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Mercedes Vision Golf Cart concept could shuttle you around the course in comfort

Mercedes Vision Golf Cart concept could shuttle you around the course in comfort

Today’s golf carts certainly serve a purpose, but despite opulent add-ons like plastic rain shields and windshield wipers, the electric buggies littering the world’s fairways and outdoor venues can hardly be considered luxurious. Now, with Mercedes-Benz considering a compact vehicle of its own, the cookie-cutter people mover could be a thing of the past. The German automaker recently debuted its Vision Golf Cart concept, a solar-powered two-seat carriage that includes such amenities as heated and cooled seats and cup holders, air vents, speakers, a joystick control, iPhone dock, heads-up display and LED headlights. Sounds pretty posh.

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Via: Inhabitat, CNET

Source: Daimler

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San Jose State University suspends Udacity online course trials

San Jose University suspends Udacity online course trials

San Jose State University’s online education pilot held the promise of real course credit without the hassles of attending class in person. It hasn’t worked that way in practice, however, and both SJSU as well as its partner Udacity have suspended their plans for fall courses. Quite simply, there have been too many flunkies so far — while 83 percent of students completed their sessions this spring, no more than 44 percent of any given class earned a passing grade. SJSU and Udacity will use the break to learn what went wrong and retool the program, although it’s not clear just when (or if) internet-based classes will resume. Online education is far from finished when similar for-credit trials have yet to begin; for now, though, SJSU students will have to drag themselves to the lecture hall.

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Source: LA Times

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Of Course Microsoft Is Rumored To Be Making A Smartwatch


Quick! Everyone! Jump on the smartwatch bandwagon!

In what could be the most predictable smartwatch rumor ever, AmongTech and The Verge are reporting that Microsoft is working on an aluminum smartwatch with a 1.5-inch screen. Act surprised.

The watch is said to be already in prototype and features a removable band that will come in a variety of colors. Interestingly enough, the watch is said to be made of oxynitride aluminium, a sort of translucent aluminum straight out of Star Trek IV.

The last part makes the rumor seem a bit bunk, but if Microsoft wants their model to stand tall in what will quickly be a crowded niche market, futuristic materials is a good way to get attention.

The watch is said to run a modified version of Windows 8 and leans heavily on cloud storage thanks to LTE support. LTE on your wrist? Yes ma’am.

If this rumor is true, Microsoft is building a watch that will make Google Glass feel like a toy.

There’s no word when the watch will be available, but it likely won’t be soon. Apple’s smartwatch isn’t rumored to hit until late 2014. The rocky launch of early Android tablets taught consumer electronic companies several hard lessons, chief among them being first doesn’t always equate to long-term success.

Microsoft learned that lesson with the original SPOT platform.

Don’t expect this smartwatch, nor Samsung’s, Apple’s, LG’s, or anyone else’s, until it’s absolutely perfect.

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ASRock’s new Haswell motherboards will be waterproof, of course

ASRock's new Haswell motherboards will be waterproof

If your current motherboard has more Mountain Dew than CPU, you might be interested in ASRock‘s forthcoming Haswell offerings. Among the usual features like dual-band 802.11ac-flavored WiFi, HDMI input and a Home Cloud service, Tom’s Hardware spotted a mention of “Waterproof by Conformal Coating.” The company’s sub-site doesn’t give too much else away, like how extensive the protection will be, instead simply telling us to “A-Style our lifestyle.” The only feature with any amount of detail is a Pure Sound audio system (7.1 channel audio, Realtek ALC1150 audio codec and a TI 5532 pre-amp if you’re interested) that we’ve already seen. Still, if fluid has been getting between you and your high scores, keep an eye on the source for more info.

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Via: Tom’s Hardware

Source: ASRock

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Working out With Buddies in a Web cam Fitness Course

[ See post to enjoy video ]

Saturday early morning, I signed up with 3 pals for a Circuit Training exercise class. The odd part was that none of them left their houses and we live hundreds of miles away from one another — in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Louisiana and Washington, D.C. Our trainer was in California.

