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Instagram Buries Ad Announcement Amid Twitter IPO News

Interesting timing, indeed.

This afternoon Instagram formally announced its move to bring ads to the network, in the form of high-quality photos and videos (Burberry’s slow-mo ads were only the beginning!) from brands that are already on Instagram.

The rollout, according to Instagram, will be slow at first:

We have big ideas for the future, and part of making them happen is building Instagram into a sustainable business. In the next couple months, you may begin seeing an occasional ad in your Instagram feed if you're in the United States. Seeing photos and videos from brands you don't follow will be new, so we'll start slow. We'll focus on delivering a small number of beautiful, high-quality photos and videos from a handful of brands that are already great members of the Instagram community.

The blog post aims to soften the blow of the announcement by framing the move as the next step for “Instagram as a Growing Business.” Yet the most clever bit of the announcement seems to be in the timing, as it comes possibly only minutes before Twitter releases its S-1 IPO filing to the hordes of ravenous tech, media, and finance journalists.

While the news dump is a tried-and-true tactic, it’s still notable that the announcement — which will most likely ruffle the feathers of its ad-weary users, and attract ample media speculation and Facebook comparisons — precedes what could be the biggest tech information dump in well over a year.

Just for good measure, here's a very small sampling of the quick comment reactions from Instagram's blog post.

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PlayStation Vita – E3 2011 extended announcement trailer “Playstation Vita” Playstation Vita Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) today announced PlayStation?Vita (PS Vita) (PCH-1000 series) as the official pl…

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Valve’s Second Hardware Announcement Is The Futuristic Tactile Steam Controller


Nobody expected that, but Valve’s most exciting announcement of the week might be a game controller. The Steam controller is a futuristic touch-enabled gamepad with a small screen sitting right between your two thumbs. The company promises that the controller will work with any game as it is a very malleable device.

Valve has taken a hint or two from the smartphone world and ported it to the gaming world. As smartphone interfaces allow developers to make all sorts of buttons, the company took the same approach. Thanks to a tiny high-resolution screen, players will be able to trigger a lot of different actions. It doesn’t seem to be a regular touch screen — Valve has chosen to build a clickable screen to prevent unwanted taps. But there are some familiar touch controls as well.

For example, you can swipe through pages of actions to find the right one. The same screen will be reproduced on your bigger display so that you can keep an eye on the action while selecting an item. Even mouse-and-keyboard games, such as 4X and RTS games, should be playable with the Steam controller. The company illustrates the press release with a screenshot of Civilization V to prove its point.

Below each thumb, users will find two rounded trackpads. They replace the traditional sticks that you can find on your Xbox and PlayStation controllers. Once again, those trackpads are clickable. This is crucial for the right thumb as many games use traditional buttons for the right side of the controller.

The entire Steam catalog should be compatible with the Steam controller, but some games will run in ‘legacy mode’. You don’t need a Steam machine to use it, just a computer that runs Steam. But other computer games that you didn’t buy through Steam may not be compatible.

Finally, the Steam controller can vibrate. Once again, Valve didn’t share any release date or price. But you can probably expect to see a Steam controller bundled with the Steam Box.

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Samsung Galaxy S III Announcement Coming May 3rd? (What to Expect)

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Microsoft targets 25 million more Xbox 360 sales, ‘huge announcement’ planned for E3


Microsoft believes it can sell 25 million more Xbox 360s despite announcing the console’s successor, the Xbox One, earlier this week. The Xbox 360 launched back in 2005, and has sold an estimated 77.2 million to date. Growth has slowed significantly in recent months (despite the console outselling the PS3 in the US for over two years straight), and it only sold 1.3 million last quarter. Speaking to the UK’s Official Xbox Magazine, Interactive Entertainment Business Senior VP Yusuf Mehdi said that Microsoft is aiming to sell the additional consoles over the next five years.

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The Most Important Google Announcement You Missed Yesterday

Google showed off lots of new stuff yesterday . But this is the one thing you’ll use the most.

The concept is simple: money as an email attachment. And it’s not fundamentally more capable than PayPal, which has let you send money to other people for years. But in online payments, ease counts for a lot — preexisting iTunes accounts are a large part of why the App Store caught on so quickly, for example. Which is why this, which was buried among flashier announcements about Chrome, Glass, Android, Music and Maps, might be the most important thing Google's announced in months.

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Nokia Lumia 928 billboard can’t wait for official announcement to trumpet low-light camera performance

Nokia Lumia 928 billboard can't wait for official announcement, trumpets low-light camera

It’s not uncommon for an as yet announced phone to pop up on Twitter, or via an insider leak. But a physical billboard? That takes some doing. If this image — spotted out in the wild — is to be believed, Nokia’s Lumia 928 is as real as the day is long. The Verizon handset shown certainly fits the images we’ve already seen, and the low-light boast will stoke the coals of any Xenon or PureView rumors for sure. However, this spot is hardly Times Square, so until we see something a little more concrete, Lumia fans on Big Red will have to keep the faith with that 822.

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Nokia teases QWERTY phone announcement on April 24th

Nokia teases QWERTY phone announcement coming Wednesday

Main teasers rarely provide much in the way of detail, but this one from Nokia a minimum of includes a beautiful image. It reveals the rounded design language we have actually concerned associate with the company’s latest attribute phones, but with Z and Shift keys that signify we’re looking at a physical QWERTY handset as opposed to a sweet bar– possibly something along free throw lines of the Asha 205 we saw back in November. The photo was accompanied by an article confirming that this’ll be a product from Nokia’s Mobile Phones group rather than the people behind Lumia, which the announcement will happen at 7am GMT (3am ET) this Wednesday. The time zone is suggestive of an Asian or European launch, so it might or could not be worth setting your alarm.

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Home Depot drops BlackBerry for the iPhone despite Z10 announcement

iPhone 5 bokeh stock 1020

BlackBerry revealed its newest flagship phone, the Z10, just over a week ago– however it appears the product wasn’t enough to keep House Depot as a customer. Apple Insider is stating that the estate enhancement merchant will be changing the BlackBerry gadgets made use of by some 10,000 staff members– mainly business personnel and supervisors at the shop and district level– with the iPhone. The company will not be going Apple-only simply yet, nonetheless; roughly 60,000 store employees will continue to make use of ruggedized Motorola smartphones.

The company formerly understood as Research In Movement has found itself struggling in current years as it deals with a mobile marketplace that’s progressively controlled by Android and iOS. Its BlackBerry 10 operating system– …

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Home Depot drops BlackBerry for the iPhone despite Z10 announcement

iPhone 5 bokeh stock 1020

BlackBerry announced its latest flagship phone, the Z10, just over a week ago — but it appears the product wasn’t enough to keep Home Depot as a customer. Apple Insider is reporting that the home improvement retailer will be replacing the BlackBerry devices used by some 10,000 employees — primarily corporate staff and managers at the store and district level — with the iPhone. The company won’t be going Apple-only just yet, however; roughly 60,000 store employees will continue to use ruggedized Motorola smartphones.

The company formerly known as Research In Motion has found itself struggling in recent years as it faces a mobile marketplace that’s increasingly dominated by Android and iOS. Its BlackBerry 10 operating system —…

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