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Congressional bill would clear companies to vaguely disclose US surveillance requests


Nine members of congress introduced a new bill on Friday that would give tech firms, telecommunications companies, and internet service providers the legal clearance to publicly share the number of government surveillance orders they’ve received and how many users have been targeted by such requests. Such companies have been in the spotlight lately for complying with surveillance demands, which are made under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), the Patriot Act, and other national security laws. These requests are also at the center of the controversy surrounding government spying programs like PRISM. But while the bill — dubbed the Surveillance Order Reporting Act — would change the status quo if passed into law, it…

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Utah Republican Laments Congressional Tech ‘Ignorance,’ Lack Of Nerds

“Don't Be Scared Of Google Glasses,” tech savvy Rep. Jason Chaffetz says.


WASHINGTON — One of the House’s youngest members has a message for his colleagues — get some more nerds before you start messing around with the internet.

Utah Republican Jason Chaffetz Tuesday blamed congressional “ignorance” for it's handling of internet regulatory policy, particularly when it comes to social media and blamed a lack of tech savvy lawmakers for the defeat of the Stop Online Piracy Act a year ago.

“We helped kill SOPA,” Chaffetz said, adding that at the time “The plea that I made was 'You all are performing surgery on the internet and theres not a nerd in the room.'”

Chaffetz went on to say most members do not understand the language of the internet or “how it works.”

“That ignorance could lead to a bunch of bad legislation … they just flat-out don't know” how it works, Chaffetz lamented.

Meanwhile, Chaffetz said Congress and the public need to become more open to new forms of technology — notably the new Google Glasses that have caused a remarkable backlash.

“I tried [Google Glasses] the other day. They are cool,” Chaffetz said, brushing aside questions of privacy.

“We should not be afraid of the glass.” Chaffetz insisted. “Any piece of technology can be misused. There's worse things to be scared about than a new pair of glasses.”

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Google providing AdWords geotargeting for specific congressional districts

adwords district

Google has actually long supplied specific geographical ad targeting, but this election period it’s getting even more nearby by enabling users to target advertisements to particular congressional communities. Instead of generically hitting a whole zip code, the new attribute will certainly permit prospects and their advocates to serve ads to voters in neighborhoods that snake across several zip codes, as is commonly the case (for much better or much worse). Politico states that the feature is already in usage in some Residence races. In fact, Google has a whole entire “4 screens to triumph” advertisement toolkit for marketers, showing that it’s well-aware of the record-breaking money that’s going into politics this year.

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LightSquared faces Congressional hearing over proposed 4G network, submits revised plan

The LightSquared Express rolled in to Washington yesterday, where the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology held a hearing on the company’s proposed 4G LTE network and its potential impact on GPS systems. According to some, the ramifications could be disastrous. David Applegate, associate director of natural hazards at the US Geological Survey, told legislators that interference with GPS mechanisms would make it more difficult for authorities to predict floods, landslides and volcanic eruptions, with a representative from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration adding that LightSquared’s ground-based mobile network would pose challenges to weather forecasters, as well. The Department of Transportation also chimed in, telling the committee that the network would likely have an effect on systems used to prevent train collisions and, like other administration witnesses, called for further testing.

LightSquared Executive Vice President Jeffrey Carlisle, meanwhile, defended his company’s proposal, pointing to an amended version submitted to the FCC on Wednesday. In the revised document, LightSquared offered to reduce the network’s power levels further, while providing a stable signal for GPS augmentation services to use at higher frequencies. “This is not a zero-sum game,” Carlisle said, adding that only 500,000 to 750,000 high-end GPS services would be affected by LightSquared’s low-frequency alternative (which, the company claims, will cost an additional $ 100 million to implement). Any interference issues, he continued, stem from pre-existing receiver problems that the GPS industry should’ve addressed by now. Most of the lawmakers sitting on the panel acknowledged the need to establish broader wireless coverage, but stressed the importance of doing so without jeopardizing critical transit and emergency response systems, with some calling for additional testing. Carlisle countered that previous tests have provided sufficient feedback, but ultimate approval lies in the hands of the FCC, which has not yet offered a timetable for its decision. Hit up the source link to read LightSquared’s revised proposal, in its entirety.

LightSquared faces Congressional hearing over proposed 4G network, submits revised plan originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 09 Sep 2011 14:11:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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