For the past week, I ’ ve been working out making use of Wello, a site that lets individuals turn on their computer webcams to take individualized, trainer-led workout courses. Tuesday, Wello introduced Group Workouts, which include up to 5 individuals plus a trainer. They cost as little as $ 10 an hour versus solo sessions that begin at $ 35 for an hour. Today, all individuals get their first team class free of cost. I checked 3 hour-long group classes ($ 15 each), in addition to a 30-minute solo course ($ 29) to obtain a take care of on exactly how the website works.

The care of seeing buddies during exercises and not needing to leave house encouraged me to use Wello. I might picture using it as a means to remain in touch with people who live far, type of like an activity-based Skype. And unlike using a stale exercise DVD, Wello ’ s live trainers watched each move I made and offered feedback. A pregnant friend in my course even got certain adjustments for her condition. (Before utilizing Wello, individuals are encouraged to fill out a health kind. This lets people alert trainers of injuries or certain conditions like pregnancy.)


The default view for a Wello course puts the trainer in the largest screen and course individuals in smaller sized ones.

However the Wello class is just as good as the innovation it makes use of, and two of my courses experienced technical difficulties. In one class, the fitness instructor iced up half a dozen times, wasting about 10 minutes refreshing his set-up. (A Wello co-founder, Leslie Silverglide, discussed that this fitness instructor ’ s computer system met just the minimal level processor accepted by Wello.) Throughout the exact same exercise, a buddy can hear us but couldn ’ t see us for about 15 minutes. (It ended up she had 2 browser windows opened, with one showing us while the other hid us.) Another friend who was utilizing the Web Explorer browser can only be seen. (Wello asks users to check out directions in advance, consisting of a recommendation to utilize the Google Chrome browser.)

In spite of some glitches, Wello is a strong product that I ’ ll definitely utilize once again. I liked taking courses without enrolling in an expensive year-long fitness center membership. And it was simple to sort through the trainers on the website to find one who fit my demands.

Of the over 1,000 fitness instructors who have actually used to work for Wello, about 200 have actually been vetted and trained to work in the system as video trainers. Wello looks at experience, specializeds, accreditations, education and learning, references and other certifications, and then kinds trainers into three tiers by total experience, accreditations and experience on Wello.

All the trainers I utilized fell into the “ Tier 2 ” category. Three were classified as “ fun and friendly ” fitness instructors, 2 fell under the “ focused on type ” category and one was labeled as an “ all business ” trainer. A “ Star Trainer ” category is additionally offered; this implies trainers are famous physical fitness professionals and have experience training stars.


A page for a course incorporating kickboxing and high-intensity interval training.

You can sort courses by ability level (beginner, intermediate or innovative) and by trainer specialty (like brides-to-be, postnatal, workout beginners or elite athletes). You could likewise enter an objective to look for a class, such as “ get more powerful, ” “ drop weight ” or “ get Zen. ”

Wello ’ s Silverglide says the company doesn ’ t mind if two or even more people share a web cam for a course as long as they alert the fitness instructor ahead of time. But this isn ’ t encouraged as it ’ s harder for the fitness instructor to see two people simultaneously and to give feedback. I checked this by dragging my spouse into a Center Conditioning class. It worked, though we were a little squeezed in some workouts and our trainer couldn ’ t always see us plainly when she attempted to examine our kind.

Like an aerobics class at the health club, Wello ’ s Group Workouts can be filled with complete strangers, as held true for two of my classes, though I didn ’ t mind. If just 2 individuals sign up for a team course, the class will be canceled 12 hours beforehand. Twenty-four hours before the class, Wello will send out an email, encouraging you to invite buddies; it will put the course on its home page and will send targeted emails to Wello users to obtain others to sign up. Wello provides affordable one-on-one workouts to offset cancellations. Users can always purchase pre-paid packages that cost less than pay-as-you-go workouts.

After users sign into the Wello internet site, a convenient dashboard displays their upcoming and past exercises. If individuals choose to “ follow ” favorite fitness instructors, they ’ ll see a stream of task from those trainers on the right-hand side of this dashboard screen.

Wello ’ s screen layout was a bit squeezed on my 13-inch laptop, but looked much better on 2 bigger iMac screens. The default design puts the fitness instructor in the largest viewing screen, making you and other class participants smaller. I wished I might see the fitness instructor in full-screen view; Wello ’ s Silverglide said this option is something that may be incorporated in the next month. The company also is dealing with an iPad app.

