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E-Prada HTC Windows Phone 8X (Not 8S) Jewelry Bling Diamond Gem Magnetic Flip Cards Slots Stand Leather Case Cover – Crown Diamond

E-Prada HTC Windows Phone 8X (Not 8S) Jewelry Bling Diamond Gem Magnetic Flip Cards Slots Stand Leather Case Cover – Crown Diamond

E-Prada HTC Windows Phone 8X (Not 8S) Jewelry Bling Diamond Gem Magnetic Flip Cards Slots Stand Leather Case Cover - Crown Diamond

  • Come with E-Prada(TM) Fashional Phone Pen Stylus,and E-Prada(TM) beautiful gift box packing
  • Keep your phone safe and protect in style with this skin case accessory
  • Each man-made diamond and pearl has been individually applied with professional adhesive
  • Protects your phone against dirt, scratches, and normal wear
  • Unique design allows easy access to all buttons, controls and ports without having to remove the skin

Precise openings allow direct access to all features of the device without removing the case.
With built-in stand design for hands free view and credit cards slots for carrying your personal necessities.
Whether put your phone on desktop for view videos or movies, or carry your phone outside.
Be made of quality PU leather materials, well preventing your phone from scratches, bumps, grease and finger prints, etc.
Each diamond and pearl has been individually applied with professional adhesive.

Item will come with beautiful gift box packing,it will be a GREAT GIFT for GIFT GIVING or Equip Your Phone!

Accessory ONLY, phone not included.

Package includes:
1 x E-Prada(TM) Handmade Phone Leather Diamond bling Case
1 x E-Prada(TM) Fashional Phone Pen Stylus

List Price: $ 38.00

Price: $ 11.96

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Now TV gives you Sky’s crown jewels for £4.99 a month

In the UK, Sky has three big assets: sports, movies and a raft of premium dramas imported over from the US. If you’re a Now TV user, however, then you could only get your grubby mitts on the first two of that trio. That’s all about to change, as Sky is now offering a broadcast TV package that’ll …

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64 Type Plastic Shaft Single Double Reduction Crown Worm Gears M0.5 For Robot

Super Robot Wars J Gameboy Advance GBA Import Japan

End Date: Monday Dec-22-2014 1:33:11 PST
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Impact TUFF Hybrid Silicone PC Robot Hard Case Cover for iPhone 4 4S 4G Rose Red
End Date: Monday Dec-22-2014 1:33:13 PST
Buy It Now for only: $3.49
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Cyclic RGBuino Shield V3.0 -Arduino Compatible
End Date: Monday Dec-22-2014 1:34:31 PST
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Dragon’s Crown English Walkthrough – Part 16 Chimera White Talisman PS3 HD

Dragon’s Crown PS3 Walkthrough ELF. Part 16 Chimera White Talisman. Cool looking boss Subscribe here…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case Gives Logitech A Competitor For The Best iPad Keyboard Crown


Keyboard cases for iPad are many and multiplying, but at this point it’s a question of refining the best concepts, not creating dramatically different devices. The Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad is a great example, taking a lot of cues from the massively popular Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad and folio style designs to create a solution that might be as near as perfect as tablet typers can get.

  • Keyboard is 6.4mm thin
  • 160 hours battery life
  • Magnets for secure closure and three viewing angles
  • MSRP: $ 99.99
  • Product info page

The Ultimate Keyboard Case is not small, but it isn’t big either. It avoids feeling anywhere near as bulky as a total hardcase like the Brydge, but don’t expect something with the low profile of Apple’s Smart Cover, for instance. But it sill manages to be just about as low-profile as the Logitech Ultrathin, and it has a few extra tricks up its sleeve, including a protective cover for the back of your iPad, three possible viewing angles for your device, and a sound port built into the case that redirects the iPad’s speaker output for better listening.

The materials feel top-quality, it weighs only 411 grams (slightly more than the Ultrathin’s 355 grams) and its keyboard layout feels natural and won’t impede your touch typing abilities. The design of the keyboard component and faux leather hinge means that you can use it with the keyboard folded back in behind, without keys awkwardly facing outward where you can accidentally hit them with your fingers, as is often the case with folio designs.

As mentioned, the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case is great to type on, with one small quibble: the recessed design of the keys means that it can be awkward to hit the space bar, since your thumb will also brush up against the base of the case itself. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it does annoy when you’re coming from a standard notebook or desktop keyboard. But the dedicated keys, including a microphone key that brings up Siri on later generation iPads or voice dictation on earlier ones, as well as the convenience factor outweigh any downsides.

