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Game Of Thrones House Sigils, Star Wars, Futurama And Adventure Time Characters Carved From Crayons


This is a series of Game of Thrones house sigils, Star Wars, Futurama and Experience Time characters all created from crayons, MUCH LIKE THE TITLE SAYS. Naturally prior to my latest modification it read, ‘Naked Ladies– Boobies All over!’, so I’m unsure exactly what to consider myself. Nothing good however, I can tell you that. The crayons were sculpted by Tumblr-er Wax Nostalgic, who also sells the miniature pieces on Etsy for $ 20 – $ 25 a crayon. Additionally, go purchase yourself a box of crayons, a needle, and a magnifying glass and create your very own. Then after the first individual you show your work to asks, “Exactly what the hell is that supposed to be?” you’ll understand you weren’t cut out for forming and buy one on Etsy like you must have performed in the first place. Me? I’ve never ever sculpted anything out of crayons before but a desperate meal. “It’s real.” Haha– Play-Doh understands what I’m talking about!

Keep opting for a complete 360-degree tour of each crayon.

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Photo Evidence: Why Off-Brand Crayons Suck


It’s not like anybody who’s ever blind taste-tested them alongside Crayolas would need any more evidence, but here’s a photo that helps explain why off-brand crayons suck so bad. Apparently they’re made with…I dunno, people? Yeah, plus they make me color outside the lines! “No they don’t GW, you just have zero hand-eye coordination.” OMG — ONE MORE WORD AND YOU’RE GONNA GET IT! “Bring it, Captain Uncoordinated!” OH THAT’S IT! *lays myself out with an uppercut*

Scientific Proof That Rose Art Crayons Suck [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Your Father, who apparently reads Geekologie. OMG — you guys should totally talk about me at the dinner table! “So, how about that Geekologie Writer today?” “Total wanker.” “Agreed, pass the Jell-O salad.”

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