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Tegra Note 7 tablet to get an LTE refresh, early adopters pick up KitKat update

Itching for a Tegra-powered gaming device, but insist on a slate with LTE support? You’re in luck: NVIDIA is building a tablet just for you. Today the company announced the Tegra Note 7 LTE, a $ 299 variant of its existing Note 7 tablet equipped with…

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BlackBerry Beta Zone app released for early adopters on BB10

BlackBerry Beta Zone app released for early adopters on BB10

Well, it looks as if Twitter isn’t the only one announcing something beta-related today. BlackBerry has (quietly) released Beta Zone for BlackBerry 10, an application geared toward folks who are game to try stuff before it’s ready for prime time. The firm’s newly outed app gives members an easy-to-access hub where they can download the latest software arriving on the platform in beta. As you’d expect, Beta Zone for BB10 won’t cost a dime to download, though you will need to have an account before being able to access any of those rough-hewn apps.

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Google Glass Early Adopters Hope to Develop Knowing, Health care, Ease of access & Safety Apps

Glass winners

Wondering who has succeeded a Google Glass? Stanford PhD student Andrej Karpathy has actually made use of Twitter ’ s API to assemble a partial list of the so far close to 4,000 winners of Google ’ s Glass Explorers first adopter competition who used to get the high tech specs through Twitter. Google still hasn ’ t confirmed that the last Glass winners have been named yet so there may yet be a few more invites to go out. Update: Karpathy ’ s listing has actually now been updated to 4238 people, so Glass invites are still going out today. Huge G has actually been active this previous week sending out notices to champions of its # ifihadglass investment project (and even rescinding a few that fell short to equal its T&C s). Winners put on ’ t actually succeed a free pair of Glass. Rather they get a VIP pass to spend $ 1,500 to be amongst the first group of people to possess a pair of the Glass Traveler Version of Google ’ s high tech specifications. So it ’ s a high stakes, high presence marketing competitors as Google finds to both evangelise, humanise and normalise a modern technology that ’ s brand-new, various and impossible to overlook — being as it sits right on the face. Successful candidates on the Twitter listing(whose Twitter descriptions are revealed above in Word Cloud kind)include well-known names such as previous Speaker of your home, Amphibian Gingrich, who pledged “ # ifihadglass i would take it on tours of zoos and galleries to share the animals and fossils ”, and — at the polar opposite end of the celebrity spectrum — electronica singer songwriter Imogen Load who wishes to ” hook them up w/my gloves to help me browse music making in 3D ”. As you ’ d expect, the list of winners weighes on entertainers and extroverts guaranteeing to livestream their gig/music/show / art/sports activity/skydive. There are likewise a reasonable couple of marketing kinds — pledging to do things like “ learn & write how it will alter advertising & brands ”. But — more interesting than either of these classifications — are the designers with app ideas for Glass. Previously this month Google demoed a few of its own Glass apps such as Gmail, as well as revealed a few 3rd celebration apps from the likes of the New york city Times, Evernote and Path. But Glass will fly or pass away based

on cool new apps that likely wear ’ t exist on various other platforms yet. I ’ ve collated a listing (see below)of some of the app concepts that Glass champions are pledging to produce — and, past the apparent use-cases of audio and streaming a first person viewpoint, styles for possible Glass apps are already arising. Education and learning, healthcare, ease of access and safety application concepts are numerous amongst this wave of Glass very early adopters(albeit, these designers likely place ’ t had a possibility to effectively cope with Glass yet

