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‘A Phone Worth Keeping': Phonebloks Conceptual Cell Phone’s Parts Can Be Switched Out/Upgraded Individually


This is the conceptual Phonebloks cell phone. It consists of a single main board with modular components (including the screen) that can be switched out at the user’s desire. Plan on using your phone as a camera for the day? Add a nicer camera module. Are you a grandma who only carries a cell phone hoping your grandkids will call? Remove everything and add a giant battery pack. The hope is that all the big phone manufacturers will compete to make the best components available, the problem being that none of the big phone companies will bother. Just keeping it real.

The Phonebloks concept features the display portion of the phone, with a circuit board behind it showing a peg board-style design that the blocks can be inserted into. Each block has a designated place on the phone, and each is labeled with a symbol of its function, such as Bluetooth and battery.

The phone is disassembled by removing two screws on the bottom of the handset, at which point the board can be removed and the blocks with it. In theory, a new block can be purchased and used to replace the old one, replacing a faulty component or updating an existing component to something more robust or higher capacity.

Admittedly, a progressive concept. And I would love to see a phone explode like a LEGO playset whenever it’s dropped. “SEARCH THE FLOOR — HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY WI-FI?” I really am all for it, I just don’t see it happening. Still, I’ve been surprised in the past. Like just this past weekend my roommate actually brought a girl home. Whatever happened with her anyways, Derek? “That was my sister, bro.” Okay, so maybe I haven’t ever been surprised in the past.

Hit the jump for a video about the phone and what you can do to help make it a reality.

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Safety Last: Conceptual Double Wheeled Ferris Wheel


This is the Attraktsionus Double Ferris Wheel concept established by Art Lebedev Studios. It resembles a regular Ferris Wheel, other than connecteded to an additional, smaller one. It’s supposed to be the lovechild of a Ferris Wheel and a cable automobile and I think we should all take a min to be thankful we didn’t need to see those 2 banging. Although I would have taken a lil peek. That stated, Ferris Wheels are horrifying and whenever I’m riding one the lady I’m with always begins shaking our little pill and I’m all, ‘PLEASE STOP YOU ‘RE FRIGHTENING ME I THOUGHT WE WERE GOING TO MAKE OUT UP RIGHT HERE’ then she’s like, ‘I don’t construct with sissy-boys’ which’s usually when I begin barfing funnel cake and cotton sweet over the side.

Appeared on the jump for one even more shot of the concerning a terrifying carnival near you.

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Safety Last: Conceptual Double Wheeled Ferris Wheel


This is the Attraktsionus Double Ferris Wheel concept developed by Art Lebedev Studios. It’s like a normal Ferris Wheel, except attached to another, smaller one. It’s supposed to be the lovechild of a Ferris Wheel and a cable car and I think we should all take a minute to be thankful we didn’t have to see those two banging. Although I would have taken a lil peek. That said, Ferris Wheels are terrifying and whenever I’m riding one the girl I’m with always starts rocking our little capsule and I’m all, ‘PLEASE STOP YOU’RE SCARING ME I THOUGHT WE WERE GOING TO MAKE OUT UP HERE’ and then she’s like, ‘I don’t make out with sissy-boys’ and that’s usually when I start puking funnel cake and cotton candy over the side.

Hit the jump for one more shot of the coming to a terrifying carnival near you.

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Conceptual Star Wars Episode VII Poster With Aged Cast


This is the conceptual Star Wars Episode VII movie poster created by illustrator Adam Schickling imaging the cast from the original trilogy all grown up. It looks like Adam was pretty kind to Carrie Fisher, because that is NOT what I remember her looking like last. Chewbacca? He looks the same as the first day he and Han Solo ever met. Billy Dee Williams? That handsome devil makes me want to go chug an ice-cold Colt 45. WHICH I MIGHT.

Thanks to PYY, who agrees Colt 45 is actually pretty terrible but Billy Dee Williams makes it sound like the best damn drink on earth. That’s it, I’m biking to the beer store.

