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French company Iliad reportedly wants to buy T-Mobile too

Sprint isn’t the only company hoping to shell out billions for the privilege of scooping up T-Mobile’s US branch; according to the Wall Street Journal, a French company called Iliad wants in on the action as well. Iliad, which owns a mobile operator…

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Savannah Bee Company featured in Google economic report

Savannah Bee Company featured in Google economic report
The company, founded in 2002 by Ted Dennard, was recently featured in Google's Annual U.S. Economic Impact Report, which looks at web savvy companies who use Google Analytics and other web tools to grow their online business. Since 2009, Google …
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Google touts St. Louis startup in annual report
Overall, Google has helped provide $ 1.2 billion of economic activity for Missouri businesses in 2013, the company said. More than $ 650,000 of free advertising was given to 23 Missouri nonprofits through the Google Ad Grants program. For more …
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Google gives lift to SF homeless-shower bus
The cost of fixing the bus up to include showers, two private bathrooms and toiletries was provided by private donations, including some from Google. The Lava Mae bus travels throughout San Francisco, where the city allows the nonprofit to use fire …
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The US government thinks Aereo is and isn’t a cable company

By now you’re likely aware that the US Supreme Court decided Aereo’s service was a violation of copyright law, labeling it a cable system. The outfit then sought to carry on the same statutory license cable companies pay broadcasters royalties to…

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MakerBot Patents An Automatic Filament Switching System While Parent Company Stratasys Enjoys A Financial Bump

giphy A MakerBot patent shows that the company is working on a dual-filament solution that can change print colors on the fly. By leading the filaments through the heated extruder using a sort of “slider” system, the patent suggests that future MakerBots should be able to change colors mid-print, a vast improvement over current dual-color solutions. Current dual-filament solutions use two… Read More

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Google’s Project Tango Includes Tech Apple-Acquired 3D Imaging Company PrimeSense

primesense-tango If you want a hint of what might be on the horizon at Apple, look to Google – or at least look to its Project Tango experimental 3D depth-sensing smartphone. Tango got a teardown just the other day, and later on iFixit determined that one of its key components comes from what is now an Apple subsidiary (via 9to5Google), thanks to a deal that wrapped up last November. PrimeSense, which is the… Read More

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One Company Betting On Oculus Rift As The Platform For VR HR Training

The Oculus Rift and its creator Oculus VR have been purchased by Facebook, and that’s causing some, including Minecraft developer Mojang, to reconsider their projects for the platform. But others are doubling down on their Oculus investment, including Technology Transfer Services (TTS), a company that designs training software for workforce education. Read More

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Apple buys 3D company that helped make Kinect

Apple buys 3D company that helped make Kinect Apple has bought a 3-D-sensor company that helped build Microsoft’s motion-control system Kinect, stirring curi…
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The company behind Candy Crush withdraws US trademark application for ‘candy’

A few weeks ago, a group of game developers launched Candy Jam in protest of Candy Crush maker King’s attempt to trademark ‘candy.’ The result? A barrage of rage inspired confectionary-themed titles were submitted to Apple’s App Store. Well, it seems…

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Major Bitcoin company releases open source library to make it easier to build Bitcoin apps

Bitcoin, the virtual currency that approximates cash on the internet, has been around for five years now, and its popularity has soared. But although its reach has spread beyond the initial circle of very technical, very insider-y circle of cryptographers and programmers, its audience is still largely restricted to people who are at least a little bit nerdy. Ask any Bitcoin enthusiast what’s the biggest obstacle to the currency becoming mainstream, and they’ll tell you the same thing: it’s hard to use.

BitPay, a major Bitcoin payments processor, just launched a project that will help do just that. The company has released Bitcore, an open source Javascript library that will make it easier for developers to build apps and tools for…

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Meet PlayFresco, The Palestinian Hardware Battlefield Company That Couldn’t Make It To The U.S.

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 6.27.45 AM

When we began our planning we initially invited 15 finalists from 11 countries onto our TC Hardware Battlefield stage. One company couldn’t make it. They were PlayFresco, a team of engineers and hobbyists working on some amazing wireless motion interaction technology. Sadly, they couldn’t get a visa to the U.S., forcing them to drop out of our compeition.

Created by Feras Abed-Alhaq, Monier Aghbar, and Sudqey Dwikat, the system allows you to add motion control to any laptop without visible tracking hardware. Kids can use any round object as a steering wheel, for example, and you can wave things in front of the computer to use them as pointers. Like Leap Motion it can sense your hands in space next to and around a computer but unlike Leap it uses magnetic fields to sense objects and body parts.


The company has secured $ 130,000 in funding from Michal Zalesak of the Czech ICT Alliance. Not surprisingly, it’s been a hard road for their startup, but things seem to be looking up.

“Unfortunately in Palstine electronics are really hard to get and the electronics and equipments that are available are really limited,” said Abed-Alhaq. “Our first prototype was made from paper and was huge and we made it literally from scratch.”

The group were inspired by watching children play with toys. Abed-Alhaq saw his little brother playing with a duct tape roll, pretending to drive a car.

“We did hundreds of experiments, hundreds of prototypes to do such a thing that could detect our bodies and how they move, and after we mastered this technology we thought that PlayFresco device can introduce a natural way to enjoy and play with what ever everyday object you hold in your hand,” he said.

The system sits underneath your table and senses your hands above with some accuracy. The team showed us their product in Europe a few months ago and they were ready to launch on stage at Hardware Battlefield. That’s been put on hold, but they’re still hard at work on the device.

“PlayFresco is a perfect example of true innovation with passionate and hard-working CEO, representing the emerging culture of new start-up Palestinian entrepreneurs, who focus on new technologies and business and don’t mix with politics in the region,” said lead funder Zalesak.

The team is working on a desktop system now but is planning a version for cellphones and tablets. They’re also looking into using Bluetooth to add motion control to almost any device. They didn’t make it to our stage this year but there’s always next year.

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