). It looks likely that Glass will be the tech sector where augmented truth can seriously remove — thanks to both the natural visual overlay and the hands-free nature of the device. On smartphones and tablets AR stays something of a trick, because the individual has to hold the gadget approximately produce a field-of-vision overlay — limiting how they can interact with it and how long they can utilize it for. Neither are problems for Glass. I would create information retrieval apps that deal with the Glass # ifihadglass – like repair info, and so on. [link] we develop a completely new shopping app leveraging the power of glass+android. [link] I ’ d make a app so that little “ icons of trust ” hover over individual heads. I ’ d understand who to trust, quickly / [link] I ’ d develop an application for tourists to correspond with their loved ones. Show appeal is in examination of the Glass holder. [link] I ’ d develop a micro-expression detector that would enable suitable feedbacks to the occasionally subtle responses in others. [link] I would establish cutting-edge apps for publications [link] I ’ d produce an app that had real-time details about taxis when you looked at their taxi number making use of AR # ifihadglass [link] Being partially blind, # ifihadglass I ’ d utilize it to augment my absence of peripheral vision, use presence apps to avoid bumping into others, etc. [link] I ’ d help develop brand-new applications for its use in wellness & medication & inspire others to as well  [link] I ’ d write apps for smartwatches that show tokens for the Glass to get and show expanded information @ projectglass [link] I ’ d make mashups with @ LeapMotionDev for augmented reality apps like these and evangelize to devs [link] I would develop a driving security app to assist decrease driver diversion, find drowsiness, and display upcoming roadway issues [link] I ’ d develop a ski app to reveal you speed, distance, calories. Take activity pics in collection.

Include sensors to jacket for more security. [link] i ’ d create a skill/barter app where people could possibly indicate skills/goods they have/need for trade. Haves/needs appear overhead. [link] I ’ d create the best nerd app — crosshairs. [link] I develop an app to reveal people how much carbon energy they were making use of. [link] develop apps that can be beneficial for moms and dads and children like medical [link] I ’ d make an app that converts the sheet songs you see into a MIDI file. =D [

link] I ’ d explore applications for education [link] I would build apps for individuals who go shopping. [link] I would develop an input and recall application for simply. me – an app that enables us to capture, share and remember our life. [link] I would construct an app to display essential running and heart rate information

to me while I run and bike / [link] I ’ d develop an app called momento that allowed me to bear in mind where things are by using playback. [link] I would construct applications for dental practitioners, doctors, and makers to empower the industrial AR dream. [link] I would build a dating app (that would inevitably be considered creepy). [link] i ‘d develop an app to assist ppl with their dieting/eating routines by revealing you nourishment info for things you consume. (hook me up)[

link] I will produce a face awareness app to advise me the name of the individuals I satisfy and count the amount of time I invest with them. [link] I would check out and discuss the feasible retail applications … i.e., shop my glass

off [link] I would establish a location and image awareness based increased truth app for blind or aesthetically impaired individuals. [link] I would construct a persistent knowledge AI: construct an application to instantly bring search results page apropos of discussion [link] I would develop some kind of app to assist children establish art abilities. [link] I would right away begin on my commute/family journey monitoring support app, and wear glass daily on …  [link] To prevent and reduce excessive weight, with an app that records exercise and food intake to offer dietary guide # ifihadglass [link] Look into Tour, a concept directed tour app for Google Glass # ifihadglass. Making the unnoticeable noticeable  [link] I would write an app to determine lawmakers on the fly. A covert aesthetic shazam. [link] I ’ d write an app to make it simpler to check out nourishment facts on processed food [link] We would utilize our AR to make the very best ever before # travel app with details about monument/landscape and boards translation overlay # ifihadglass [link] I want to make an app that helps deaf people “ see ” exactly what others are chatting about. [link] I would develop a speedometer app to track my top and ordinary speeds while luging,  [link] construct an app that suggests individuals to meet based upon who is nearby. [link] I would write a running app that would reveal the @ strava course names and course records of whatever streets I was running on [link] I would use the heads-up/subject-overlay credit to make better apps for healthcare experts, analysts and students [link] I would work to discover applications for its use in hospitals and other medical care setups. [link]

I would develop GhostRunner. An application that enables me to run against my own best time. Visually.  [link]

I would develop an app that utilizes facial recognition to meet again lost pets with their parents # ifihadglass  [link]

I would develop an app efficient in taking signboards, and changing them with things you are attempting to bear in mind (or cat images). [link] I would develop an app to have the “ Yellow Line ” at football games in real life.  [link] I would create a Marine Navigation application for both the laid-back cruiser and racing seafarer # WindSpeed # BuoyLocations [link] Client service application

that uses live video from callers to walk them through options # ifihadglass [link] I ’ d build an app to recognize fashion on the road and find a place to purchase it. # iloveyourdress #

wheredidyougetit [link] I ’ d write an app that tapes a minute buffer of video that will conserve to Google Drive on command.

