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Japanese iTune Card (Only for Japanese iTunes Store) 10,000 Yen

Japanese iTune Card (Only for Japanese iTunes Store) 10,000 Yen

Japanese iTune Card (Only for Japanese iTunes Store) 10,000 Yen

Japanese iTune Card (Only for Japanese iTunes Store) in 10,000 Yen

List Price: $ 144.50

Price: $ 144.50

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Facebook’s prototype cold storage system uses 10,000 Blu-ray discs to hold a petabyte of data

Only a fraction of Facebook’s hundreds of billions of photos are viewed regularly, while the rest languish pages deep in our profiles. These older images are rarely seen, but they still take up vital space on the company’s servers. Facebook has been searching for a new, more efficient way to store such pictures. Early last year, the company called for a new type of low-power flash memory that would allow infrequently-accessed data to be held in cold storage. Now Facebook has turned to another technology to store its information: Blu-ray discs.

The company has built a prototype system that uses 10,000 Blu-ray discs to store a petabyte of data. Speaking at this year’s Open Compute Summit, Facebook’s vice president of engineering, Jay…

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Xbox One guarded by sharks ahead of 10,000 launch parties

Microsoft is preparing for an elaborate Xbox One launch later this month. Ten thousand retail locations in 13 countries will open their doors at midnight to mark the Xbox One launch on November 22nd. Some of the bigger events in major cities will be streamed on Xbox Live and broadcast on Spike TV. In New York Microsoft is planning street entertainment along with free tickets for music gigs, something the company provides regularly at its Microsoft Store launches.

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PS Vita TV connects games, services to your TV, launches 14th November for under 10,000 yen

PS Vita TV announced, connects games to your TV

This tiny 60mm x 100mm wonder is the PS Vita TV. Not only will it play VIta games and connect too PlayStation controllers, it’ll also offer access to Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited, Karaoke and plenty more online services on your TV too — all for 9954 yen. You will also be able to buy a set with a controller and storage card for 14,995 yen and it’s set to go on sale (in Japan at least) on the 14th November. There’s more too — the device will also allow you to connect to PlayStation 4 for remote play.


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How $10,000 a month can buy you a new reputation


A little under three years ago, New York Magazine‘s Graeme Wood discovered that his old classmate Samuel Phineas Upham had been arrested for attempting to cheat the IRS. The arrest led a three-year suspended sentence, but the story was covered by a number of publications, resulting in Upham’s name being followed by “tax,” “arrested,” and “indictment” in Google’s autocomplete results. Intrigued by his ex-classmate’s plight, Wood set up news alerts to inform him of developments, and soon discovered that Upham was engaging in a number of philanthropic activities. All was not what it seemed, however, as the new stories and search results turned out to be false. Read New York Magazine‘s eye-opening article to discover how easily the disgraced…

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Is it true that LG is going to launch its first oled TV at around $10,000?

Question by Bruce: Is it true that LG is going to launch its first oled TV at around ,000?
I read an article about LG oled TV and it said their oled tv is more expensive than Samsung’s, is it true? And I wonder why oled TVs are so expensive.

Best answer:

Answer by splash
No definite price has been set for the LG 55″ 55EM9600 but some have estimated that it will go on sale later for around $ 8000

What do you think? Answer below!

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Luxury Phone Brand Vertu Launches Its First Android-Powered Smartphone– For Those With $ 10,000 + To Spend

Vertu logo

Vertu, the formerly-owned-by-Nokia maker of eye-wateringly costly, leather-clad, gem-encrusted, handmade-in-the-U.K. ‘ luxury ’ smartphones, has launched an Android-powered gadget: the Vertu Ti. After leaving the Nokia fold, back in October, it was rumored that Vertu planned to do what many a Nokia fan still wishes that business would do: ditch Symbian and adopt Android. Today Vertu revealed its

