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Kinect Reveals The Next Job To Be Replaced By Computers: Sports Coaches


“It’s just as good as getting a personal instructor,” says basketball coach Julio Agosto, speaking on the Xbox Kinect’s new dribbling game, NBA Baller Beats. Agosto, an Emerald City Academy Basketball coach and father to b-ball Internet phenom, Jashaun Agosto, tells TechCrunch that Kinect’s digital eye is able to recognize and reward enough advanced dribbling skills that the new NBA game could replace human instruction at his basketball camp (at least the dribbling portion). This latest Microsoft development brings one more job closer to the chopping block of skills that can be done cheaper and more conveniently by a computer: sports and fitness coaches.

Baller Beats plays a lot like Rock Band but with a basketball; gamers are rewarded for dribbling to a (rockin’) beat, with the familiar vertical scroll of colorful, raised buttons indicating when users should bounce the ball, and in what direction around the body.

Evolving from its Rock Band inspiration, Baller Beats is the first title to recognize objects, allowing wanna-be athletes to hone their muscle memory with the very tools used in real-life gameplay. “Even a pro player can get a good workout,” gushes Agosto. Since this system is made for the home, players can practice to their heart’s content anytime they want.

Baller Beats Screenshot

Rock Band Screenshot

Interestingly, Agosto argues that much of his dribbling coaching is cookie-cutter. Among the most important tasks he performs is training burgeoning young b-ballers to keep their eyes on their opponent, simply by asking them to read how many fingers he’s holding up as they dribble. Baller Beats performs the same functional incidentally, since gamers are forced to watch the screen as they play.

Advanced skills, such as dribbling through one’s legs, is equally monotonous, requiring a coach to passively monitor players as they perform hundreds of the same movement with pitch-perfect form. Observing an athlete’s form is essentially the same as spotting the correct outline of the human shape–the exact function that Kinect’s dummy digital eye uses to recognize movement. Agosto says the same is true for teaching proper shooting technique, for instance, by ensuring his students keep their elbows pointed downward.

In other words, it’s not that Kinect is some Skynet-like genius, but that many of the tasks that “experts” routinely perform are no more sophisticated than the assembly-line construction that robots replaced decades ago. Back then, robots replaced jobs that used our limbs; now they’re replacing our eyes.

The encroachment on sports and fitness training is just another notch on the wall for our robot competitors. Last year, the New York Times found armies of lawyers being replaced by computer software, which can just as easily dig through legal documents for keywords. In Florida, automatic learning software is replacing teachers, who have been reciting similar lectures for years.

Computers may not be able to replace high-level thinking…yet. But, in the meantime, what other seemingly sophisticated jobs are we doing that could be next on the automated chopping block?

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if you send money via xoom, will the recipient see your address and full name?

Question by solutions: if you send money via xoom, will the recipient see your address and full name?
i don’t want the recipient to see my name and address, is that possible?

Best answer:

Answer by samantha
all they see is the name of your account which does not have to be your real name.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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An actual question about evolution?

Question by TheBloodbrew: An actual question about evolution?
Hey, I know everyone is probably tired of answering these questions… and I want to point out beforehand that after one semester of College Biology I am a full believer of evolution but have a few questions about it.

First: What are some of the species that led up to the cambrian explosion. From my limited knowledge, the animal kingdom didn’t even exist, and then there are fully formed spinal cords, and fully functional legs and eyes. I realize that my understanding may be deeply influenced by christian propaganda, but I’d feel more comfortable if I knew some animals leading up to this period of time. Maybe if you have a website I can reference?

Second: I know that there are transitional forms, no one can argue that. But, how do some animals go from like 3 feet long to 6 inches long today? I realize that the heat of the earth and the amount of oxygen have a lot to do with it, wouldn’t there be like… the species getting smaller or something? Or is it kinda like dogs where there are a lot of mutations and changes within a species, and then after so many changes, we finally call it a new species? Is this what they mean by the repetition of evolution? (BTW, I know from biology how difficult it is to make a fossil, its lucky that we have any at all :) I just wanted to know some of your ideas about this).

Third: Can someone explain to me what they mean by: “Life began off the backs of crystals”? Are crystals self replicating? If so, could this account for the first organic self replicating molecule? If so, how would something inorganic become organic? Or are my understandings of the the terms too limited? Just trying to get it straight because I’m sick and tired of hearing “God made the earth in 7 days…”

You are probably rolling on the floor laughing about my ignorance, but thanks anyway for answering. Please no hateful comments, I really want to know this stuff, and most of the stuff I look up about this is really confusing to me. Guess it would be kinda hard to teach an eighth grade algebra student calculus, right?

Best answer:

Answer by Morningfox
Yikes! One semester of college Biology, and you want details about the Cambrian explosion? That’s sort of like one semester of architecture, and now you want to design the replacement for the Twin Towers.

Your questions will be answered in advanced biology courses. For now, I suggest you settle for quick overviews, like these articles.

Give your answer to this question below!

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Maingear’s 11.6-inch Pulse 11 gaming laptop starts shipping

Maingear's Pulse 11 gaming laptop starts shipping

Alienware’s M11x may be history, but as these things tend to go, there’s always someone willing to carry the torch. Maingear’s recently-introduced 11.6-inch Pulse 11 just so happens to be that rig in this here story, and those that’ve been waiting won’t have to twiddle their thumbs any longer. The company is shipping the bantam gaming rig in the US starting this week, offering a Core i7 CPU (or a Core i5, if you’d rather), NVIDIA’s Optimus graphics switching (tied to a GeForce GT 650 ‘Kepler’ GPU), 11.6-inch LED-backlit panel (1366 x 768), up to 16GB of DDR3 memory, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, a 9-in-1 card reader, six-cell Li-ion battery and plenty of ports. It’s starting at just $ 999, but speccing it out all proper like will send the asking price well north of that. (But trust us, it’s worth it.)

Continue reading Maingear’s 11.6-inch Pulse 11 gaming laptop starts shipping

Maingear’s 11.6-inch Pulse 11 gaming laptop starts shipping originally appeared on Engadget on Sun, 03 Jun 2012 00:01:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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