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Xperia Z3 is coming to T-Mobile, but that’s just the beginning of Sony’s US adventure

Exactly a month ago, in the maelstrom of news coming out of IFA in Berlin, T-Mobile quietly disclosed what might have been expected by many: it’ll offer Sony’s next flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z3, in the US later this fall. T-Mobile has been the only major American carrier to embrace Sony’s Xperia family in recent times, however that relationship is now intensifying and should be followed by others soon as well. Whereas earlier Sony flagship handsets would take many months to reach the US market after their European debut, the timeline for the Z3 on T-Mobile suggests it is pretty much imminent. Moreover, when queried about the Xperia Z3 Compact — the handset I judged to be that little bit better than the Z3 — T-Mobile slyly asks its…

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Watch the ISEE-3 lunar flyby live, beginning at 1:30PM ET

A few months ago, the ISEE-3 Reboot Project managed to raise $ 160,000 to bring the spacecraft back to Earth after 36 years roaming outer space. The team behind the campaign successfully took control of the spacecraft and reactivated some of its…

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iOS 7 review: a new look or a new beginning?

Apple may deserve more credit than anyone for the way our smartphones look and work, but six years after our first glimpse of the iPhone a lot has changed. Google continued to design and re-design Android; Windows Phone introduced a colorful, vibrant operating system; yet iOS stood mostly still. Until this June, that is, when CEO Tim Cook announced Apple had been working on “the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone.”

That change is iOS 7, a complete aesthetic overhaul of the interface millions of iPhone owners have known for years. From the moment you turn on an iPhone running iOS 7 through nearly every interaction you have with it, it’s different. This free update changes every menu, every option, every…

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Beginning Android 4 Application Development

Beginning Android 4 Application Development

Beginning Android 4 Application Development

Understand Android OS for both smartphone and tablet programming

This fast-paced introduction to the newest release of Android OS gives aspiring mobile app developers what they need to know to program for today’s hottest Android smartphones and tablets. Android 4 OS is, for the first time, a single solution for both smartphones and tablets, so if you master the information in this helpful guide, you’ll be well on your way to successful development for both devices. From using activities and intents and creating rich user interfaces to working with SMS, messaging APIs, and the Android SDK, what you need is here.

  • Provides clear instructions backed by real-world programming examples
  • Begins with the basics and covers everything Android 4 developers need to know for both smartphones and tablets
  • Explains how to customize activities and intents, create rich user interfaces, and manage data
  • Helps you work with SMS and messaging APIs, the Android SDK, and using location-based services
  • Details how to package and publish your applications to the Android Market

Beginning Android 4 Application Development pares down the most essential steps you need to know so you can start creating Android applications today.

List Price: $ 39.99

Price: $ 19.05

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Watch Sony’s E3 2013 press conference right here beginning at 9PM ET

Last but not least, Sony will be closing out our first day of E3 2013 press conferences at 9PM ET, and you can tune in several different ways. Of course our liveblog is the place to be, but you can also stream the video on this page (embedded after the break) or directly through your PS3. After the PlayStation 4 console stayed hidden backstage at its own preview event we’re expecting to hear (and see) a lot more this time around, so get ready — it’s almost time to go.

June 10, 2013 9:00:00 PM EDT

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Source: PlayStation.Blog

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Apple Ramping Up Production For Next iPhone Beginning In Q2, WSJ Reports


Apple is looking to start production of a new iPhone of “similar” design to the current one during the second quarter of 2013, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. The production ramp-up is designed to set the stage for a summer launch of a new flagship iPhone, the report claims, which agrees with information we’ve heard from our own sources recently.

John reported last Thursday that Apple’s manufacturing partners were preparing for a June 2013 launch of the so-called iPhone 5S, a device that retains the design of the iPhone 5 but adds better specs under the hood. This report from the WSJ, paired with analyst claims of a similar timeline for an iPhone product refresh, seem to now all be pointing to a new device in early summer. Apple holds its annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference around the same time, so if we’re going to see a public event detailing the new device, that’d be when to look for it.