first Android-powered phone, in addition to a new slogan: “ Handmade in England. Powered by Android ”. The Vertu Ti runs Android 4.0, skinned with a dedicated Vertu UI. The smartphone expenses from a whopping EUR7,900 — approaching $ 11,000 — for which you also get a 3.7 inch “ virtually scratchproof sapphire crystal screen ”; a grade 5 titanium strong-but-lightweight casing; a dual-core 1.7 GHz processor and 1GB of RAM; an 8 megapixel rear camera with 1080p video capture plus a 1.3 megapixel front-facing lens; 64GB of internal memory; and ‘ Bang & Olufsen tuned ’ sound. What you wear ’ t get: 4G. Speaking to the BBC, Vertu CEO Perry Oosting described why

the company decided to embrace Android, as opposed to follow Nokia ’ s lead and choose Microsoft ’ s Windows Phone platform. “ You have to be part of an environment, ” he stated. ” Your gadget will need to incorporate with other devices. I think the Windows phone will have success but it is still a relatively small market share. At the moment it doesn ’ t have the international reach of Android — which is about 60 per cent of the market. ” Oosting didn ’ t mention Android ’ s openness to being personalized however Microsoft ’ s rejection to allow mobile makers to

skin Windows Phone with their very own UIs might well rule out any luxury brand tie-ins, because Windows Phone currently offers restricted scope for branding — beyond being able to show a top quality homescreen Live Tile. In spite of (lastly) reaching the conclusion that ecosystems are king, Vertu still certainly sells to a very special club of buyers — with big amounts of cash to invest on a phone. There are simply 326,000 Vertu smartphone owners worldwide after 10 years in the market, according to the BBC. China is stated to be Vertu ’ s biggest market.

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British Film Institute aims to preserve UK film heritage by digitizing 10,000 movies

BFI Film Forever

As part of its ambitious “Film Forever” project, the British Movie Institute today revealed plans to digitize 10,000 British movies over the next five years. The BFI wishes bringing these choices to the digital medium will certainly introduce the UK’s exhaustive movie heritage to new audiences, and it’s offering the general public an opportunity to help put together the final list of motion pictures. You’ll have the ability to enjoy this material in a range of methods: both free of cost and paid choices will be provided on the web, YouTube, and unspecified video-on-demand services. It’s also partnering with Samsung for an application on the maker’s Smart TV platform, though a full-fledged BFIPlayer isn’t expected to show up till at some point later.

The digitization is simply one pillar of a.

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Palo Alto Software Announces Winners of the LivePlan $10000 Boost Business

Palo Alto Software application Announces Winners of the LivePlan 000 Boost Company
Kinnany – Donielle Buie, CEO, doniellen (at) gmail (dot) com. Safe, reputable, door-to-door transport services for hectic family members. Lollimobile – Namanh Hoang, CEO, nam (at) lollimobile (dot) com. An on-line retail shop that specializes in mobile add-ons …
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Gmail addon to share data from, send files to SkyDrive
Microsoft ' s most recent addition to SkyDrive is an add-on for Gmail. This may seem unusual at first looking at that Gmail is operated by Google. The thinking here may be to supply existing SkyDrive customers who are also using Gmail with options to use …
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Gmail Arrested of Racial Profiling
It all began last year, when tech reporter Nathan Newman carried out a tryout with Gmail. Newman ' s study, while not exactly scientifically conducted, generated some fascinating outcomes: the e-mail service would certainly offer really different targeted ads …
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AT&T Opens A Swanky 10,000 Sq. Ft. Flagship Store In Chi-Town

scaled.AT&T Mich Ave - Logo Wall IMG_2092

Today, AT&T opened up its 10,000 square foot flagship retail store on Michigan Ave. in Chicago. It’s a bit of a beast, with an 18-foot Connect Wall that displays news and product info to everyone in the store and in the street.

But despite all the cool technology (and trust me, there’s plenty), AT&T is really looking to have more of connection with its consumers. When you walk into any carrier store, the phone usually comes first. Samsung, Apple, and Motorola come to mind — not AT&T. But the blue carrier is looking to remedy that.

The store has a Microsoft Surface table so that consumers can familiarize themselves with various apps. There’s also a Street Smart section, complete with a Nissan Leaf, which makes customers aware of AT&T’s safe driving products, along with an in-store retail demo area of AT&T’s home automation services and products.

But the tech isn’t just for the consumers. Employees will use biometric technology to open cabinet locks for cash drawers and IT systems using their fingerprints.

Check out the video below for a better look:

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