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Jet packs and embryo chairs: 12 of Marc Newson’s craziest, most iconic designs

Legendary designer Marc Newson has joined Apple as part of Jony Ive’s team. The two have been friends for years; most notably, the two worked together to curate and design and remix a variety of products for last year’s (Red) auction — from MacBook Air-like tables to a gorgeous take on the Leica M.

Newson has spent 30 years designing award-winning furniture, clothes, watches, boats, restaurants, and more. He’s also had some choice words for Apple’s competition — specifically Google Glass:


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So It’s Come To This: Marvel-Licensed Leather Chairs


This is a series of faux-leather gaming chairs from DreamSeat (pfft — my dreamseat is the captain’s chair of a spaceship) with licensed Marvel character back graphics. Per copy/pasted product description because it’s Friday afternoon and I went out drinking last night because I just couldn’t wait another day:

The XZipit Video Game Rocker immerses you right in your favorite video game, music or movie. It incorporates built in stereo headrest speakers, sub-woofer and plug-in support for IPods, MP3’s, CD players, home theater or video game systems

Pro series electronics and vibrations with volume and base controls.
Wireless kit with clear reception up to 150ft
Durable high grade synthetic leather upholstery with padded arms.

A chair will set you back $ 400 but can’t be returned when you find out you can’t see the graphic when you’re sitting in it. Ooooooor just regret buying it in the first place. You know what chair you won’t regret buying? A beanbag one. Those things are the shit. Well, at least until all the little balls start coming out. Then they get even better.

Thanks to SuperDan, who just bought one of each. Me? I’ve had the same Lay-Z-Boy for six years and have every intention of dying in it with my eyes open.

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#*$%in’ Magic Chairs, How Do They Work?


This is a seemingly magical chair created by Peter Bristol appropriately titled the ‘Cut Chair’. At first glance your head might explode as to how it stands but, SPOILER: on one leg — not unlike performing the flamingo on a lova. The only one that’s actually a full leg is attached to a steel frame beneath the rug for support. That said, at least half the people I know would break the everliving shit out of this thing if they ever sat on it. “Because they’re fat?” Hell no — because they’re violent. Just sayin’, one time I threw a party and two friends tag-teamed my dining room table for spilling their beers. Even with all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, he never saw another Thanksgiving.

Hit the jump for one more shot and a schematic in case you’re struggling to understand the concept.

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Steelcase Reinvents the School Chair

The pitch for Steelcase’s modern take on the classroom chair, the Node, is full of nonsense about trying to “implement multiple pedagogies”, but all you really need to know is that the new desk/chair combo adds wheels and proper under-seat storage to the classic school furnishing.

I tested a Steelcase chair soon after starting work at the Gadget Lab, way back in 2007, and found it to be “comfy”. It was also huge, dominating a small room. The Node might be designed for the classroom, but it would sure look pretty great in my small office (read: bedroom), especially as it would also do away with the need for a desk.

The plastic seat offers no adjustment, so it is rated by Steelcase as suitable for a “short-term sit” only. The table section, though, is adjustable and is good for use by both left and right-handers. And in addition to the wheels on the bottom, for scooting around the room, the chair will swivel.

The Node comes in a bewilderment of colors, with 12 options for the seat and three for the base. Cost will vary depending on how many you buy, so you probably will have to enroll in college to use one of these. We’ll wait for the inevitable Ikea knockoff.

Node product page [Steelcase via OhGizmo]

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Steelcase Reinvents the School Chair

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Gartner: Symbian is ‘re-arranging the deck chairs,’ losing buoyancy fast

We all know that Symbian is still holding the fort as the globe’s most widely used mobile OS, but anyone interested in criticizing it nowadays will have to get into a queue. Nick Jones from Gartner is latest to launch a broadside against the apparently complacent market leader, opining that its user experience has been surpassed by iOS and Android, and arguing that future iterations do not promise enough innovation to make the platform stand out. He underpins these observations with his firm’s latest estimates, which indicate Symbian’s decline in share is accelerating, before positing the idea that the Foundation sets aside some talent for skunkworks projects in order to give itself fallback options should Symbian^4 not be blindingly marvelous. Nick might be going a little overboard with the bleakness of his outlook, but there’s no questioning his “Android iceberg” analogy — if Symbian doesn’t find the right course soon, Google might well end up collecting a big chunk of its exasperated users.

Gartner: Symbian is ‘re-arranging the deck chairs,’ losing buoyancy fast originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 13 Jul 2010 04:07:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Bright Woods’ Wooden Chairs Look Like Zebra Turds [Furniture]

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These wooden chairs and coffee tables are about as far-removed from the antique wooden furniture lining your grandparents’ house as possible. With resin strips glowing brightly, they look like zebra poo—or at least something from the ’60s. More »

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