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Hear the ‘Super Mario Bros.’ theme played on an ancient Chinese instrument

The Super Mario Bros. theme is possibly the most ubiquitous (and perhaps played-out) video game music around, but a young musician has found a way to make it interesting again — by performing it on an ancient Chinese instrument called the sheng. The instrument’s natural tone fits perfectly with the Super Mario Bros. theme, and the musician’s ability to re-create signature sound effects like coins and mushrooms elevates this performance above many of the other cover that have cropped up over the years. The novelty of seeing it performed on an instrument that was created thousands of years ago.

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Famed Chinese director admits to violating one-child policy

Acclaimed movie director Zhang Yimou has admitted to violating China’s one-child policy, after authorities launched an investigation into longstanding rumors that he had fathered up to seven children. Zhang, director of the films Hero, House of Flying Daggers, and The Flowers of War, admitted to violating the rule in a Sina Weibo post published on Sunday, saying he fathered three children with his wife, Chen Ting. As the BBC reports, the director apologized for the violation, though he denied claims that he fathered more children with his wife and other women.

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Chinese Communist Party pushes for even more internet restrictions

It’s no secret that the Chinese government isn’t a proponent of a free and open internet, but for some it appears that the Great Firewall doesn’t go far enough. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Chinese Communist Party released a call for additional reforms today, citing social networks and mobile messaging apps as areas of particular concern. “Following the increasing power of online media, Internet media and industry management has lagged far behind the quick changes that have come with its development,” a translated version of the statement warns, noting that the technologies have the ability to quickly spread information and can mobilize citizens. Accusing current practices of having “low effectiveness,” the statement goes on…

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Thor? LOKI?!: Chinese Theater Accidentally Displays Homoerotic Fanpic Poster Instead Of Real Thor Poster

chinese-thor-2-poster.jpg This is a poster just recently on screen in a Shanghai theater to advertise the launch of Thunder God 2 (the brand-new Thor). Thing is, the image is in fact from a piece of homoerotic fan Photoshop work. How did that even take place? Are theaters responsible for making their own posters? Or– OR– did they just purchase a lot of knockoffs in a street? I’m not even going to go into Loki being Thor’s taken on brother, but you’ve got to confess whoever made the poster did a great job. You think they could Photoshop a man in the mouth of a t-rex holding its jaws open with his penis? I’m asking for myself. Thanks to sra and James, who agree in some cases knockoffs are even better than the originals.

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Samsung offers free Galaxy phone repairs after attack by Chinese state media

Samsung has issued an apology to its customers in China after the country’s state broadcaster blasted the South Korean company’s warranty program in a televised report. CCTV reportedly accused Samsung of shipping faulty memory in its Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III smartphones, with repairs falling outside the warranty and often costing owners over $ 100.

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Chinese Analysts State Sprite Is Best Hangover Remedy

sprite-hangover-cure.jpg According to a current study performed in China, Sprite may help reduce the impacts of a hangover and have you back to feeling 65 % and sufficient to go puke at work by noon. You understand, I do not mind vomitting at work due to the fact that a lot of people will sympathize with you thinking you’re really sick-sick and not just a boozehound who went too difficult the night before.

After drinking, the body undergoes two phases of a metabolic procedure to break down ethanol. First the liver metabolizes it into acetaldehyde by the enzyme liquor dehydrogenase (ADH) and then into acetate by aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH). Unlike acetaldehyde, acetate is considered harmless and could even be accountable for some of the positive wellness advantages of alcohol usage. But exposing the body to acetaldehyde in fact triggers the signs of a hangover, consisting of nausea and a pounding headache. To see exactly what refreshments can help the body better metabolize alcohol, researchers at Sun Yat-Sen College in Guangzhou assessed 57 various beverages, consisting of herbal mixtures, teas, and carbonated drinks. The group measured their results on ADH and ALDH, finding that each drink had a various effect. Interestingly, some natural teas actually slowed down the process, extending a hangover. But the very best refreshments were Xue bi, the Chinese variation of Sprite, in addition to soft drink water, which were discovered to speed the enzyme’s process, shortening the body’s exposure to ALDH.

That’s extremely sciencey and all, but it seems like these researchers failed to check the very best hangover treatment there is– more booze. You simply have to hair of the dog it, that’s your answer. You know the number of times I’ve needed to take a taxi to work in the early morning since I took shots when I woke up to feel better? Many of them. But you understand exactly what? Screw it, it’s Friday. “It’s Thursday.” I cannot go on like this. Thanks to Ryan, who concurs the very best hangover remedy is a handful of Advil, a huge glass of water, and calling into work and chatting like your nose is all packed up.

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HTC One Max offers up a spec list, gains Chinese approval

Another downside of the Washington brouhaha is that the FCC is shut down, sending us scouring its foreign equivalents for tidbits about new hardware. The latest concerns HTC’s worst-kept secret, the HTC One Max, which has just passed through China’s TENAA. The filing reveals that the 6-inch …

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For Chinese Bloggers, Going Viral Can Mean Jail Time

“Being a Big V blogger felt like being an emperor,” Chinese online celebrity Charles Xue confesses from jail. For China’s news bloggers, going viral can mean three years in prison.

A Weibo user poking fun of China's new online “rumor-busting” law.

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Chinese state media squashes claims of less restricted internet in Shanghai zone


A few days ago, the South China Morning Post claimed that blocks put on websites like Twitter, Facebook and The New York Times were to be lifted in Shanghai’s new free-trade zone. And the justification made sense, too: relax restrictions to make visitors happy, and potentially cash in on accelerated foreign investment as a result. Plausible, sure, but according to state-run news outlet the People’s Daily, completely untrue. As it turns out, the Chinese powers that be allegedly have no intention of allowing web traffic in the free-trade zone to circumvent the Great Firewall, which means visiting Twitter addicts will still have to turn to Weibo for their social network / microblogging fix.

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Source: TechWeb (Chinese)

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