The WSJ report today also claims that Apple continues to work on a lower-cost iPhone, destined for a launch as early as the second half of 2013. The shell casing is said to be different from the top-end iPhone, which is what we’ve heard before, and the new report also says Apple is looking into different case colors with its less expensive design, another tidbit shared by various analysts.

While it isn’t surprising that Apple would be working on a new iPhone, the timeline for launch is a bit different from what we’d expect now that Apple has released the past couple of devices in the fall instead of the summer. Still, when you start to see multiple sources come together in agreement on information like this, it’s usually a good indication that there’s solid info behind the rumors.

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Reddit’s “Explain Like I’m Five” Series Is Just The Beginning

Reddit's general manager says other subreddits will get the video treatment soon too.

On Monday, Reddit launched its first web video series, a trio of episodes based on a subsection of the site called Explain Like I’m Five that explains complicated concepts by breaking them down to their basic components.

As with its namesake subreddit, the video series explains ideas like existentialism or the crisis in Syria or volatility in the stock market. Unlike the subreddit, the video series explains those things to actual five-year-olds.

It is Reddit's first video series, but not the site's first foray into video production. As Reddit's general manager, Erik Martin, explained in a phone interview, back in the day (er, 2009) the site's trademark Q&As, Ask Me Anything, were filmed and posted online.

“We stopped doing video a couple of years ago because we didn't have to anymore,” Martin explained. Reddit no longer has a problem convincing celebrities and politicians to respond to users in realtime on the site — President Obama even did one last year. But it wasn't always like that: Video was once the incentive. “We used to have to do video because that was the only way we could convince them to do it.”

An early AMA with Senator Ron Paul

This time around, they didn’t have to do anything, so Martin and series creator Jared Neumark took their time deciding how to make Reddit video that was original — not just regurgitating what was already on the site.

“Obviously, Explain Like I'm Five [the subreddit] is not literal,” Martin said, but he was curious if it could be. “Is it even remotely possible to explain existentialism or what's going on in Syria to a five year old? What would happen if you tried?”

Once they settled on on the concept, Neumark (who is also responsible for the Kid's Reenact videos) sifted through the subreddit's most popular posts before settling on the first three topics: the crisis in Syria, the stock market, and existentialism.

“We shot them all in one day back in November. We had a bunch of cameras, so we wouldn't have to shoot it a bunch of times; we could actually get them learning the concept the first time,” Neumark explained, also over the phone.

It turned out the lessons really did work — at least on the child actors. “We auditioned two of the kids a week before, and we used part of the scripts,” Neumark recalled, “and one of the kids remembered the lesson and he kept trying to jump in and say what he knew already. We're were like, 'No! You're not supposed to know!'”

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The Beginning Of The End Of Native Twitter Apps

Twitter is sinking the original TweetDeck to make way for its web apps. And why Twitter is done with native.

Another month, another Twitter app bites the dust — and this time, it’s one of Twitter's own. The version of TweetDeck that runs on Adobe Air (the one with the yellow icon) will cease to function as soon as May, according to the company. Its iOS counterparts, which haven't been substantially updated in over a year, will be removed from the App Store as well.

Twitter signaled this move some time ago, when, in 2011, it announced “native” versions of TweetDeck for both Windows and Mac. Early versions of the software didn't match the Air version's feature set — including (admittedly half-baked) support for Facebook News Feed — so many power users stayed behind. Today, predictably, they're not too happy:

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Fujitsu Lastly Enters Europe’s Smartphone Market With A Senior-Focused Android Device With France Telecom, Beginning In June


It was precisely a year ago that information began to emerge of Fujitsu ’ s purpose to come to Europe with its Android-based smartphones. Now the Japanese company is finally coming good on those reports: on Tuesday, Fujitsu is launching its first gadget in Europe, marking its first “ considerable foray into the smartphone market outside Japan. ”

However it ’ s not the business ’ s high-end Arrow Android phones that will be leading the fee. Instead, it is the Stylistic S-01, a senior-focused, Android 4.0 device with huge icons, improved sound and a de-sensitized touchscreen intended at elderly users. The gadget will sell first in France, starting in June and in partnership with France Telecom/Orange. The first devices will be revealed at the Mobile Globe Congress event in Barcelona next week.

