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Gmail: How to block unwanted messages

In this video, you’ll learn how to keep unwanted emails out of your inbox by marking as spam, unsubscribing, or creating custom filters.

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Black Snake Wood Cork Cover Case Skin Faceplate For LG Google Nexus 4 E960 +Film

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TABLET Hipstreet Hs7Dtb14 16Gb Aurora 2 Dual Core with Google Play
$24.99 (2 Bids)
End Date: Friday Aug-22-2014 13:12:05 PDT
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Great Global Treasure Hunt on Google Earth
End Date: Friday Aug-22-2014 13:12:10 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $3.97
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A chip off the 3D printing block: Samsung partners with 3D Systems for custom Note 3 cases (video)

It figures that Samsung would want to take its “Create” tagline for the Note series and press on into 3D printing because: You. Customization. The endless possibilities. And all that other jargon-y industry buzz buzz buzz. Well, now that the Korean …

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My Secret Lair Demands It: Floating Wood Block Table


This is a table constructed of 27 specific wooden blocks with magnets embedded in them. The magnets fend off each various other, and the blocks on the second and 3rd levels all float. Don’t stress though, they likewise have a series of guide wires running through them so that @$ $ hole buddy of yours cannot pull a block out and wreck the entire thing. Why are you pals with that man anyways? You need to have heard the things he stated about you behind your back. They were, how do I put this– erotic. Jk jk, those were the things that I said.

Hit the jump for a video of the table in action.

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Microsoft blasts Google over YouTube block, claims reasons are ‘manufactured’

Earlier today Google confirmed to The Verge that the company is blocking Microsoft’s newly released Windows Phone YouTube app. Though both companies committed to work with each other on a YouTube app, Google wasn’t happy when Microsoft released an updated app earlier this week. Microsoft now claims that Google is purposely attempting to block a YouTube Windows Phone app, and that the search giant’s objections “are nothing other than excuses.”

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Microsoft claims US Customs refused to block Motorola smartphone imports after ITC order


Microsoft is accusing US Customs officers of refusing to block imports of certain Motorola smartphones in a new complaint filed today in a US district court. According to Bloomberg News, Microsoft claims in the complaint that Customs has continued to allow Motorola Android smartphones into the country after the International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled last May that the devices infringed a 1998 patent held by the Redmond-based company. The patent involves syncing contact information and email addresses across PCs and mobile devices, and many other Android manufacturers have a licensing agreement with Microsoft to cover use of the patent.

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Google reportedly paid Adblock Plus not to block its ads


Google has reportedly paid the makers of Adblock Plus, the single most popular browser extension on Chrome and Firefox, to look the other way when it comes to its web advertisements. According to the German news site Horizont, Google and other unnamed companies are paying to be included on a “whitelist” that prevents their pop-ups, banners, and display ads from being blocked by the free service.

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Apple I to hit Christie’s auction block starting at $300,000

Apple I to hit Christie's auction block starting at $  300,000

If you weren’t able to scrounge up enough coin to snap up the last few Apple I computers to be auctioned off, another chance to score one — and empty your bank account — is headed your way. Starting today, Christie’s will be auctioning a functional Apple I until July 9, with a starting bid of $ 300,000. If last month’s record-breaking $ 671,400 sale of a similar rig is anything to go by, this machine may rake in more than its estimated $ 500,000 value. The owner of the Apple I, who picked it up over three decades ago in a swap, modified it with a keyboard, monitor and a tape deck for storage – in other words, just the motherboard is original. Those more interested in window shopping can ogle the classic hardware at Mountain View’s Computer History Museum beginning tomorrow.

[Image credit: Christie's Auction House]

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New Super Mario Bros mini figures bundle (a set of Five ~1″ figures: Mario, Goomba, Luigi, Koopa Troopa, and Mushroom; Each comes with a ~1″ mounting block) (Japanese Imported)

New Super Mario Bros mini figures bundle (a set of Five ~1″ figures: Mario, Goomba, Luigi, Koopa Troopa, and Mushroom; Each comes with a ~1″ mounting block) (Japanese Imported)

New Super Mario Bros mini figures bundle (a set of Five ~1

  • Japanese imported mini figures from the New Super Mario Bros series
  • Include five ~1″ figures: Mario, Goomba, Luigi, Koopa Troopa, and Mushroom
  • Each figure comes with a ~1″ removable mounting block
  • Wholesale packages only — there is no retail packaging. Great for holiday party
  • Small toys. Recommended for age 6 or up only

This set of Japanese imported mini figures bundle contains figures from the New Super Mario Bros series. The bundle contains five ~1″ figures (Mario, Goomba, Luigi, Koopa Troopa, and Mushroom.) Each figure comes with a mounting block. The mounting blocks are about 1 inch, removable and interchangeable. This bundle contains wholesale packaging only, no retail packaging is included, making it great for holiday party. This product contains very small toys – recommended for age 6 or up only.

List Price: $ 60.99

Price: $ 0.01

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US-CERT warns users to disable Java in web browsers, Apple and Mozilla move to block it

USCERT warns users to disable Java in web browsers, Apple and Mozilla move to block it

It’s far from the initial time that computer individuals have been alerted to disable Java, however this newest security concern has actually increased to some high levels at a particularly rapid speed. After initial being stated by security researchers on Thursday, the United States Pc Emergency Readiness Team (or US-CERT, a part of the Homeland Security division) stepped in with a caution of its own on Friday, which candidly recommended that all pc users must turn off Java in their web internet browsers (for its part, Oracle states that a fix is coming “soon”). The flaw itself is a vulnerability in the Java Safety Supervisor, which an attacker can exploit to run code on an individual’s computer.

Not content to await a fix, some business have actually currently taken actions to shut out feasible exploits. That includes Apple, which has added current variations of Java to its blacklist covering all OS X individuals, and Mozilla, which has actually allowed its “Click To Play” functionality in Firefox for all current versions of Java across all platforms (it was formerly only made it possible for by default for older versions of Java). Apple’s step follows an earlier decision to remove the Java plug-in from browsers in OS X 10.7 and up last autumn. You could discover the full alert released by US-CERT and extra details on the vulnerability at the links below.

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