Document outstanding things. [link] I would make a doorbell app, so I might see who ’ s knocking and quickly let them in.  [link] # ifihadglass remind individuals of their consultations, would utilize Google maps to figure out when to send out pointer, ie farther away, earlier ping [link] Innovate: App 2 reduce weapon violence! 

[ link] Hands-free training! Not tethered to a laptop computer or Elmo, unlimited innovative & useful classrm applications! [link] Hate it when your Dr. constantly looks down throughout your appointment

? I ’ m going to alter that with Glass. # ifihadglass [link] I would create an app to let general aviation aviators prep and fly their airplanes through lists they can see in the glass.

[ link] I ’ d built-in voice-control for all of our attributes in our products so that customers could use our apps while on the treadmill

. [link] I will test my AR android app for climbing, suggesting enhancements, and sharing this experience with the climbing up community [link] I would create an app that would make people, specifically young females like myself, feel safe in their existing surroundings. [link] I will develop a driver-training app to detect incorrect driving habits and provide training feedback.

[ link] I would establish an application to allow the communication with deaf individuals by revealing a live transcription in Google Glass 1/2 [link] establish an application for musicians,

by taking part in a data source that would help tablature to play the instrument [link] I would establish an app that can recommend desired dishes by just exploring my refrigerator and scanning its food products [link] i ’ d establish

an app to help waiters try to keep track of tables, orders and client inclinations [link] i would create an app measuring tension levels by the size of your pupils. Information could possibly show tension visualised throughout the world [

link] I would develop a gps app that gave historic information. [link] I ’ d establish an app that would notify moms and dads when their teen isn ’ t paying attention

to the road while driving. [link] 4 Architecture app Glasses can be conected with SketchUp so the customers could possibly se the building proposals directlly on website. [link]

Establish app integrating BIM – construction employees construct with greater speed and precision – designers imagine ideas in situ [link] I ’ d create apps for retailers to survey merchandise, check stock and order replenishments automatically – by looking at racks [link] I ’ d construct an app to assist initially responders get the details they need while keeping their eyes on the topic. [link]

Make an app or hardware mod that understands mood to change UX(based on pupil expansion)# ifihadglass [link] I would build a real-time medical history taking app that would tape & upload doctor/patient communications into an EMR! [link] I ’ d make apps

to control all my Internet of Things with # Android @ House. [link] I would develop an application that makes home improvement tasks simpler by changing measuring tapes and basic box levels [link] I would establish place mindful applications, like car equate of spotted text, information on items seen etc.

[ link] Program brilliant subtitles to truth. Hyperlink objects. Design apps for self-directed learning # edtech  [link] I would make an app to alert the deaf when a loud noise recognizes a

danger outside of their field of vision [link] Use it to develop an app the incentives individuals when they toss their trash away, would take pictures to verify it [link] I would make an application that makes it possible for individuals to crowdsource live coverage of public occasions. # youtube2 [link] Consider applications for use with kids and learning handicaps. [link] I would make them Wi-Fi instinctive with app support so that you can

use them to readjust setups on your DSLR or GoPro. [link] I ’ d develop tools to make measuring the self throughout multiple domains easier, even more transparent, and more efficient than ever before. [link] I ’ d build details sharing devices for enriching IRL chats.

If I browse for something, the pals with me need to see outcome. [link]

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EA Maxis cops to ‘dumb’ SimCity launch, offers early adopters a free game

The botched launch of the brand-new SimCity game has actually upset lots of today, however there is a little good information. EA Maxis exec Lucy Bradshaw posted that the company is working on its server concerns, with capability apparently up 120 percent in the last 48 hours and “disrupted experiences” down 80 percent. As a method of making up for a launch that was “dumb” for not expecting much more players and activity than seen in its beta, EA will provide all those who have actually activated a copy by March 18th a free of cost COMPUTER game download. There’s no word on which game(s) from the EA portfolio will be readily available however individuals will be informed by email. The one thing they will not be getting nonetheless is exactly what numerous are requesting for: an offline option that stays clear of all the server mess and entanglements of always-on DRM.

