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Netflix captures all eight seasons of Dexter, streaming (and screaming) begins on Halloween

Dexter may have exited airwaves this year, but Showtime’s serial about a serial killer cop is getting a new lease on life when all eight seasons arrive on Netflix. The first four seasons arrive on Halloween, with the following seasons expected by January 1st, 2014 — two drops perfectly timed with …

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Zepp 3D motion sensor captures sports data, helps step up your swing

Activity trackers like FuelBand are great if you just want to exercise, but Zepp Labs’ new 3D motion sensor might be more useful if you’re seriously training in a sport — especially if it’s tennis, baseball or golf. A 1-inch square of negligible weight, the sensor captures data from each swing you …

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Google Street View Car Captures Space Shuttle Flyover


This is a shot from a Google Street View car (links to actual Google map) traveling the New Jersey Turnpike that happened to capture a space shuttle flyover in April 2012. Seeing it sent me on a Google Street View treasure hunt to see what other oddities I could spot in the sky. So far just a ton of power lines. Thought I saw a bird, but when I showed it to my roommate he said it was just a fleck of dust on the lens. Then he made fun of the Facebook chat conversation I was having with my grandma. So I was pretending to be my own girlfriend, big deal. That shit makes her happy.

Hit the jump for an even zoomier shot.

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Hidden Nature Cam Captures Wild Bear Dance Party


This is a time-lapse of bears getting freaky-deaky on a scratching tree in the open airs of Alberta, Canada. Well, the open airs with power lines in the background anyways. The camera was established by wildlife lover Glenn Naylor, who is obviously into this type of thing. And, I’ll admit it: so am I. I have actually constantly felt very near bears. Like, I just wish to do my own thing in the woods all day AND MAUL ANYONE’S TAKE ON who enters my way. You know, the basic life. Plus you get to hibernate for like half the year and those Charmin bears have even got the hookup on that bathroom tissue that does not leave butt crumbs.

Hit the jump for the video, but skip to around 0:45 if you desire to get straight to the celebration.

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Man Proposes To Girlfriend, Captures With Google Glass


This is a video of Breon Nagy proposing to his girlfriend atop Leeds Castle while wearing Google Glass. It’s just the right amount of sweet and sappy to make you get a little choked up when she says, “Of course I will!” *clearing throat* I mean, not that I did personally or anything.

I proposed to my girlfriend through Google Glass. I was carrying the ring around with me for 2 days and finally decided that Leeds Castle was a good place to ask her to marry me. Earlier she asked me to buy her a castle, that’s why I said what I did :)

Wow, there is absolutely no way I could carry a ring around in my pocket for two days without losing it. I can’t even keep my phone on me through a whole night of drinking. “That’s different.” How is that different? “You’re drunk!” Ssssssssshhhh! You think my boss can tell?

Hit the jump for the short video.

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Brinno TLC200 Pro captures time lapse HDR images, sports interchangeable lenses

Brinno TLC200 Pro captures time lapse HDR images, sports interchangeable lenses

A dedicated time lapse camera is about as niche as a piece photo gear gets. But, we’ll say this about Brinno’s latest offering, it captures some pretty stunning clips. The TLC200 Pro is supposedly the world’s first such device that captures these dramatic clips in HDR. The 1.3 megapixel sensor weighs in at a healthy 1/3-inch, which means the pixels are much larger than your average sensor — in fact, they’re more than twice the size of those found in the HTC One UltraPixel shooter. The built-in lens sports an aperture of f/2.0 and a 112-degree wide angle field of view. But you can also slap on one of the available interchangeable lenses to alter that to your liking. About the only thing we could find to complain about (besides its limited functionality) is the fact that it captures video at only 720p. Unfortunately there’s no word on price yet, though we’re sure it’ll be a bit more than the non-Pro version of the TLC200, which will set you back $ 300. If you’re curious, there’s a whole host of sample footage after the break.

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Via: Gizmodo Australia

Source: Brinno

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Canon 5D Mark III now captures 24 fps RAW video thanks to Magic Lantern firmware add-on

Canon 5D Mark III now captures 24fps RAW video thanks to Magic Lantern firmware add-on

It’s no secret that Canon’s 5D Mark III is the go-to DSLR for videographers the world over, but things are about to become a whole lot more interesting. The people behind Magic Lantern have successfully coaxed the 5D Mark III into shooting 24 fps RAW video at resolutions up to 1,920 x 820 pixels using 1000x speed cards. If you’re not familiar with Magic Lantern, it’s an open source firmware add-on that brings additional functionality to Canon EOS cameras. The ability to capture RAW video at 24 fps improves dynamic range and resolution — it also provides extra flexibility during post-production. According to the team at Magic Lantern, more work is required before the feature is ready to be deployed. So until then, you’re invited to follow the link below and watch the RAW vs. H.264 videos after the break.

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Source: Nofilmschool

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‘Sound Bottle’ captures audio, automates the remix


Re: Sound Bottle is a songs production device like no other. Created by a student at Japan’s Tama Art University, it’s a bottle-shaped gadget that captures and plays back appears. Operation seems startlingly simple: to tape-record a noise, you merely uncork the bottle and, so long as noise is detected, it’ll tape-record and store the sounds as a sample. After capturing different samples, you just uncork the bottle in a silent atmosphere and it will instantly produce a musical mashup. Regrettably, it’s just a prototype, and its developer Jun Fujiwara hasn’t revealed any strategies to establish it further, but you can see it in action in the video clip below.

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Watch this: Felix’s chest cam captures nauseating 833mph fall to Earth

felix baumgartner

Following the other day’s record-breaking stratospheric freefall, the first video captured by Felix Baumgartner’s suit-mounted camera has been aired by Austrian TV station Servus. The unbelievable footage shows Baumgartner descending to Earth before entering exactly what looked to be an out-of-control spin. The jump began from about 128,000 feet (24 miles) above the New Mexico desert, and Baumgartner was in free fall for around 4 moments and 20 seconds. Although the figures still should be verified by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), the group estimates Baumgartner reached a maximum rate of Mach 1.2; more than 833 miles per hour, and faster than the speed of sound.

At a press seminar after the free of charge fall …

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NASA’s Curiosity captures awe-inspiring shot of Mount Sharp, uploads video of descent upon Mars

NASA's Curiosity captures aweinspiring shot of Mount Sharp, uploads video of descent upon Mars

NASA’s Interest rover hasn’t even been on Mars a full 24 hours, and currently the scientific discipline world is reaping the perks. Nerds, too, actually. The shot above is the the first high (ish) resolution image shown to the general public from its cameras, depicting a shadow of its top, a peculiar Martian landscape and the three-mile Mount Sharp. Merely beyond the break, you’ll find video clip pictures of the extreme descent onto Mars’ area. It’s a low-res stop-motion affair showing 297 frames as it found its means from room to a foreign land. Trust us– it’s worth the 1:03 time financial investment.

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