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Kinect Sport Rivals – Champion Creation Trailer (Xbox One)

Kinect Sport Rivals – Champion Creation Trailer (Xbox One). Release date : April 11, 2014 for Xbox One ! Subscribe now to get the latest game trailer, gamepl…
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Creation of Class and Objects

I had created this “Creation of Class and Objects” ppt. thought it would be nice to share. So here it is :)
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Microsoft’s Project Spark DIY Game Creation Software Beta Begins Today

Microsoft has recognized that people appreciate the chance to make their own stuff, possibly due to the success of PlayStation exclusive LittleBigPlanet, and that’s why it created Project Spark, previewed back in June at E3. Spark is an even more free-form game creation engine with a focus on simultaneous game playing and building, which also encourages sharing among friends and family.

The beta for Project Spark kicks off today on Windows 8.1, which means if you’re one of the still quite small crowd on that latest desktop OS, you can take part – so long as you’ve also signed up for the beta over at the Project Spark website. The closed beta will extend to Xbox One users beginning in the new year, however, and that’s where I expect the software to really start to shine, given Microsoft’s sizeable user pool based on early sales numbers of the next-gen console. Microsoft also says cross-platform support is coming eventually, too.

Microsoft is touting Spark as a way to create collaborative, effectively unending games with your friends and connections, which is an interesting take on gaming as a social medium. Games have always had social aspects, to be sure: alternating turns or watching your friend who was lucky enough to own a PS1 play through Final Fantasy is no doubt an experience common to many of my particular vintage. Then of course came split-screen gaming, culminating the pure joy that was Goldeneye 007 for the N64, and the modern era of shooting and tea-bagging that is the Call of Duty series.

Now, Microsoft wants you to do something even more participatory, creating worlds as you explore them. At its most basic, Spark does most of the heavy lifting for you, with you specifying simply a scenario, setting and character before being thrown into a randomly generated game provided by the engine. But you can get much more granular, building different genres of games, using various different inputs including Kinect and the Xbox One controller, and even incorporating motion capture and voiceover using the Kinect for custom animations and dialogue. The Spark engine seems insanely flexible, so it’ll very interesting to see what a legion of brand new amateur game devs can do with this in their hands.

Grab the Spark beta app from the Windows Store, but you might have to wait a little while to use it if you haven’t yet got a beta key, and it’s not going to be available in all regions immediately. This is potentially the most interesting thing Microsoft has done for a long time, so it’ll be great to watch how this progresses, even if you’re not that interested in becoming an auteur yourself.

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How many google searches have been conducted since its creation?

Question by math: How many google searches have been conducted since its creation?
Since the creation of google in 1997, how many searches have been done? Any guess?

Best answer:

Answer by Justice isnt Color Blind
Hm, 100m unique users monthly, I’d say 1,000,000,000 a month? 1,000,000x12x5=around 36 billion in total?

Add your own answer in the comments!

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Microsoft updates Blink for Windows Phone 8 with GIF-like clip creation (video)

Microsoft updates Blink for Windows Phone 8 with GIF-like clip creation (video)

If Vine still leaves you pining for the choppiness of GIFs, Microsoft’s got you covered — on Windows Phone 8, at least. Redmond’s Blink app, which helps smartphone photographers capture bursts of images, has hit version 2.0 and scored the ability to create short animated clips, aptly dubbed Blinks. In addition to the bite-sized videos, the latest update bakes in camera settings in capture mode, sharing to social networks and web galleries for shared creations. Microsoft Research also released Blink Cliplets for Windows 8 and RT, which allows users to layer static and dynamic elements atop footage. Hit the break to check out the new release of Blink in action, or jab the first source link for the download.

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Via: Windows Phone Blog

Source: Blink (Windows Phone Store), Blink Cliplets (Windows Store)

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PBS mini-documentary explores indie game creation, shows what they do that majors can’t (video)

PBS minidocumentary explores indie game creation, shows what they do that majors can't video

The indie game globe has undergone a metamorphosis over the past few years, changing from a frequently overlooked specific niche into as much a staple of the game sector as once-every-year hits like the Phone call of Obligation series. It’s that fast-rising side of gaming that PBS’ Off Book has actually discovered in a succinct documentary. As both developers and game journalists clarify, the little and more versatile nature of indie teams lets them explore game principles, art and sound that significant developers generally avoid– you probably wouldn’t get Bastion, Fez or Super Meat Boy out of a company focused primarily on hitting its quarterly income targets. Crowdfunding and internet circulation methods like Vapor and Xbox Live Arcade have actually similarly eliminated many of the barriers that either kept these games from commercial success or forced uncomfortable bargains with large publishers in the past. Correctly, the indie sphere that PBS sees in 2012 is less about trying to come to be the next Activision or EA and even more about experimentation and personal expression. If you’ve ever before desired an elegant recap of exactly what makes Spelunky feel so special, the whole Off Book episode waits for after the break.

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Scape, Brian Eno’s new ambient music creation app is now available on the iPad (video)

Scape, Brian Enos new ambient music creation app is now available on the iPad video

Popular music making applications for the iPad are ten-a-penny, however when it’s the brainchild of a super-producer like Brian Eno, you need to take notice. Scape is the 3rd of his collaborations with Peter Chilvers after Bloom and Trope, an application that lets you produce background songs with Eno’s very own noises on a colorful, theoretical interface. Unlike basic beats ‘n’ loops setups, each noise is tied to a series of guidelines– featuring the time of day– that guarantees the tunes you create never play the very same means twice. It’s available from iTunes for $ 5.99 / & pound; 3.99, and who knows, maybe in a few years time, Coldplay’ll come calling for your expert proficiency.

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Adobe Lightroom 4 available now for $149, brings photo book creation and updated tools

Adobe Lightroom 4 BETA

The latest version of Adobe’s photo-management and editing tool, Lightroom 4, was released in beta in early January, but today the software loses that status and officially replaces Lightroom 3. Current owners can upgrade for $ 79 — new licenses will run you $ 149 — and you’ll also be able to use the app with a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud when the service launches later in the year.

Lightroom 4 has all new highlights and shadow editing controls that replace fill light and recovery options of past software versions. Much like iPhoto, users can now create photo books from directly within the app and purchase them with a single click. There are also built-in hooks for publishing to Facebook and Flickr, along with a new map module…

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Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad: the future of content creation?

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe Photoshop Touch has been available for Android tablets since late last year, but after a brief early appearance in the New Zealand iTunes store, the software is officially out for the iPad today. You can purchase the app for a one-time fee of $ 9.99, though it will be included with Adobe Creative Cloud when the subscription service launches later this year. While the full suite of Adobe touch apps — Kunler, Collage, Debut, and Proto — are still slated to hit iOS “in the coming months,” Photoshop is the second offering for Apple’s tablet after Adobe Ideas. The app wraps familiar features from the desktop version of Photoshop in a tablet-friendly package that’s surprisingly functional and easy to use.

The app employs a simplistic…

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