The Ultimate Keyboard’s other big feature is its use of magnets to allow for three different viewing angles. It’s a nice trick, and one that works well. The one limitation here is that if you’re trying to type in an unstable setting, say on a very bumpy car or train ride, the magnets can actually become dislodged. As long as you’re using the Belkin on a flat surface and you aren’t on Safari, however, the magnets do their job and offer a bit of flexibility vs. the Logitech Ultrathin.

I feel like we may be reaching peak keyboard case, especially for the standard-sized iPad. But Belkin’s Ultimate Keyboard Case, though somewhat late to the party, shows that there’s still some depth left to be plumbed in terms of wringing innovation out of the overcrowded space. At $ 99.99, it’s not cheap, but if you’re looking for a way to make your iPad a much more capable text-entry machine, while still offering full protection for your iPad itself, this is a good option.

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Verizon Said To Be Getting A Crown jewel Nokia Windows Phone (Codenamed “Laser”) Of Its Own

lumia 900-10

Don ’ t get me wrong, HTC ’ s Windows Phone 8X is fantastic and all, however the rest of Verizon Wireless ’ Windows Phone lineup (think the Nokia Lumia 822 and Samsung ’ s ATIV Odyssey) is a bit lacking in the zest department.

If a brand-new report from The Verge ’ s Tom Warren is true however, that could not hold true for excessive longer. According to sources within Verizon, the provider is preparing to launch a crown jewel Nokia Windows Phone with a spec slab comparable to the Lumia 920.

There ’ s precious little other information about this gadget aside from the reality that it ’ s apparently codenamed “ Laser, ” which Verizon supposedly plans to throw its considerable weight behind the gadget (unlike the case with the ATIV Odyssey, the bad thing). What exactly that indicates for Verizon is still confusing, however I can danger a guess or 2.

I chatted with a high-level Nokia representative at Microsoft ’ s San Francisco Windows Phone 8 event who told me that strong retail collaborations with the country ’ s providers was a concern for the Finnish company. That said, it wouldn ’ t be a shock to see Verizon retail employees getting some extended hands-on time with a forthcoming Windows Phone; after all, an educated retail sales force is key to Nokia moving units to those who don ’ t spend their days feverishly scouring tech blogs. AT&T likewise invests a significant chunk of change on promoting the Lumia 900 when that was the hot brand-new Windows Phone, and Verizon could well be doing the exact same (the fact that Microsoft is said to be nicking in some funds for marketing certainly doesn ’ t hurt).

Oh, and just in case you were hoping against hope that the Laser name actually sticks, you could probably stop now. The name was made use of for a Pantech dumbphone not too long ago, meanings the possibilities of walking into your neighborhood Verizon shop and selecting up a hot new Laser are quite slim.

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Disney Infinity challenges Skylanders for toy-based game crown, launches in June

Disney Infinity challenges Skylanders for NFCenabled console crown, launches in June

Disney’s got a substantial stable of renowned characters currently immortalized in plastic, but the business’s wanting to virtualize its schedule with today’s announcement of crossplatform game / toy experience Disney Infinity. Like Activision megalith Skylanders, Disney Infinity pairs actual plastic figurines (allowed with NFC or something similar) with game consoles connected to a pad. The pad transmits those characters directly into the game, around any system the game is being used. Unlike Skylanders, Disney Infinity‘s pad can apparently include up to 3 hookups instantly, permitting character powerup additions and all other in-game incentives. The first characters readily available originated from Pirates of the Caribbean, The Incredibles, and Monsters University (we detected Jack Skellington and all other biggies in the expose trailer as well); Disney promises that individuals will likewise be able to develop their own worlds (virtually) inside the game, beyond simply playing in themed environments. 20 characters are stated to launch with the game when it arrives this June for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, 3DS, PC, and mobile. Take a look at the announcement trailer just below.

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HTC’s Reported “M7 ″ Crown jewel Phone Could Sport A Smaller Display And Land On Verizon And Sprint Shelves


With Mobile Globe Congress already on the horizon, it’s hardly a shock to see a brand-new batch of mobile phone cracks and reports beginning to make the rounds. HTC never fares well when it concerns keeping their new devices a key, and today may be no different — the ever-listening Evleaks appears to have actually come through with new information on HTC’s forthcoming flagship, the Jelly Bean-powered M7.

Contrary to an earlier report from HTC Source, the M7 might sport a smaller 4.7-inch “SoLux” display instead of the 5-inch Super LCD2 panel that debuted on the J Butterfly and its UNITED STATE cousin the Droid DNA. HTC does not appear to be shying away from full HD however– the M7’s screen is still said to run at 1080p, which produces an astonishing pixel density of 468ppi (the iPhone 5’s show can be found in at 326ppi, while the Droid DNA’s 440ppi display slips to second place).

