Downcast Alonso says Ferrari are too slow

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Downcast Alonso says Ferrari are too slow
MONZA (Italy): Barely 48 hours after his team chief told the world that Ferrari are set to dominate again, Fernando Alonso on Friday conceded he was too slow to compete in this weekend's Italian Grand Prix. While Sebastian Vettel was reluctant to talk
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Matte pink Ferrari 599 looks ridiculous
This far too pink Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano was filmed cruising on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai . The 599 is believed to be owned one of the members of the Royal Al-Thani family in Qatar which probably explains (but doesn't excuse) the bizarre color choice
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Ferrari All Wheel Drive SuperCar Created
Ferrari the name itself signifies power and luxury. The top class manufacturer of world renonwened super cars is up again with one of their best car of all time. Ferraris new FF supercar is one master piece that everyone in the world would be dying top
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