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It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Carry The Brunton Universal Charger Power Knife

Power-Knife_Top_1024x1024 If only the world recharged with one standard. But it doesn’t (thanks Apple!). Enter the Brunton Power Knife. It’s a Swiss Army Knife for the smartphone age with a cable connector for just about every situation. Read More

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For Old Macbook White 13″ A1181 Rubberized Crystal Hard carry shoulder bags case

MACBOOK AIR A1370 A1369 MC505 MC506 MC503 ssd to 2.5" SATA 22pin cable ADAPTER

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2014 Thunderbolt Mini DP to HDMI Adapter For Apple MacBook Pro Air iMac Mac
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4in1 11 Colors Rubberized Hard Case For Macbook Pro13 Retina Display A1425 A1502
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The Baby Elephant Robot Can Carry A 220 Pound Human

1780bd53c38aaf6a5c60d10423b1ed34 Created by a team from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the Baby Elephant is a quadrapedal robot that does something special: you can ride it like a large, slow horse, thereby ushering in the era of the robotic cowboy. Baby Elephant moves about one mile per hour, which is definitely not very fast, but the fact that it can handle nasty terrain with a rider is pretty darn cool. Read More

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Crazy race tests whether virtual driving skills carry over to real life

Does being good at driving simulator games translate very well to real life racing? Swedish digital games store Viagame decided to find out with an unusual test: strapping a real race car driver into the same vehicle as a decorated video gamer to go head-to-head in both the real and virtual worlds. All this took place at the Circuit de Catalunya, a race track in Barcelona, where the pair climbed into a Renault Mégane RS 265 coupe outfitted with a gaming PC and a 19-inch monitor in the passenger seat. Both drivers started at the same time, hoping to finish the very same circuit from identical cars.

Continue reading…

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Three to carry iPad Air and new iPad mini in the UK

With the iPad Air but a day away from launching in the UK, it’s high time that the nation’s cellular networks began crowing about which ones will carry the device. Three is the first to pipe up, saying that you’ll be able to snag both the Air from tomorrow and the iPad Mini with Retina when it …

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T-Mobile offers 200MB free monthly data for all tablets, will carry Nexus 7 in-store on November 20th

T-Mobile’s plan to offer 200MB of free monthly data to iPad users was just the start of a larger strategy. As of November 1st, the no-charge bandwidth will be available for the lifetime of any tablet on the network; customers who pay for data will get the 200MB on top of their existing caps. The …

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Google Earth for your finances with Open Carry EDD and Jake Counts

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Apple Trademarks iWatch Name In Japan – Keep Calm And Carry On


Let the speculation merry-go-round continue. According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple has trademarked the name iWatch — again. This time Japan is the territory, while the trademark covering “products including a handheld computer or watch device” was actually filed with the Japan Patent Office on the 3rd of June but was only made public last week. It follows an unconfirmed report by a Russian newspaper that Cupertino had filed the iWatch trademark in Russia last month.

So, Apple is definitely making this thing, right? Well, maybe, though for now I’m inclined to file this away in rumorware. Trademarks for speculative products are registered by large consumer electronics companies all the time — products that are in a very long pipeline or exist in a PowerPoint presentation only.  Besides, if or when Apple does release a smartwatch, timing will be everything.

Despite the tech media’s current Apple narrative that frames the company as desperately needing a new breakthrough product category, unless Tim Cook’s Apple is deviating drastically from the Jobs playbook, the company is/has been likely taking a wait and see approach to an iWatch. Cupertino may well be known as the great innovator, which in hindsight it invariably proves to be, but Apple’s definition of innovation is rarely to be first.

The iPod wasn’t the first MP3 player, though it was the first to utilise that crucial 1.8inch hard drive (“a thousand songs in your pocket”). The iPhone wasn’t the first touchscreen smartphone either, though it utilised capacitive technology and a UI that ensured it was finger-friendly and crucially bundled a data connection at the point of sale. Likewise, the iPad wasn’t the first tablet computer by any measure, but we all know how that worked out. This is a company that has built its second coming on the ability to say “no”.

Or at least, “not yet”.

Cue recent comments from Apple’s CEO. Speaking at the D11 conference, Cook said on the topic of Apple potentially doing a smartwatch or other wearable tech: ”There’s nothing that’s going to convince a kid who has never worn glasses or a band or a watch to wear one, or at least I haven’t seen it.”

Of course, “I haven’t seen it” could mean that it doesn’t exist on the market yet from Apple’s numerous competitors (sorry Pebble, Sony and countless others). Or that Cook hasn’t seen it brewing in Apple’s R&D labs either. One thing I’m sure of is that Cupertino won’t sanction an iWatch until the technology’s shortcomings  – not least battery life and the UI of a smartwatch — can be addressed. And that could still be quite some time.

For now Apple fanboys, keep calm and carry on.

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Good To Know: Ants Will Carry Little Signs For You If You Dab Them With Pee First (The Signs Not The Ants)


This is a video from Smarter Every Day showing how you can get leafcutter ants to carry little signs for you by peeing on them. The urine, which contains salt, make the little bits of paper desirable for the ants to drag back to their colony and use to grow their fungal food. It reminded me of how you can get my roommate to drink urine by mixing it into the orange juice container.

Hit the jump for the video.

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Samsung NX2000 mirrorless camera hits the FCC, may carry a touch UI

Samsung NX2000 mirrorless camera hits the FCC, may carry a smart OS

Samsung might not have shaken up its mirrorless camera line with the very evolutionary NX1100, however there’s tips at the FCC of larger things in store. A declaring at the United States company has verified the existence of an unannounced NX2000. On the surface, it’s comparable to its ancestors: labeling and checks point to a 20.3-megapixel CMOS sensor, a total familiar body design and the presence of 802.11 n WiFi. Nonetheless, there’s talk that the genuine focus for the NX2000 might be the user interface, not image quality. A purported photo making the rounds at Photo Rumors (after the break) lines up with the FCC listing while revealing an unforeseen back that includes both a touchscreen and a hardware home trick– although absolutely nothing is definite, it recommends Samsung could bring a smarter, possibly Android-based user interface to its mirrorless series. We’ll just understand simply how creative a camera the NX2000 is when it’s more official than a mix of regulatory clearances and reports.

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