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Microsoft’s Power Cover Debuts As Rumors Of The LTE-Powered Surface 2 Landing In Stores Abound

Two quick hits from the Microsoft side of things: The Surface Power Cover is now up for pre-sale, and the rumor engine is kicking around the bit that LTE-capable Surface 2 devices have landed in Microsoft stores. Read More

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It does what now? Offbeat gadgets abound at CES

It does what now? Offbeat gadgets abound at CES
All this might be obsoleted by 3-D tracking systems like the Kinect, but there's something special about getting wired up with all that gear. The zombies don't stand a chance. pillows. Devin Coldewey / NBC News … Reebok's CheckLight is a thin …

Xbox One News: Kinect Used to Create 3D Models of Users for
An enterprising company will allow users to create photorealistic figures of themselves if they have access to the Kinect motion sensor camera found on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 and $ 60. The printing company Artec Group has developed the …
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Kinect-like cameras are coming to your next laptop or tablet
According to an Intel press release, the module combines a "best-in-class" depth sensor with a 1080p color camera and can detect individual finger movements and facial features. With Skype and Lync, the company says you'll be able to chat with people …
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Layoffs abound at HTC America as 20 percent of employees are let go

HTC America ended its Friday evening on the somber revelation that 20 percent of its workforce would be terminated. In all, roughly 30 employees and contractors were let go from the 150-member division, which stands as the latest sign of the company’s financial struggles. A representative acknowledged the layoffs in a prepared statement, calling it “… a decisive action by HTC Corp (US) to streamline and optimize our organization and improve efficiencies after several years of aggressive growth.” The news was first announced by The Verge, which obtained a letter from recently appointed division president Jason Mackenzie, who promised to “treat the impacted employees with the respect they deserved and provide them with resources to help bridge them to their next opportunity.” We’re still looking forward to bigger things ahead from HTC, but in the meantime, you’ll find the company’s full statement after the break.

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As The Dockpocalypse Nears, Bluetooth-Enabled iPhone Substitutes Abound


Next week, Apple is expected to announce a brand-new iPhone total with a brand-new dock connector, finally placing to bed the 30-pin design that ’ s been in usage since time immemorial (so long as you can easily ’ t remember past nine years ago, like me). Reports are that Apple will market an adapter, but there ’ s no telling whether that will certainly deal with all designs and makes from existing iPhone audio docks, so business have been preparing to profit of Apple ’ s organized obsolescence with brand-new Bluetooth-enabled iPhone replacements that will keep those tunes pumping no matter what Apple does to its smartphone ’ s major data I/O connection.

Merely today TechCrunch got two ideas about brand-new items that provide this kind of option, consisting of the auris, a gadget from Shenzen-based Touchkraft, LLC that will be beginning a $ 40,000 Kickstarter campaign Monday to fund its production, and the CoolStream, from Exeter, NH-based Exeter Science and Entertainment. The auris plans to deliver Kickstarter pre-orders at $ 24 per unit, and will certainly retail for $ 40. The CoolStream is already available on Amazon for $ 40. However if you ’ re trying to find an answer today for less (or more), there are actually currently lots of other choices out there.

One that ’ s continually well-reviewed on Amazon is the really particularly named “ Wireless Bluetooth Popular music Receiver for Bose Sounddock / Beatbox / B&W Zeppelin / Phillips / JBL and additional dock stations, ” which is currently detailed for $ 25.43 with free shipping. ThinkGeek additionally provides one for $ 39.99 which is presently in stock, and there are a number of additional options on Amazon, consisting of this one and this onewith varying testimonials. For those aiming to invest even more money (for questionable, if any sort of, included performance), there ’ s the iVolare adapter aspired at usage with systems from higher-end makers like Tivoli.

