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No More Late Fees: The Last Blockbuster Movie Rental

last-blockbuster-rental.jpg This is a shot of what was allegedly the last Blockbuster movie rental in the history of Blockbuster movie rentals in the United States. Honestly, I thought all Blockbusters had closed awhile ago because mine has been a cycling gym for over a year now. The picture was taken on November 9th at 11PM in Hawaii. The movie rented? ‘This is the End’. How appropriate. Is dude planning on returning it after watching? I wouldn’t if I were him. Plus I would have “rented” all the video games I’ve been meaning to play too. There’s actually a locally owned movie rental place down the street from me that still rents VHS tapes and only VHS tapes. I think it’s just a front for selling drugs though. Same goes for the typewriter store. Thanks to E V I L A R E S and Luke, who have both jumpkicked Redboxes before for giving them scratched disks.

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Blockbuster releases On Demand video streaming app for iOS


Blockbuster announced its entrance back into the video streaming game in January after pledging to exit that market late last year. Today, Blockbuster’s reincarnation as a video streaming service continues, as the company rolled out its On Demand app for iOS, bringing “thousands” of movies to iPads and iPhones running iOS 4.3 and up. By adding Apple devices to the fold, Blockbuster can now shoot movies to the majority of mobile devices — previously it was only available for Android (plus Mac, PC, Roku and Samsung Smart TVs). So, if you’re looking for 1080p video with 5.1 surround streaming to your Apple-fied mobile screen, your download awaits.

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Blockbuster UK finds a rescuing buyer, keeps staff and stores afloat

Blockbuster UK retail

When Blockbuster’s UK brand entered administration at the start of the year, there were concerns that it would eventually show simply an additional casualty of the inexorable step toward online video. Not rather: Gordon Brothers Europe, a private equity company known for rescuing struggling business, has bought Hit’s British assets. The acquirer isn’t disclosing the money involved, but it prepares to try to keep 2,000 workers and 264 shops in full swing while it plots a turnaround. That recuperation is just explained in vague terms at this stage, however– Gordon Brothers prepares to bring “brand-new items” and “new innovations” to the bruised retail chain. While we’re pleased to see a one-time foundation of video rentals get a 2nd possibility, we hope that its bounce-back technique includes a more futureproof selection than aisles full of plastic discs.

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Blockbuster On Demand gives streaming a second chance, with odd limitations

Blockbuster On Demand gives streaming a second chance with odd limitations

Smash hit hasn’t had much success shifting from physical rentals to digital, even under Dish’s wing. Nonetheless, it’s wagering that the umpteenth time’s the appeal with a relaunch of its Hit On Need streaming flick service. The revamp ticks numerous of the checkboxes for a modern-day by-the-title rental store with 1080p and 5.1-channel border noise as well as apps for 2012 Samsung Smart Televisions, Android and Roku 2 boxes. However, there’s a lot of curious choices, and we don’t simply suggest the omission of a subscription design. It’s missing out on an iOS app, highlights apps for desktop computer viewing and leaves no way to enjoy HD video on anything however a TELEVISION– our mobile and COMPUTER screens have actually advanced in the past numerous years, Hit. Idiosyncrasies notwithstanding, the rebirth presents more of a combined front than the one-time titan has actually offered in the past.

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Dish reportedly plans to sell mobile phones at Blockbuster retail stores

Blockbuster Store Closing Zoom 1024

According to a report from Bloomberg, Dish Network plans to start selling phones out of Blockbuster’s retail stores as a trial in the company’s effort to join the wireless market. Dish has planned to build a mobile network in the US that could come by 2016, and while the company clashed with the FCC on terms earlier this year, two weeks ago FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski officially pledged to back its plans. Blockbuster already sells phones for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint through its “Blockbuster Mobile” website, and Bloomberg reports that phone sales will soon shift to roughly 850 retail locations.

While Dish’s streaming hopes won’t pan out, it appears that the company planned to sell phones in Blockbuster stores from the…

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E3 2012: the year of the lackluster blockbuster

E3 2012 the year of the lackluster blockbuster

The Electronics Entertainment Expo is no place for the easily distracted, every inch of convention center carpet devoted to capturing the attentions of calloused video game journalists. In spite of the customary flash however, it’s hard to come away from this year’s festivals without a creeping sense of disappointment, that for all the showmanship, we didn’t actually see all that much at E3 2012 — an in-between year that seemed lackluster even by those standards.

It’s diminishing to break such a show up into clearly delineated binaries like “winners” and “losers” certainly, but if impact can be measured by lasting buzz, Epic’s certainly sitting pretty at the close of the event. It’s telling, really, that Unreal Engine 4 generated some of the most excitement around the show. In a year when Sony and Microsoft are no doubt focused on churning out next generation consoles, one of the show’s highlights came in the form of a gaming engine — a backend on which the next generation titles will be built.

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Samsung / Blockbuster reportedly sign streaming deal in Oz, US and Europe next?

