Bug Wears Dead Bodies Of Slain Enemies As Armor


Wow, two insect posts in one day — you entomologists must be rocking some serious stick insects in your pants right now. Me? I just ate the rest of my leftovers from Cinco de Mayo and made a stink bug in my shorts. *squeeaaaak — bloop* Okaaaaaaay, I’m afraid to look but there might be a dung beetle in there too. This is the assassin bug, a Malaysia native that, after it’s finished sucking the liquified internals of its victims, attaches their corpses to its back for armor/intimidation. BRUTAL! And people thought I was crazy for wearing my slain enemy’s skulls as a +10 defense talisman. “This is a bug, you’re human — you should know better.” Whatever, I’m like a level 80 bloodlust deathwarrior. “Wait a minute — are those skulls plastic?” STAY AWAY — THEY MIGHT BE CARRYING DISEASE.

Hit the jump for one more shot from the front.

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