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ASIMO Robot Next Generation Unveiled! 2013 Humanoid Robot Show, : Pls like : Pls Subscribe ASIMO Robot Next Generation Unveiled! 2013 Humanoid…
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Honda robot Asimo makes balky tour guide

Honda robot Asimo makes balky tour guide
TOKYO — Honda's walking, talking interactive robot is running into glitches in its new job as a museum guide in Tokyo. The bubble-headed Asimo machine had problems telling the difference between people raising their hands to ask questions and those …
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Anything You Can Do, Robots Can Do Better: Photos
While the idea of putting a machine in the cockpit to fly a plane for the entire journey might make modern-day passengers uneasy, in the future, we might be flying the friendly skies in planes piloted by robots. Already, autopilot is responsible for …
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Overview – Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Z Saisei-hen
Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Z Saisei-hen (Super Robot Wars Z2: Saisei-hen), is an entry in Namco Bandai Games Super Robot Wars series, and the immediate sequel to Super Robot Wars Z2: Hakai-hen. Despite its billing as a two-part game, Saisei-hen is …
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ASIMO Beograd 2012

ASIMO, Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, WORLD’S MOST ADVANCED HUMANOID ROBOT, ON PRESENTATION IN BELGRADE, AT KOLARAC HALL, ROBOTICS FESTIVAL OPENING DAY 24.9.2012. * Video is not best quality and it is not from best distance shot, but you can see all the ASIMO’s skills presented in 6 minutes: 0:00 – 0:30 – Walking in and greeting 0:30 – 1:00 – Talking 1:00 – 2:16 – Holding, Carrying and Serving 2:16 – 2:33 – Footsteps 2:33 – 3:48 – Running straight and in circle 3:48 – 5:04 – Climbing up and down the stairs 5:04 – 5:17 – Handshaking 5:17 – 5:36 – Kicking a ball 5:36 – 6:06 – Dancing 6:06 – 6:33 – Saying farewell and leaving

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New Honda Robot Lawn Mower with ASIMO Robot Global Robotics News

SBARTSTV Global News Video New Honda Robot Lawn Mower with ASIMO Robot
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ASIMO robot / Mini Dolls / highly recommended

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All-New ASIMO by Honda Robotics

(click for time bookmarks) more info: | – Running at 9 km/h (00:00) – Hopping on One Leg (fixed point) (00:22) – Hopping on One Leg (circular motion) (01:38) – Hopping on Two Legs (circular motion) (02:55) – Kicking a Ball (04:18)
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ASIMO – The Honda Humanoid Robot.

ASIMO - The Honda Humanoid Robot.

He worlds most advanced robot… The robot, called Asimo, is the end product of 22 years of research by scientists all over the world, including a team at Edinburgh University. He can walk, run, dance and even play football.. ASIMO is Honda Motor Company’s renowned humanoid robot, created at Honda’s Wako Fundamental Technical Research Center in Japan. This version is the current model in a line of eleven that began in 1986 with E0. Officially, the name is an acronym for “Advanced Step in Innovative MObility”. Honda’s official statements claim that the robot’s name is not a reference to science fiction writer and inventor of the Three Laws of Robotics, Isaac Asimov. As of February 2009, there are over 100 ASIMO units in existence. Each one costs just under million to manufacture. [Adapted from Wikipedia]
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Japanese Robots: Toyota Partner Robot and Honda Asimo

Japanese Robots: Toyota Partner Robot and Honda Asimo

This footage was shot at the 2008 Japan! Culture + Hyperculture Festival at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. It includes a demostration of two life-sized robots. The Toyota Partner Robot is a trumpet player who plays three songs. I didn’t recognize the first tune. The second tune is a cover of Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called to Say I Love You.” The third tune is a medley of the following Disney songs: “Hi Ho”, “Whistle While You Work”, “When You Wish Upon a Star”, and “The Mickey Mouse Club March”. The second robot in this clip is the Honda Asimo, who can walk, talk, run, and even walk up and down a flight of steps.

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Asimo: Honda Upgrades Its Awesome Humanoid (Videos)


Honda has been very silent about Asimo, its super-advanced humanoid robot, in recent years. After introducing the first version in 2000, Honda showed several versions through 2005, until the company finally took the wraps off a new version earlier today in Tokyo. This model is the thinnest, fastest, and most “intelligent” Asimo yet.

At 48kg, the Asimo that was shown today is 6kg lighter than the previous model. He now has 57 joints in his body (23 more) and walks at 9km/h (instead of 6km/h).

Honda says that Asimos’s improved “intelligence” makes it possible for the robot to track a conversation between different people, recognizing the faces and voices of everyone involved (even when severla people speak simultaneously).

Another plus in the intelligence department: Asimo can now temporarily stop a certain action and resume it after performing a different task in between (for example opening a can of beer and pouring it into a glass – something, which wasn’t possible before either).

If told, Asimo can kick a ball or start hopping now, too – on one or two legs. He can now even hop in a circular pattern.

And that’s not all: according to Honda, the robot “is now capable of predicting the direction a person will walk within the next few seconds based on information from pre-set space sensors and quickly determining to take an alternate path to avoid a collision with the person if the estimated locations of the person and the ASIMO intersect.”

The Robocalypse is near.

Here’s a video (in Japanese, but that doesn’t matter too much in this case):

Asimo serving beer (he opens the can and pours the beer into a glass by himself):

Some new skills shown in slow-motion [ENG/JP]

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Honda’s ASIMO robot sheds a few pounds, gets all autonomous on us (video)

We’ve already seen it dance, sing and read minds, but Honda’s ASIMO humanoid has now taken that one great leap into decidedly more dystopian territory. The revamped bot, pictured above (and apparently doing its best Herman Cain impression), was unveiled today in Japan, sporting a streamlined physique and scarily adept mind. In fact, Honda claims that its bot is now less “automated” than it is “autonomous” — all thanks to new behavior control technology that allows it to move and make decisions on its own, independent of human operators. Its external recognition capability and set of onboard visual and auditory sensors enable it to rapidly process information about its environment, which the ASIMO then uses to plot its next move. Combining long- and short-term sensor data, the droid can predict human movements and automatically recognize voices or gestures. Because of this, Honda says, the ASIMO could be more easily integrated within social environments, and peacefully coexist with its human prey counterparts. Physically, meanwhile, the robot’s looking svelter than ever, having shed a full six kilograms. It can now run at a maximum speed of 9 kilometers per hour, jump up and down for as long as it wants, and even hop on one leg, should it ever need to. Plus, its hands are now more dexterous than ever, thanks to new independent finger control functions that allow it to handle the most delicate of tasks — like pouring you a stiff one after work, or before your inevitable demise. Check out more images in the gallery below, or hop past the break for a video and accompanying press release.

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