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altitudegame.com Powered by the water-cooled engine, Kyosho’s unique inboard/out- drive unit drives an originally designed 2-stepped tunnel-type catamaran hull with ease. Given full throttle, the C-1 produces instant acceleration and surges out of the water. With its rooster tail trailing behind in its wake, the C-1 almost flies across the water’s surface just like the real boats. However, it also retains excellent stability even in sharp turns due to the catamaran design and outdrive steering setup. Now everyone can enjoy the fun and intensity of high-speed water motor sport! * Designed in conjunction with Lamborghini: maker of the most formidable engines used in full-sized boat racing. * The tunnel-type catamaran hull achieves winning results in full-sized boat racing with minimal front-end resistance and excellent planing characteristics. * Original 2-step hull design produces high degrees of stability and enhanced planing. * Equipped with easy to start GS21MR water-cooled engine fitted with recoil starter. * Kyosho’s unique inboard/out-drive unit has excellent levels of drive efficiency and turning performance while preventing capsizing. * Reverse flow valve on the drainpipe uses pressure at the back of the hull to automatically drain water from the hull. * Internal floatation structure of the hull makes it unsinkable. * Rubber mounted engine lower power robbing harmonics and controls the noise level. * One-piece turn & vertical fin and flaps prevent spinouts. Use a

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