In among my team classes, called Early morning Meditation Flow, the trainer played songs, which set the tone and gave the course an added ambiance. Wello has been trying out with songs and wishes to incorporate it into the video platform; in the meantime, trainers could play music on their phones.

When courses went smoothly, the setup worked well. When they didn ’ t, my classmates and I desired a means to use text talking to speak with the fitness instructor — or the capacity to raise a virtual hand.

Compose to Katie at

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VIZIO 65″ Course (65.00″ Diag.) Razor LED ™ Smart TELEVISION with Movie theater 3D ®.

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Is Twitter changing course?’s Dalton Caldwell ponders the possibility

twitter stock

The visit of Peter Chernin to its board of directors represents the current step in Twitter’s ongoing push to come to be a more standard media company. However for Dalton Caldwell, creator and CEO of rival, the action may additionally represent a substantial modification in Twitter’s core focus. Contrasting Twitter’s “walled garden” road to that of the ill-fated MySpace, Caldwell discusses that the business may be moving far from its initial focus of letting users send short messages, and rather become a place where consuming news and details is the major draw.

” Exactly how is Twitter going to pull off their mid-flight pivot, which entails mainly redefining just what Twitter in fact is, not to point out just how a lot of people are expected to utilize it?” he …

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Distance Learning University, The Open University, Repackages Course Materials For The App Generation


U.K.-based distance finding out university, the Open University, is developing a series of apps to deliver undergraduate course materials to students ’ smartphones and tablet devices, beginning next year. The OUAnywhere applicationwill certainly permit undergraduates to access their major course products with their portable devices, along with the audio and aesthetic material the OU produces to support researches.

The team establishing the applications state they are being made from the ground-up for touch interfaces, and will certainly offer “ high quality graphic images as opposed to listings ”.

The apps are being offered throughout “ a myriad of platforms ”, with native iOS and Android apps in the pipeline, plus HTML5 applications for other platforms. Supported gadgets will certainly consist of

  • Android devices
  • iPads (iPad 1 and above)
  • iPhones (iPhone 3GS and above)
  • Kindle Fire
  • Microsoft Area

OUAnywhere is being created in response to increasing usage of mobile devices by pupils — the OU notes that mobile use of its virtual learning atmosphere in one month is now equal to usage for a whole quarter of the previous year. It ’ s also observed pupils are investing much more time on-line through mobile and tablet gadgets, and clocking up more duplicated visits. (Students utilizing gizmos? It ’ s not exactly rocket science …)

Ultimately the university wishes to be able to provide all course learning materials on one device to make it simpler for students to squeeze study sessions into their day — an essential factor for its many part-time students who integrate studying for a degree with full – or part-time work.

Currently it delivers some course materials online, but additionally sends materials via post — such as print textbooks, audio CDs and DVDs. The applications will be able to streamline all these different course resources into a single interface.

The OU notes that its scalable XML workflow can automatically render a single input file to multiple formats (print, web and ebook) — giving it the capability to repurpose existing research materials for brand-new dispatch systems such as mobile. Nevertheless in future versions of OUAnywhere it states it will want to create “ brand-new understanding items ” especially designed for mobile and tablet gadgets — as opposed to switching legacy learning materials.

The university additionally plans to develop interactive e-books with installed audio, video and HTML5 discovering activities (making use of the EPUB 3 requirements) for future versions of the apps.

The first wave of OUAnywhere apps are due for release in Q1 2013.

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Shark Falls From Sky Onto Golf Course, Returned To Sea


A two-foot leopard shark fell from the sky onto the 12th opening at the San Juan Hills Golf Club in California, and was promptly placed in a bucket of plain water by a lot of idiots, who then added kitchen area salt to make the water a lot more sea-like, till someone came up with the concept to really return it to the ocean. It’s suspected the shark was being held over the course by a bird of prey who lost its grip and sent the fish flying. That or God’s simply actually upset right now and started tossing sharks. \* shaking fist at paradise \* HELLO I ‘M PISSED TOO BUT COME ON.

Thanks to Evil Ares and Naterade, who agrees when excellent whites start falling its time to start repenting.

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