What a great deal of the reviewers appear to obtain hung up on, and exactly what is truly the biggest downside of all of these tools, is that none is self-powered, implying that if you ’ re using it with a wireless dock like my trusty old Altec Lansing IMT620, you ’ re out of good fortune when not plugged into a wall outlet if your dock stops supplying power to your iPhone or whatever ’ s affixed to the dock at that point.

Yet another would-be entrant in this market was the Pear (so named apparently only to make the catchy tagline “ Pair with Pear ” work), but that project ended rapidly after a trademark violation complaint from an unnamed source to Kickstarter got it booted off the website. The project creators are promising to return when they ’ ve cleared things up, but by the time it gets financed and really ships, people really curious about seeking an option will likely have discovered one.

Apple likely will end up making a big change to its connector that will be undesirable for those with nine years ’ worth of built up gear, if not a more major e-waste concern. In the end, however, just what individuals don ’ t need is another Kickstarter for one of these devices, which are easily and abundantly offered, but an initial design that fixes the staying complication of power draw. An individual throw a watch battery or built-in rechargeable unit in one of these things. I ’ ll back that in a heartbeat.

Note: I wish I ’ d coined the term Dockpocalypse, but a simple Google search exposes that at the really the very least TWiT beat me to it by a couple of weeks.

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OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview 3 released; outstanding issues still abound

Gallery Photo: Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion screen shots and photos

Apple announced the Developer Preview for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion back in February, and the company continues to iterate the software in anticipation of its summer release. The third version of the preview has now been made available to developers, but it appears to contain more than a few issues. 9to5Mac has the full release notes, which mention everything from FileVault issues that can prevent users from being able to log into their machines to brightness settings inconsistencies. There’s even a noted problem with Java applets potentially not being able to run in Safari, though given the recent Java-derived vulnerabilities on the Mac some might consider that a good problem to have. It’s a grab bag of bugs across multiple feature sets,…

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SATA-IO outs new SATA Express and Embedded SSD standards, acronyms abound

It’s a big day for SATA-IO, as the organization has just announced not one, but two new SATA standards. The first of these, the SATA Express specification, gets the latter half of its name from the ‘e’ in PCIe, as it will allow current SATA standards to piggyback on the PCIe interface, boosting speeds to 8Gbps and 16Gbps, up from the current 6Gbps. SATA Express is expected to make its official debut later this year. SATA µSSD, on the other hand, is currently ready to go, and already implemented in SanDisk’s iSSD embedded drive. It ditches the module connector from the old interface, allowing OEMs to stack single-chip drives right on the motherboard. A plethora of SATA-related press releases awaits you after the break — if you’re into that sort of thing.

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LG E900 gets caught on video, whispers of a 1.3Ghz CPU abound

Don’t get your hopes up too high, Android fans. Contrary to what the watermarks over there might imply, that’s no Android phone. It’s the Windows Phone 7-powered LG E900 — the very same one that Microsoft self-”leaked” last week.

This time, though, it’s actually a picture of reasonable quality — oh, and it comes with video and specs to boot.

Read the rest at MobileCrunch >>

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iPhone 4 cases abound

iPhone 4 cases abound
First came the iPhone 4, then came the onslaught of custom iPhone 4 cases.

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Windows Phone 7 Series themes for WinMo abound in dev forums

We know that it ain’t always practical or desirable to put money down on a phone every time a new OS or interface comes out — so what is a gadget hound to do when they realize their hardware won’t be supported by Windows Phone 7 Series? Well, if you’re anything like these enterprising individuals you roll your own. Both Jaxbot and LeSScro, members of the XDA Developers forum, have skins in the works that mimic the new OS on WinMo devices with varying degrees of success. The work of the former is still pretty slow and buggy but it does offer some functionality — including info on live tiles and the ability to see upcoming appointments on your lock screen. The latter theme, on the other hand, sports time, date, and notifications on the lock screen, profile settings, transitional animations, a handful of hubs (including games, media, and Office), and an apps launcher. Check out the source links for more info — but not before checking out the demo videos after the break.

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