The Apple iPad, formerly referred to as the Apple Tablet, is a touch-pad tablet computer announced in January 2010, and released in April 2010. It has internet…

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Started by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, Apple has expanded from computers to consumer electronics over the last 30 years, officially changing their name from Apple Computer,…

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LaCie’s Thunderbolt-equipped Little Big Disk sees apparent shipping delay

Lacie Little Big DiskRemember way back in February when Thunderbolt was unveiled? Shocking though it may be, a 10Gbps interconnect is useless without peripherals, and thankfully Promise and LaCie also announced compatible drives touting Q2 / summer availability. As promised, Promise’s wares released as expected alongside Apple’s T-bolt cable, but LaCie’s Little Big Disk has been curiously absent. As it turns out, the company’s website has been quietly updated and now reflects a winter 2011 release for these Intel 510 SSD-packable drives, which is just about enough to force a FOF onto even the happiest of faces. Still antsy to pick one up? Better plan to avoid Santa’s naughty list — at this point, waitin’ and wishin’ is about all you can do.

[Thanks, Mikhail]

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