Carbonite MP3’s from one computer to “IPAD”?

Question by CARMELLO: Carbonite MP3’s from one computer to “IPAD”?
Since An “IPAD” doesn’t have any USB ports you can’t add your own music (MP3’s) to it and are forced to buy everything off I-Tunes. Can I use Carbonite to transfer MP3’s to IPAD since there are no usb ports on the IPAD. I will only buy one if I can do this!

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Answer by Obviousman
No, Carbonite doesn’t work that way.

This is actually really simple: In order to use an iPad, you must have an iTunes account on a computer. You add the music to your iTunes account on the computer, then sync to the iPad. Simple. Just pop a CD into your computer, or add the files to the iTunes library on your computer. You don’t have to buy everything off iTunes at all.

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