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I’ll Be There Yesterday: Conceptual DeLorean Taxi


This is a conceptual time traveling DeLorean taxi. It’s not real though (context clue: conceptual), it’s just a marketing piece made by Mike Lubrano for Nooka, a “New York based fashion brand with a futuristic philosophy.” What exactly IS their futuristic philosophy? Sadly, probably not “RUN AND HIDE, THE ROBOTS ARE COMING!” like it should be. I did peruse their website though and they do sell a bunch of stuff that looks like a 1980’s vision of the future. Me? I’m more into a 2012 vision of the future. “Which is?” I’m glad you asked! *holding up picture* “That’s a picture of a burning planet with the caption ‘Earth, population: 0.'” Just keepin’ it real!

Hit the jump for renderings from different angles.

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Conceptual ‘Charge Your iPhone By Breathing’ Mask


This is the conceptual AIRE mask. The idea is that you just strap it to your face and charge your iPhone simply by breathing. The Hannibal Lector look is just an added bonus! No word if breathing heavy like a f***ing creeper makes it charge any faster.

The AIRE mask is a concept that hails from the mind of Joao Paulo Lammoglia, where it will rely on the power of your breath, converting it to electricity thanks to tiny wind turbines. All you need to do is ensure the AIRE mask remains connected to an iOS-powered device, breathe as usual, and you are good to go.

You know what they need to invent? A phone that charges itself by talking and texting. Just kidding, I don’t care if that ever exists or not. Now jetpacks on the other hand — those things need to happen YESTERDAY. And speaking of things that happened yesterday… “You shit your pants on drive home from work again?” You can’t anticipate traffic!

Joao’s Website
AIRE mask charges iPhone with your breath [ubergizmo]

Thanks to Ben, who charges his phone the old fashioned way: with knives taped to his head pretending to be a bull.

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Puff Puff Slash: Conceptual Lightsaber Rolling Papers


This are some conceptual lightsaber rolling papers imagined by Geekologie Reader Matt H. I don’t know if you can tell by the rendering, but they aren’t real. They ARE clever though.

this is…a mock up ive made of star wars themed rolling papers that look like lightsabers. they arent real and its not professional quality but ive seen you post way shittier looking concepts before on this site. no one loves star wars more than stoners.

AHAHAHHAHAHAHA @ “ive seen you post way shittier looking concepts before”. You cut straight the bone, Matt! I’d get high to forget about it but I know I’d wind up over-analyzing my life and end up even more depressed. “So…?” So I’ll be at the bar if anyone needs me.

Thanks Matt, now go get these made behind George Lucas’ back because screw him.

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Conceptual e-Urinal Tests Your Piss, Reports Health


THe e-Urinal is a terribly named conceptual pisser by Royce Zhang that has sensors capable of measuring your body’s most important health acronyms like PH/SG/URO/BLO/WBC/PRO/GLI/BIL/KET. Granted I have no clue what any of those are, or if it’s even possible to measure them measure them that fast, I’m just a man who is like, waaaaaaaay into urinals. *waiting for diagnosis* “CRITICAL HEALTH WARNING: YOUR URINE IS 85% VOMIT.” Woopsie daisy! *peeing on floor*

Hit the jump for a couple more renderings of the urine luck and might not have to pee in a cup this time.

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Pew Pew!: Conceptual 3-D Guns Fingernail Art


This is a hand with fake 3-D fingernail art Photoshopped on. Sure you could make the same thing IRL by gluing G.I. Joe weapons on your nails, but come on, it’s not really that awesome an idea to begin with. Regardless, Lady Gaga will still be sporting this shit for her New Years Eve concert, you can count your sweet tits on it. “I count two.” Count again, those are moobs. “So zero?” *winks*

3D Fingernail Gun Art [laughingsquid]

Thanks to Ashley, who doesn’t glue anything to her nails except hair. You’re weird!

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For The Ladies: Conceptual Stiletto Implants


The day stiletto heel implants become reality is the day I’m slingshoting myself into the sun. And, knowing my luck, missing and winding up orbiting the solar system for all eternity. Remind me to pack cyanide capsules. Also: some really bright LEDs (I want children to be able to find me with a telescope).

Hit the jump for one more shot of the you’ll never run again.

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