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Kim Dotcom’s Mega cloud storage launches for early adopters

Kim Dotcom's Mega cloud storage launches for early adopters, teases 4TB for big spenders

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has actually been promising exactly what’s virtually a kind of renaissance through his Huge cloud storage service. Now that it’s open to the first wave of users, we have an inkling of exactly what that approach change involves. Huge is presently just a simple-to-use parking location for records with a reasonably big 50GB of storage in a free of cost tier. Nonetheless, it could grow rapidly: there’s pledges of Google Docs-style modifying, instantaneous messaging and mobile gain access to, among various other strategies. Ultimate paid strategies will offer substantially more storage of in between 500GB for & euro; 10 per month ($ 13) to 4TB for & euro; 30 ( $ 40), albeit with a bandwidth cap of two times the storage at any given level. As such, Huge is primarily a package of potential– but it may stand out from the pack if aspiration matches truth.

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Lytro plenoptic camera now shipping to early adopters

Gallery Photo: Lytro review pictures

Looks like we’re not the only ones to get a Lytro this month: according to company founder and CEO Ren Ng, the tubular light field camera is now shipping to the first batch of pre-order customers. If you were entranced by the groundbreaking shoot-first, focus-later camera in our review today and plan to order one now, we’re sorry to tell you that you’ll won’t be getting it quite that soon yourself. Lytro tells us that production is underway and units will be shipping continually to customers from now on, but if you buy today, you’ll still have to wait for April or May for it to arrive at your door.

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Nintendo completes 3DS Ambassador program, delivers 10 GBA games to early adopters

If you’ve still got the 3DS price drop blues, perhaps a fresh (and final) infusion of free games will help. Early adopters that signed into the Nintendo eShop before August 11th will find ten GameBoy Advance games tacked on to their handheld’s purchase history, retrievable via the same clunky redownload system that delivered the 3DS Ambassador program’s NES titles. Thankfully, the unintuitive process is relatively simple — just hop into the eShop’s menu, scroll down to “Settings / Other”, and select “Your Downloads,” to claim your (potentially-exclusive) games. Short of having a 3DS guide us through the Louvre, we can’t think of a better use for Nintendo’s fledgling handheld.

Nintendo completes 3DS Ambassador program, delivers 10 GBA games to early adopters originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 16 Dec 2011 23:53:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance thank you package rolls out to 3DS early adopters this Friday

Following August’s dramatic price drop for the 3DS, Nintendo has announced that, come Friday, members of its Ambassador Program will finally be able to download the ten Game Boy Advance games they were promised. The complimentary titles in question are F-Zero Maximum Velocity, Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Metroid Fusion, Wario Land 4 and WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames, each of which will be automatically added to your purchase history. In other news, Nintendo expects you to receive your bouquet of three dozen long-stemmed roses and promises that “It’ll never happen again” by this afternoon.

Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance thank you package rolls out to 3DS early adopters this Friday originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 14 Dec 2011 18:53:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Samsung Epic 4G Touch available for pre-order on Wirefly, early adopters get a $50 price break

There’s nothing new whatsoever about high-demand phones becoming available for preorder, but it’s not every day that you get a discount for being the first kid on the block to get one. As if there’s any concern about pushing inventory of the Samsung Epic 4G Touch — Sprint’s variant of the Galaxy S IIWirefly is making the phone even more enticing by slashing $ 50 off the cost, bringing it down to $ 150 when signing up for a two-year agreement. Doing the math a different way, lighter on the checkbook plus a Samsung Galaxy S II equals happiness. Head to the source link to check out the deal.

Samsung Epic 4G Touch available for pre-order on Wirefly, early adopters get a $ 50 price break originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 06 Sep 2011 03:38:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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HP tempts webOS early adopters to buy a TouchPad with $50 rebate

HP TouchPad
WebOS hopefuls — especially owners of a Palm Pre, Pixi or their Plus variants — you there? HP’s TouchPad launch is a few days away, and the company’s seeking to entice loyalists with a $ 50 mail-in-rebate on the new slate in the US and Canada. You’ve got until July 31st to make good on the deal, and all it’ll take is proof that you own one of the aforesaid phones. Still need help deciding? We’ve heard that a visit to Walmart might score you some hands-on time while you’re stocking up on bulk toilet paper. Hit that source link below for the full details straight from Ruby and Co.

HP tempts webOS early adopters to buy a TouchPad with $ 50 rebate originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 29 Jun 2011 05:29:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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