While targeting elderly individuals initially could appear like a strange strategy for a smartphone market debut, it in fact makes sense for a lot of reasons.

According to WPP ’ s Kantar Worldpanel, there are currently countries in Europe where smartphone penetration has passed the 50 % mark (the UK is 61 %). France is almost among them yet, but it is close, at 46 %.

That implies that in a globe where Samsung and Apple are dominating smartphone sales, competitors is getting tight to sell to mass-market, younger demographics and some even more particular targeting is required.

Smartphone penetration amongst senior citizens in France is only around 20 %, but some 75 % of mobile individuals in the senior age bracket strategy to get a smartphone in the next year, according to one study. France Telecom tells me that it has even more phones in the pipeline for elders. “ We ‘d such as to see exactly what the hunger for this device is but we recognize the senior user section as a brand-new market for us to target, so we will be considering other devices for these individuals in the future, ” a speaker states.

Indeed, Orange is also bucking the ageist trend that presumes smartphone modern technology is just for young people. “ The senior customers within our customer base are simply as hungry for smartphone technology and mobile web services as anybody else, ” kept in mind Yves Maitre, SVP of device and mobile multimedia, France Telecom-Orange.

Fujitsu says that it has sold some 20 million phones in its Raku Raku senior phone line because its launch in 2001 in Japan, where it is sold solely by NTT Docomo. Fujitsu ’ s just various other venture beyond Japan has actually been for a trial of smartphones in China.

The Stylistic S-01 has several functions that make it more friendly to the older individual. Amongst them, the homepage icons that appear on the four-inch screen have actually been simplified and cast in a bigger typeface to make them easier to see. The touchscreen, on the other hand, has actually been made less sensitive, with individuals needed to push extra hard, as they would on a keypad, in order to tap with a command or number. While this may be frustrating to the ordinary smartphone user, Fujitsu states this lowers the amount of accidental touches that an older individual might make on the gadget.

Various other features consist of a personal protection alarm and audio innovation that slows down quickly talkers, and adjusts the frequency of voice callers relative to a person ’ s age, and water resistance.

A France Telecom spokesperson says that in the meantime there are no strategies revealed for additional nation rollouts, nor has it pointed out how it will be priced. It will rely on what Orange France determines to roll into the toll and what services it ultimately bundles with the device.

But it appears like Fujitsu, at least, has plans for this to be the first phase in a larger worldwide strategy.

“ As Fujitsu’s first extensive entry into the smartphone market outside Japan, we are thrilled that Orange– a business that holds a strong position in the European market– will be offering our phone, which features Fujitsu-exclusive human-centric modern technologies, ” stated Nobuo Otani, Corporate SVP, Fujitsu Limited, in a declaration. “ We are committed to the success of this collaboration as we aim to expand our smartphone business overseas, while advancing the promotion of Japanese innovation worldwide. ”

Full release with more device specifications below.

Fujitsu and Orange Partner to Provide Smartphones to the Quickly Growing Senior Market in Europe

Intuitive, feature-rich STYLISTIC S01 smartphone to debut June 2013 in France

Tokyo and Paris, February 19, 2013– Fujitsu Limited and France Telecom-Orange today announced a new partnership to offer smart phones and services in Europe. The collaboration marks Fujitsu’s first substantial foray into the smartphone market outside Japan. The preliminary providing will be the STYLISTIC S01, a smartphone created particularly for senior users, and will be offered with Orange in France in June 2013.

As the senior population in Europe remains to proliferate, smartphone use in this demographic is expected to climb. With the release of the STYLISTIC S01, Fujitsu and Orange plan on providing users in this market section a cutting-edge smartphone that provides superior usability. The STYLISTIC S01 will consist of services like Orange Cineday (\* 1) and Orange et Moi (\* 2), which are one-of-a-kind to Orange. Based around the human-centric modern technologies that Fujitsu has actually cultivated for over a years, the STYLISTIC S01 additionally offers a range of initial, convenient features created to lower obstacles to smartphone adoption by making best use of simplicity of use.