Of course, pixel density isn’t all that enters making a truly wonderful show– the DNA had a mainly terrific screen, however it sadly fell short when it pertained to overall brightness. Fortunately, Evleaks also notes that the so-called M7’s SoLux display also bolsters “viewing angles, outside visibility, and color precision,” which could possibly go a long way in making the M7 the Android phone to possess (for a while, at least). Meanwhile, a 1.7 GHz quad-core Qualcomm chipset is stated to be running the program, in addition to 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage space– there’s no word on extensible memory yet, though I’ve got my fingers crossed that carriers won’t step in and make any questionable decisions.

Mentioning carriers, the juiciest brand-new tidbit is additionally the most curious. Evleaks notes that the M7 will at some point discover its way onto Verizon and Sprint’s store racks after its worldwide release (said to occur in Q1, keep in mind?), and alludes to the possibility that the smartphone will be the first HTC gadget to be supplied by each of the Huge 4 U.S. wireless carriers in a very long time. That may well hold true (I definitely hope it is), but some of these providers have the tendency to impose more remarkable changes of design than others, and the end outcome might be a device that falls brief of the standard set by the worldwide model and its all its inescapable variants.

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HTC Said To Be Prepping Its New “M7 ″ Crown jewel Android Phone For A Q1 2013 Launch


Financially speaking, HTC hasn ’ t had the best track record this year. Even after guaranteeing to concentrate on hero devices in 2012, the business has needed to handle rough quarter after rough quarter. It seems that HTC is currently working to make 2013 a little bit brighter though — current report from Focus Taiwan mentions that the business is presently slaving away on its next flagship mobile phone, tentatively called the “ M7. ”

There ’ s extremely bit known about the device at this point, but a little digging from the folks at HTC Source appears to have actually unearthed an early specification slab. If real, the M7 can deliver with a 5-inch show running at 1080p, an aluminum unibody framework, a 13-megapixel camera, and (most notably) a Qualcomm APQ8064 quad-core processor.

On some level it appears like HTC is rushing into things — after all, the Taiwanese company simply launched a pair of 1080p display-toting phones in Japan and the United States within the past two months, though it doesn ’ t look like either of them will certainly land in Europe any type of time soon. Then again there ’ s not a whole great deal of time for users in the cordless market to sit around and catch their proverbial breath. Competitors LG and Samsung are both extensively expected to launch followups to their very own particular crown jewel phones (full with 1080p shows too) within the very first half of 2013. The ultimate announcement could not be the most welcome news for consumers who have just taken the plunge on an additional gadget, but hi — that ’ s just the nature of the beast.

If this thing really is in the works, then I picture it won ’ t be too long prior to it makes its huge entrance — HTC generally reveals off some impressive new hardware (the One series, anyone?) at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and that ’ s less than 3 months away. Couple that with some analyst chatter about a March 2013 launch and the company ’ s track record with staff members ’ loose lips, and we have all the ingredients of a possible leakfest quicker rather than later.

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Hands-On With The HTC Windows Phone 8X: Yet An additional Crown jewel Windows Phone 8 Unit


Today at HTC ’ s press conference, the business offered two brand-new phones. The Windows Phone 8X is the larger brother, the flagship gadget. With a 4.3-inch display and competitive specs, it is no surprise that the unit looks hefty.

The genuine killer attribute seems to be the 2.1-megapixel front experiencing camera that is capable of recording 1080p movies with an f/2.0 lens. Yet, looking at the pictures on the 720p display is not the greatest way to judge of their quality.

Likewise to the Lumia-branded Nokia units, the phones come in numerous vibrant colors in a unibody plastic case. There is a headphone port at the top and a micro-USB port at the bottom. The display looked excellent, albeit a bit dark in the existing configuration, but the bezel was still big and made the phone appear very tall.

The Beats brand on the back is as a lot an advertising argument as a genuine attribute. It simply shows that there is a devoted noise chip inside the unit for the speaker and the headphone port. We did not attempt that feature.

The camera system is on par with the HTC One phones that emerged over the previous couple of months. When it pertains to typical specifications, the device has a super LCD2 display with Gorilla glass running at 720p, in addition to a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor clocked at 1.5 GHz. There is 16GB of internal memory, and no microSD slot. Nothing was stated about the battery.

In fact, HTC did not enable us to place our hands on the unit. Phones were repaired on a table with a passcode that prevented us from in fact utilizing them. A good HTC worker that was not expected to show the device had an HTC Windows Phone 8X in his pocket. Without him, we couldn ’ t have actually had the ability to offer first impressions. This is not a correct method to do a “ hands-on ” location.

The os is most likely the primary selling point for this gadget, however Nokia gadgets look more appealing and contend directly with the 8X. The Lumia 820 will certainly have the very same display size.

The device is anticipated to come out for AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile in the USA and for 150 service providers on the planet in very early November, right after the release of Windows Phone 8.

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