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Samsung Backs GamePop As BlueStacks Adds $13M In New Funding

gp+samsung1 Samsung’s venture arm has contributed to a round of funding that adds $ 13 million to the total raised by BlueStacks, the virtualization startup that debuted its GamePop platform earlier this year to offer over-the-top mobile gaming for living room and TVs. Samsung’s investment backs the company’s vision of delivering GamePop as a white-label solution aimed at TV makers and… Read More

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Nest’s Fadell Backs Smart Garden Sensor Edyn As It Moves Past Kickstarter Goals

edyn-app A month ago, I wrote about an Internet of Things soil sensor called Edyn that tracks light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition and moisture data for gardeners. The company, which first launched at TechCrunch Disrupt last year, beat their initial $ 100,000 goal for a first production run on Kickstarter. They’ve got close to $ 300,000 from backers including Nest co-founder Tony Fadell… Read More

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Patent troll Lodsys backs out of lawsuit at last minute to avoid a ruling on its claims

Notorious patent troll Lodsys abandoned a lawsuit on the eve of a trial rather than face the possibility of losing on the merits of his claims, according to the defendant in the case. Security firm Kaspersky Labs, one of dozens of defendants in Lodsys’ two-year-old lawsuit over claims related to in-app purchases, said in a blog post today that Lodsys settled its claims without winning any concessions from Kaspersky. “Churchill was right: ‘Never give up,’” company founder Eugene Kaspersky wrote. “We’ve followed his advice in our fight against a particular troll. As a result the troll gave up and ran away with nothing and its tail between its legs.”

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Mobile giant Telefonica backs Windows Phone in move to stymie Android and iOS duopoly


Spanish mobile provider Telefónica today announced it is to help boost the visibility of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system in a bid to end the “current duopoly of Android and iOS.” The two companies have signed a one year “enhanced marketing agreement” that will see Telefónica boost advertising of Windows Phone 8 devices in the UK, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and Chile.

Telefónica wants to dilute the “polarisation of installed base in operating platforms.”

As part of its marketing focus, the mobile giant has also pledged to “provide customers with a more personal smartphone experience like Windows Phone offers.” It hopes its actions will make the market “more competitive” and dilute the “polarisation of installed base…

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Toshiba Canvio Connect drive backs up mobile devices through Pogoplug

Toshiba Canvio Connect drive backs up smartphones, shares files remotely

While we’re used to connected hard drives that share their contents with phones and tablets, the reverse isn’t common — why don’t many of these drives safeguard our mobile content from the start? Toshiba is as baffled as we are, so it’s launching its Canvio Connect portable drive with handheld access in mind. While the USB 3.0 disk has no built-in networking of its own, a software bundle for Macs and PCs (we’ve confirmed that it’s Pogoplug) lets travelers back up photos and videos from their Android and iOS devices, reach the drive’s files through the internet and partake in 10GB of free cloud storage. The new Canvio can also serve as a traditional external drive for computers, although it’s still improved in that space when the enclosure is about a third shorter than that of its predecessors. Toshiba expects the mobile-savvy Connect to arrive in mid-May at prices ranging from $ 99 for a 500GB model through to $ 190 for a 2TB version.

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Huawei backs out of US network equipment market, citing unfavorable ‘geopolitical reasons’


Following last October’s Congressional report stating that Huawei’s networking equipment poses a national security risk, the business group in charge is announcing plans to back out of the US market, reports IDG. On Tuesday, carrier business group CTO Li Sanqi announced that “apparently, due to whatever the geopolitical reasons, we are not focusing on the US market.” Huawei’s critics in government and elsewhere have voiced concerns that the equipment could enable some in its home country of China to listen in on network traffic, although a probe into the issue ordered by the White House didn’t turn up any evidence of spying.

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Top 5 Most Popular CENTER BACKS on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team! (CB)

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Carbonite Mobile backs up the contents of your phone, allows you to wipe your device remotely

Carbonite Mobile backs up the contents of your phone, allows you to remotely wipe your device

Before today, Carbonite had a few mobile applications, however the backup procedure was something of a one-way street: you might access content on your mobile phone, however you couldn’t back up the contents of your phone. That alters today with Carbonite Mobile, a free application for iOS and Android that allows you to publish pictures and other files to In addition to data backup, however, you get some benefits normally reserved for standalone mobile safety apps– things like remote wiping and the capacity to reset the phone to factory settings if it falls into the wrong hands. Additionally, you can use the application to find your lost device on a map, and you could also set off the ringer, also if you had actually set the phone to tremble. In the instance of the Android app, the software will certainly run in the background; due to Apple’s different set of APIs, it won’t run 24/7. However, all you iPhone owners out there could program the application so that it backs up the device automatically when you get home. Curious? We’ve got screenshots below along with download links in Google Play and the Application Store.

Verizon backs down from convenience fee, values your two cents

The people (and government) have spoken and Verizon has listened — and issued a press release. The carrier has officially backed off of the “single payment fee” that drew almost universal ire amongst subscribers and nabbed the attention of the FCC. Says Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead, “we believe the best path forward is to encourage customers to take advantage of the best and most efficient options, eliminating the need to institute the fee at this time.” Looks like the company’s gonna have to get a couple of bucks from you another way. No word yet on whether the FCC plans to investigate Sprint’s similar long-standing fee. Official statement after the break.

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Verizon backs down from convenience fee, values your two cents originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 30 Dec 2011 15:29:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Carrier IQ VP says software poses no threat to user privacy, backs up his argument with metaphor

The final chapter of the Carrier IQ saga has yet to be written, but at this juncture, even the rosiest of rose-tinted observers would be hard pressed to find a silver lining. The specter of federal investigation looms larger by the day. Implicated carriers and manufacturers are washing their hands with Macbethian fury. Al Franken is on the verge of going Al Franken. And at the epicenter of all this sits Carrier IQ — a California-based analytics company that has already gone to great lengths to defend its innocence. First, it sought to discredit Trevor Eckhart’s ostensibly damning research with a cease-and-desist letter. Then, CEO Larry Lenhart flatly denied Eckhart’s findings with an impassioned YouTube address. In recent days, the company has markedly softened its stance, arguing that its apps are only designed to meet operator demands and to “make your phones better.” Now, Carrier IQ has elaborated upon these arguments with a more detailed breakdown of how its software functions, and a more substantive defense of its practices. Head past the break to read more.

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Carrier IQ VP says software poses no threat to user privacy, backs up his argument with metaphor originally appeared on Engadget on Sat, 03 Dec 2011 09:19:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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