One of these barriers is traditional touchscreens, which do not offer the tactile sensation of pushing a physical button. The STYLISTIC S01, however, utilizes an one-of-a-kind screen technology that requires individuals to use the same level of pressure to on-screen icons as they would to buttons on a keypad. This helps individuals prevent inadvertent touches, preventing unexpected operations and enhancing input precision. Furthermore, the user-friendly graphic interface attributes extra-large icons and a simplified layout to ensure simple navigation for much easier operation. The STYLISTIC S01 is additionally equipped with a loud personal protection alarm that can be used to alert individuals in the surrounding location in emergency circumstances.

The mobile phone includes audio technology that optimizes the frequency array based upon a user’s age, making it much easier to hear the voice of the individual on the various other end of the call. An additional user-friendly audio function reduces the speech of callers who speak quickly without decreasing the pitch of their voice or altering the length of the chat. These and various other cutting-edge features are presently in use in the Fujitsu Raku-Raku Phone series for elders, which has been offered by NTT DOCOMO since 2001 in Japan where it has actually sold over 20 million units.

” The senior consumers within our client base are just as hungry for smartphone modern technology and mobile web services as anybody else. We are delighted to be collaborating with Fujitsu to leverage our incorporated strengths to offer products for an emerging smartphone market segment in Europe,” stated Yves Maitre, Senior citizen Vice Head of state of Gadget & Mobile Multimedia, France Telecom-Orange.

” As Fujitsu’s first extensive entry into the smartphone market outside Japan, we are pleased that Orange– a company that holds a sturdy position in the European market– will be providing our phone, which features Fujitsu-exclusive human-centric technologies,” said Nobuo Otani, Corporate Senior Vice President, Fujitsu Limited. “We are committed to the success of this collaboration as we strive to expand our smartphone business overseas, while advancing the promotion of Japanese innovation worldwide.”

The STYLISTIC S01 will be on display at the Fujitsu stand (Hall 5 Stand 5E120) and can likewise be seen upon request at the Orange stand (Hall 5 Stand 5H110) throughout Mobile World Congress 2013, to be held in Barcelona, Spain starting February 25, 2013.

STYLISTIC S01 Product Specifications

· 130 x 64 x 10.9 mm
· 4-inch WVGA (800 × 480) touchscreen with one-of-a-kind tactile feedback innovation
· Camera: back 8.1 MP; front: 0.3 MP
· Connectivity: GSM/GPRS/EDGE / UMTS/HSPA, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, GPS
· Memory: 4 GB + microSD
· OS version: Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0
· Chipset: Qualcomm MSM8255 1.4 GHz
· Battery: 1800 mAh
· Water – and dust-resistant (IPX5/8, IP5X)

Glossary and Notes
1. Orange Cineday
Allows Orange customers to take a buddy to see a motion picture every Tuesday for free of cost.

2. Orange et Moi
A cost-free application allowing Orange customers to comprehend and handle all their account details directly from their mobile in an effective and easy manner. Consumers can track their usage, top up their account, apply for options, discover about special deals, access Orange aid, and likewise discover all the applications published by Orange with just one click.

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Apple now selling refurbished 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display beginning at $1,869

Apple now selling refurbished 15inch MacBook Pro with Retina display beginning at $  1,869

We can’t state we’re precisely shocked to see Apple’s next-generation MacBook Pro show up on the company’s “Certified Refurbished” online shop– still, it’s great updates for folks looking to conserve a little bit of cash while getting a taste of Retina MBP straight from the source. Currently, Apple is only providing the 15-inch design (with a 2.3 GHz, quad-core i7 CPU, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD) for $ 1,869, making it about $ 330 less than its non-refurbished equivalent– obviously, that exceptional cost additionally consists of the accustomed one-year maker’s guarantee, which is a good protection blanket to have when shelling out this much capital. As is generally the case with Cupertino’s renewed products, though, supplies may be somewhat minimal, so now could possibly be a terrific time to leap on the MacBook Pro with Retina display bandwagon.

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