We know Samsung’s been ramping up its home entertainment arsenal. Now, recent intel acquired by the folks at SmartHouse suggests that the Korean outfit’s about to dive into deeper waters, after reportedly striking a deal in Australia. The pact, that’s yet to become official, would give the manufacturer access to the plethora of films available from your favorite blue-and-yellow video store, which could then be streamed to your beloved Galaxy handset or Tab, as well as Sammy-branded Smart TVs, Blu-ray players and laptops. Furthermore, the report claims Samsung’s got a friendly billing system in the works that’d allow easy access to the content on your devices. It’s expected to hit US and Euro shores “as early as September.” Until then you’ll have to stick with the good ol’ Redbox kiosks.

Samsung / Blockbuster reportedly sign streaming deal in Oz, US and Europe next? originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 21 Feb 2012 18:31:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Blockbuster On Demand dropping TiVo support?

TiVo Premiere STB

Some 9,000 Blockbuster DVD rental kiosks will be rebranded after Redbox’s acquisition of NCR Corporation, and now the company’s streaming outlets may be thinning as well. Several TiVo users at the TiVo Community forums are reporting that they’ve received emails from Blockbuster indicating that the Blockbuster app will no longer be available on their devices as of March 31st because the company is “updating our technology platform.” While TiVo still lists Blockbuster On Demand as an available feature, the STBs are no longer listed as supported devices on Blockbuster’s site. Losing additional choices is never good news for consumers, with TiVo boxes already offering on-demand options from the likes of Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu, we doubt…

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Blockbuster Express kiosks hike rental rates to keep offering new movies

In a continuation of the worst fad ever, it appears NCR’s Blockbuster Express kiosk biz is the the latest to come down with a case of price hike-itis, following competitors Redbox and Netflix. Of course the cause behind this is the studios, who are pushing for higher rates on new release movies or delayed windows. The 3-2-1 pricing structure it has been testing kicks in on “Hot Movies” in the first month they’re available (sound familiar?), renting for $ 3 the first night (additional nights are still just $ 1 each, Blu-ray discs still cost $ 1 extra the first night), dropping to $ 2 after a month and then to $ 1 after 90 days. Expect the squeeze to be continually and evenly applied to your video rental options as long as Hollywood believes it increases sales.

Blockbuster Express kiosks hike rental rates to keep offering new movies originally appeared on Engadget on Sun, 06 Nov 2011 17:01:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Blockbuster Movie Pass: Dish Network’s $10/Month Answer To Netflix


Dish Network has the answer to Netflix: Blockbuster. The company bought the bankrupt Blockbuster six months ago at auction for $ 228 million and apparently wasted no time integrating Blockbuster’s current streaming service into Dish’s satellite TV plans. The Blockbuster Movie Pass is a complete media rental service and features streaming movies and TV shows along with movies and games-by-mail. But don’t cancel your Netflix streaming account just yet.

This isn’t Blockbuster or Dish Network’s first foray with streaming video. The then-alive (but quickly sinking) Blockbuster launched On Demand back in 2008 complete with its on dedicated player. It’s still up and running and features a robust platform support second only to Netflix. Likewise, Dish Network has long offered on demand video content and was the first to offer 1080p videos.

In fact the Blockbuster Movie Pass is a relaunch of existing Blockbuster products combined with on demand content from Dish Network. The Blockbuster streaming content adds Starz, Epix, Sony Movie Channel, and Encore to Dish’s on demand library that includes Fox, TBS, TNT, Discovery, AMC, CN, DIY, HGTV, FOOD and History. The combined content can be streamed only from will continue to stream its On Demand service.

The streaming content can’t compete with Netflix just yet though. Blockbuster announced today that the streaming to TV library includes just 3,000 movies — 4,000 are available if watched via a computer. Of course the DVD mailing service better competes with Qwikster (Netflix) and features 100,000 available titles, which can be returned at Blockbuster location. However, unlike the current Blockbuster By Mail service, you can’t walk out with another title; your next movie will be mailed to you.

Today’s announcement leverages Blockbuster’s name in movie rentals. You don’t rent movies from Dish Network, you rent movies from Blockbuster. That’s at least what Dish Network hope consumers think.

The service launches next Saturday, October 1 and goes head-to-head with Netflix for $ 10. However, this isn’t for cord cutters. This service requires a Dish Network satellite TV package and is not available separately. New subscribers can opt for one year of Dish’s Top 200 programming package for $ 39.99 a month. The Blockbuster service will be billed with the Dish Network TV service, resulting in one bill for subscribers.

Blockbuster’s Ira Bahr said , “They [consumers] still need their SpongeBob Squarepants, they still need their Fox News.” However, some people don’t want Fox News or SpongeBob, but for those already subscribed to Dish, this seems like a no-brainer for $ 10 a month.

Dish Network


Established in March 1996, DISH Network is the leader in technology and HD programming, and currently serves more than 14.3 million customers. The corporate office is based in the Meridian Complex located in Englewood, Colorado.

DISH Network, a publicly traded Fortune 200 company, is the media and entertainment arm of its former parent company, EchoStar Communications Corporation, founded in 1980 by Charlie Ergen, Candy Ergen and Jim DeFranco.

The two companies officially split in 2008 – EchoStar becoming the source for…

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