Intel preps 22nm ‘Merrifield’ and ‘6331’ smartphone processors for 2013


At a recent investor meeting in Santa Clara, California, Intel CEO Paul Otellini has followed up his Mobile World Congress press event with details on its upcoming smartphone processors — Merrifield and the oddly-named “6331” — slated for release next year. Both chips will use a new 22nm manufacturing process, and while the 6331 will be an inexpensive single-core chip, Merrifield will be a dual-core component destined for high-end devices. Merrifield will also include a new GPU design that Mobile and Communications GM Mike Bell hopes will provide a more “immersive experience.”

Intel’s roadmap doesn’t end there — the chip maker is intending to release a 14nm chip in 2014. But, with competitive offerings like the 28nm Snapdragon…

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